Man Threatens To Beat Black Mother In Front Of Her Children+The Restaurant Where it Occurred Says She is Partially To Blame

Warning: this video is really disturbing, but it’s definitely worth watching and discussing.

According to  this is what happened:

  • The incident occurred at Texamo Spur‚ at the Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg.

  • The altercation involved two parents who accused each other’s children of bullying at the restaurant.

  • The video shows the man threatening to give the woman a “klap” and at one point he violently shakes her table.

  • Marilize Lloyd‚ who accompanied the man and his family to the restaurant‚ said that it was a birthday outing.

  • Lloyd said her friend’s daughter came to their table twice to complain about another child in the play area who was pushing her.

  • The girl returned crying a third time and her father got up to ask the woman what was going on.

  • Things went pear-shaped from there and both parents got involved in a heated screaming match.

  • Lloyd said the video clip started a few minutes into the altercation.

Here’s the Video:

Here’s the statement issued by the Restaurant:

Screen Shot 2017 03 22 at 10.42.28 AM

See this post and more comments from customers HERE.

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  1. He should have been escorted out earlier. She should file charges for harassment, discrimination, and intimidation. His wife/girlfriend looks afraid of him, he probably abuses her as well. Not sure if I would have been that calm when he shook her table like he wanted to hit her. Shame.

  2. This is a result of black women not being treated like women. I doubt this man would have talked to an Asian or White woman the way he treated her. It’s sad that she was completely at his mercy. If they attempted to intervene but were pushed away by the male offender he should have been arrested, but was not! A black man behaving this way would be on ever news outlet and given a life changing jail sentence, but this guy went home to continue being a complete jerk.

    1. I do believe you are right. He wouldn’t have. For some reason everyone likes to black women as if we don’t have feelings and we aren’t human. We have feelings and we are very human.

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