Why Cancelling Everyone Over Everything Ain’t A Good Look

I’m not sure when or how it happened, but we have become creatures of what I like to call “cancel culture.” From celebs to folks in our personal lives, we are forever talking about canceling this one or that one for any and every infraction. Now bear in mind, I come from the school of I don’t f*ck with people all like that, so believe me when I say, I’m not asking us to put up with foolishness for the sake of not adhering to cancel culture. However, for the love of God, can folks take a breath before deciding someone’s entire existence is worthless?

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Certainly, there can be levels to this thing, right? What I see most frequently on my timelines are folks espousing the sentiments of Oprah, Diddy, The late Great Mya Angelou, Will Smith and the like.

Take this video for instance:

Muva O said a word in this clip, she really did. Folks have shared it all over the place, and I concur with her statements. But here’s what’s missing: Some folks haven’t done enough work on themselves in order to really know who can stay and who can go. Hell, some folks may need to cancel themselves, but God forbid they go to therapy before deciding everyone else is a problem.

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Some folks really aren’t worth a damn. They ain’t about shit, and they ain’t never gonna be shit. But I would argue that more often than not, most people are simply human. And it’s always easier to point the finger and tell someone their energy is off, instead of doing the inner work to determine a. why you attract ain’t shit people or b. why you are perceiving this person’s actions as worthy of cancellation. Having both canceled and been canceled in 2018, in 2019 I’m vowing to be easier on myself and others in 2019. Now, you ain’t gonna run up in my life spreading all kinds of negativity and hateration, but I will take deep breathes before making any irrevocable decisions about the people in my circle.

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Nobody’s perfect, not even you oh mighty reader of energies. Indeed let us all recognize that some days, you ain’t shit, either.  I think we should all exercise a bit of restraint and patience in 2018. Focus on yourself, and the people who are meant to be in your life will show up, while folks who aren’t will make their way to the door (with or without your help).


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How will deal with your circle in 2019? Are you planning on making any changes?


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  1. SoftSuppleandFierce says:

    Child you hit all kinds of nails on the head with this one. It’s always been easier to cancel others rather than look at what may be the common denominator, which could be one’s self. Preach sis!! ?

  2. ShawnTe Pierce says:

    I don’t really cancel people but I do take extended leaves and sabbaticals away from persons, places, and things. I’ve found that we all need time to grow. Some get to certain levels faster than others. A good deal of the time you find that people and brands eventually get to the place where you can mingle with them on a regular, more frequent basis. Lord knows I am far from perfect and will never attain perfection. However, I do strive for patience and hope others can have patience with me so I can catch up.

  3. Now this whole ENTIRE message needs to be plastered throughout the world.
    I truly thank you for this post.

  4. Where did you get your shirt and too from.? You look really nice. Love the colors on you.

  5. You look gorgeous 😍

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