Wet n Wild Cherry Picking Red: My Current Lipstick Obsession

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we? I do a good job of posting my cutest pics, but I gotta tell ya, ain’t much cute about being 31 weeks pregnant. It takes work to fight the urge and give into looking like hell!

Last week, however, I rediscovered one of my favorite matte lipsticks: Wet n Wild Cherry Picking Red. And really, at $1.99 a tube, how can it be wrong?

Wild MegaLast Lip Color lipsticks are true matte lip colors, so they can be a bit on the drying side, but for me the long lasting even finish is enough to overlook that aspect. And as a woman in her final trimester of pregnancy, I’ll take anything that can instantly lift my mood and make me feel, well, beautiful.
I’ve taken to wearing Wet n Wild cherry picking red everyday, even at home. Why not? It’s magic in a tube!
wet n wild-cherry-picking-red
wet n wild-cherry-picking-red-on-dark-skin
wet n wild-cherry-picking-red
What’s your current favorite lippie? What makes you feel beautiful these days?


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