“Your Weaves Aren’t Fooling Men” Tyrese Blasts Black Women For Trying to Emulate The Features He Finds Attractive

Once again, Tyrese opens his mouth and garbage spills out. Tyrese posted a pic last night on Instagram  of a mannequin wearing a lace front wig in an attempt to “educate” weave-wearing women worldwide.


tyrese norma
Tyrese Gibson and ex wife Norma Mitchell Gibson

“I just feel the need to send a message to all the ladies who just think Dudes are just stupid??”

Tyrese, sir, no one needs your opinion about women’s appearance. We especially don’t need your misogynoir. Who said ALL women wear wigs, weaves, clip ins, or eyelashes for men? The last time I checked, many women are here for a good beat and weave because THEY like it. Not because TYRESE or MEN like it.

Sitting across from you and you couldn’t even HIDE your weave tracks?? Come on…. I’M NOT trying to be mean I’m just sending a message that US REAL MEN SEE THE BULLSHIT and IF He decide to rock with you it’s just cause they wanna get one off no one will EVER take you serious like that or really make the move……..Cause you look like a manufactured clown- Some of you have convinced yourself that it’s OK cause of how many dudes be trying to get at you…Please let me explain…You got your temp fix and you will continue “attract” men who ONLY want a temporary fix”

Basically, no REAL man will ever wife a girl that’s wearing a weave, a pair of lashes and a highlight. Get out of here Tyrese. What’s even more interesting about Tyrese’s latest rant is that he would attack a beauty standard he clearly upholds.

Tyrese and his current wife

While it’s no secret that most women dress for themselves (sorry to burst your bubble, Ty Ty), some women who do seek out these enhancements do so because our society reinforces this beauty standard. Tyrese has done so himself, as it’s clear he has a “type.” A type that just so happens to be naturally blessed with the very features he’s now shaming women for trying to emulate.

Click HERE to read about Tyrese’s new wife.

I’m assuming he chose her because she appears naturally born with all of the features he’s blasting women for enhancing.


In short? Tyrese, we aren’t here for your Manology. Obviously Oprah wasn’t here for your Manology BS either as she canceled your wack a$$ show. Blasting women for their appearances and insinuating every move a woman makes is for a man is completely absurd. Your views and words furthermore exemplify your belief that women are basically on this earth for men’s use, only that. Do us all a favor and just STFU.

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  1. He didn’t say black women and it’s insulting to put weaves and such just on us.
    Nevertheless, he’s an idiot.

    1. He didn’t have to say it. When black man starts talking about “weaves and tracks” you know who he is referring to. this is his MO…SHIT on black women….

      1. I’m speaking for lot’s of beautiful non-black women but for the comment by Javier Sanchez…don’t know what you are. But why in the hell did you put black! Before Latino?!?! sounds like ur half both n that’s all good but don’t classify another race with the other unless ur half. ….Thanks Y’all Peace Out!!!

        1. I was thinking the same thing after I read it, because nowhere did Tyrese mention or direct his comment towards “Black Women”. It seems others have their own personal options that his comments should be directed towards Black women, so the headlines break the news this way.
          It is insulting. Tyrese is that up close and personal with “his type” to gather all these details right down to the “titties (as he says)”.

        2. We Afro-Latino, and/or
          Black-Latinx (same) do exist. We are in touch with our African roots too and are proud of that. Yes, we are both, and DO identify as BOTH, not just one as YOU would like. We don’t have to exclude our African heritage or just say we are Latino or Hispanic alone. We are not. We are both, even if you don’t like it.

      2. Jeanette Reese says:

        Black men are so damn full of themselves. All women are not getting up in the morning, taking a shower, and getting dressed for men. If we don’t take a shower we will stink. If we don’t make ourselves presentable, people will look down on us. Men get up in the morning looking for women and looking for sex. All women don’t want you. You just only wish. Black men, you are always trying to hollar at a pretty black woman. When we don’t respond to you, you get an attitude and call us out of our name and tell us we are not all of that. If we let it be known that we are not interested in you, you need to keep it moving. Don’t just stand there and be insulting.

    2. I don’t always post public, but i am going to say something to TYRESE (as if he read i hear some post online)
      Tyrese, why do women any race “have to be foolin’ your ashy dumb ass for?” Why would a lady my beautiful STRONG independent wonderful race, best race BLK hispanic have to be sittin’ around saying,”i am foolin a guy because i want to wear my diff hair styles in life and i pay for my own hair styles and i will be changing it up again when i feel like it huh? i NEVER write much but i will today as i have five sisters ages 40s 30s and early 20s who all hispanic blk and 1 own a salon and see more white going in for diff hair style with weave to extensions and eyelashes than hispanic blk more then ever and i just want to share this long post today with my sisters blk hispanic especially to say IGNORE TYRESE and i list below the reason why this DUMB ass ashy brother saying this sh-t now.

      I GUESS he salty as Wendy Williams a REAL SUCCESSFUL WOMAN said earlier as others. Some talk about his girl/wife who imo and i look good i do not think is all that.

      Now …

      I AM BORICUA mixed …
      TYRESE: My mother? Blk, educated, 2 degrees, and 4 businesses in N.Y.C., where we made it out the hood by her doing so,while 1 child was raised(she was too young) by a sibling of mine.)We all close,and a loving family who were brought up to not 1.)Down any women/our own race but any race period unless they are causing harm to us.
      2.)To respect a woman always and fight in life for what is right, when others are harmed,being violated period.

      A REAL MAN Tyrese, do not care if :
      A._)Women any race want to wear color hair, hair extensions to a lovely natural-looking hair style like weave,or perm et.al., it just doesn’t matter to him, and the reason why? Because he is so SECURE with who he is.

      B.) He does not sit around, wasting even a second on a woman’s “hair style, or body parts as he is secure with him, and shall always RESPECT how a woman want to live her life long as if she is not HURTING any 1…

      c.)If (and my sister’s 1/2 P.RICAN (our father) and mom again IS blk,if our sister’s want to wear from a nice wig style to change it up a lil bit, to weave extensions to change up hair do, WHO CARES? It is what is in the woman’s heart…what is on her mind/what she is doing with her life, in this very short life we are all tyring to live on earth, in a positive focused way each day…

      I do not mind my sista’s, wearing Afro hair-do, (love it) or weave/wigs/extensions, to braids, i just don’t care because unlike #TYRESEGIBSON,
      i am not
      1.)INSECURE … 2.)I love mi self MUCHO MUY.

      I am a hence, REAL MAN who just don’t have time to criticize ANY woman who CHOOSE to enhance her own self, the way we MEN also enhance ourselves in “many ways, that your INSECURE self fail to cite, in your very juvenile rant of clear INSECURITY and jealousy.”When you hate? It shines through like a red neon light in N.Y.C. on New Year’s Bruh… I personally look DAMN good, and i work out regularly to ENHANCE how great i already look. No big deal,but i do it for ME, and i do not hear you saying shit about the way MEN yes, YEA men enhance et.al., as women can wear their hair as they want. . . Plastic surgery too, (long as not going overboard with it)

      and by you saying what you’re saying, is clear as to your “real”personality in life bruh.

      I suggest focus on your IMO non-gorgeous non-beautiful girlfriend/wife, and focus on makin’ a emmy level or oscar level movie,or get another hit out bruh…It’s been a minute,and leave the #REALWOMEN out here making moves, with ZEBRA HAIR STYLE or bald or long beautiful hair style through extensions et.al., it do not matter. as she is doing BIG THINGS IN LIFE, not ratchet, is a GREAT LADY like my business focus loving mother and my older sister and younger sister’s and my cousins aunties, long as she is caring and LOYAL woman,working hard for hers in life, then she is ok in my book Tyrese Gibson, because a #REALMANAPPRECIATE a great woman, period. Her current hair style irrelevant to a SECURE REAL brotha. Maybe you should get some therapy TYRESE and learn that bruh…or…turn to the LORD above. . . LOVE YOURSELF,then you’re having no time to HATE or show insecure/jealousy toward any 1 else in life.
      PEACE OUT… adios … 1


      Xavier SANCHEZ @ Facebook.

      1. Tyrese has went and married boo boo kitty and his lopsided head has gotten bigger

        1. Stupid bitch why black women go and date and sleep with these no good gangsta men when there are good hard working blackman all around you that is why we date other races on women because you all don’t respect good black men

  2. Robin Mason says:

    I saw this on anothet site and granted he is entitled to his opinions, I didnt get why he was bashing women appearance, when the women he spoke of only spoke of a mans intelligence, so he is that superficial, that he couldn’t think of any thing else to insult women hair , make up, eyelashes and whatever his small mind could think of , its sad, he has some issues within himself that he needs to address and maybe those ladies struck a nerve with him, because it hit close to home, tyrese, please get a mirror and look deep into yourself, and figure you out first, before you go trying to disrepect women black or white, asian or latino, worry about your house, we got us and whatever we do to our bodies its for us, please have a seat, we will call you when you are needed.

      1. What made you start hating on women? We have supported you when you started out in the music world. When I wear a weave it is for me. I like the way I look. If I want fake eyelashes or eyebrows…it is for me. If I want ass for days or boobs popping out…then it is for me. Nobody is trying to fool anybody. We like it. You like Barbie dolls then that is your preference. Don’t downplay a woman’s life. Don’t judge…just be the lover we thought you were. Don’t walk over women by openly being disgusted…the TRUMP card has already been played. Stop being a jerk. Is your mama a woman?

    1. Sassybaby says:

      Now hes mad and fans like me who supported him send beautiful things about his family spent money on shows albums over the years.Guess what i was deleyed from his instagram page.The other night he was lookin to hit 8 million before some other celeb did to win a bet.Hes mad that people said negative things about his eife so now hes deleting peeps.

    2. My thought is this, Tyrese we all alter our appearance in some way. You don’t wear your original hairline, you’re a balding man and to enhance your looks you cut it all off, cos you know balding at a young age isn’t appealing & makes you look older. I say be free in whatever makes you feel beautiful or handsome. Judge not less yea be judged. I’m just shocked you went there!!!

  3. Ty made his money woeing black women with his .brand of R and.B.The vase of his support has been women of color.Funny now that his brand has expanded he freely bashes.the women who helped.move him into cross over money.The reeducation of women on beauty concept is moving forward slowly.Ty Gibson has a love of white looking women and that is his priviledge LOL money makes a lot of black males more attractive money is honey for many females.Givaon seems extremely angry,hostile to his original fan base.I think I will continue to avoid spending my coin on anything he is involved with.Gibson is free to explore his self hating nature and continue to fawn over traditional whute features.I can not support anything he.does.Wife number two should not feel validated by his ignorance just remember all your daugther will be black women the group Gibson seems to attack openly and often.LOL ge is stealing his daugthers selfworth every time he attacks black womanhood.#furiousinflint

      1. Sad that other women who agree with him put down other women who may wear weaves, take care of their house hold, children and bills. You are no better because your so called #teamnatural. Women’ who bash other women to me are petty and insecure. I don’t have the time or energy to get mad at another women’s appearance. Kick rocks Tryese

  4. I just think women have forgot how pretty natural born hair can be sexy I mean what happen to the sexy short pixy hair styles.why do black women think sexy has to be the look of ppl with pink skin .

    The End

    1. True. I’m a natural Sister myself. But this is not his call. We as women like to change up our look from time to time. I may be Alisa today and Melissa tomorrow. But that’s fore to decide, not the masses. And if a guy is do worried about what’s on my face and how I rock my do, instead what’s in my head. He’s clearly not the one for me. Grow Up Man!!

      1. I’m a 53 year old BLACK WOMAN and yes, I will wear a weave, wig, and braids!! It’s not about ANY MAN, it’s all about ME!! I enjoy changing my looks and I will make no excuses about it!! Whatever and however I choose to wear my hair or dress is for me!! You have some growing up to do Tyrese!! God has truly Blessed You! Please don’t continue to TRY and tear Out Women Down!! I think you need to search yourself and Love yourself!! I love this Proud Black Woman…Me!!
        Weave Wearing, Wig Wearing, Braid Wearing, Natural Wearing…

        1. Dana Miller says:

          Girl! You are so right!

      2. Why isn’t it his call? Why isn’t he free to comment just as you and I are commenting here. I am a black man and my wife us as black as tyrese with natural hair. I totally agree with him because I am angry about beautiful black women going around looking like silly caricatures of white women.

        People are free to live however they choose but freedom comes with consequences. One of those consequence us that other are free to talk. Even Tyrese

        1. He didn’t comment. He publicly shamed women from his OWN community. He is celebrity. You see any other races blasting their own like this? He wasn’t sitting in a room with his friends commenting. Sure, everybody’s got an opinion. You can be angry at black women all you want, but the more you have men like Tyrese berating us instead of uplifting us, when the rest of the world ALREADY shits on us, you’ll have women like us, doing whatever the hell we want because y’all ain’t happy EITHER WAY.

        2. Exactly. Silly caricatures of white and Latina women!

    2. It’s sad to believe that INLY black women get weaves! There are so many other raises who put weaves in to gain length it’s unreal. But their weaves are never questioned. The sad part is when we have our real hair and it beautiful and flowing we are still questioned on whether it’s real or not.

      I say Tyrese stop being such a tool your degrading your original fan base. You know the same weave wearing heffas that put your black ass over the top, when you didn’t have a dime singing on the damn bus!!!

    3. True sweet lets love ourselves. The Dude just said it all we need to wakeup as we man its not on we need to be told the true gospel.

    4. Robert Bones says:

      So true, why does every black woman have to have these wigs on and treat it as if it is their own hair, when you walk into a store all you see is black women with all these different styles of weave looking like white women and they act as if it is their real hair, it’s like their own hair that was given to them by God, is the last thing they want on their head, how sad.!!! I would never marry anyone with a weave sorry I think that is the first step in saying I am phony..

    5. good question. pink people are tired of it, too.

    6. Amen!!! Black women need to embrace who they are: the mother of the earth! Sick 🤢 of seeing the crocheted “fake curls, hair, wigs and weaves that don’t match the woman’s features. We’re from Africa not Europe!!! Love ❤️ who you are!

  5. Esha the Diva says:

    Anddd the same night he posted this nonsense he was on Amber Rose page liking her pic of her big fake boobs lolol this

    1. Staaaaahp! Really? LMBO

  6. Kym Norfleet says:

    Does he mean the black women that purchased his music, or the obes8that thought he was tall dark n handsome what a fool he is. No worries. He truly feels inferior. It’s called transference. Didn’t Reverend Run try to save his ill-informed, unpolished, entitled Ass?

  7. Same song, different versr. Black women are too loyal for their own good. Wake up black brothers. Marry whom you please but don’t try to validate it on our backs.

  8. and THIS IS why I don’t support him nor his music. In the 90’s he came to my hometown, El Paso, Texas and he was so rude to the black women, he knew we had JUST got our hair done and he throws water into the audience of Black women, but meanwhile he did not do that to the audience of Hispanic women. As a matter of fact he praised the Hispanic women and SINCE THEN ….I HAVE BOYCOTTED him and his music! He is a SAD / POOR excuse for a supposed “black male” and he should never open his ignorant mouth in public! Besides the fact that he was birthed to this world by a BEAUTIFUL black woman, his skin is black as coal so he should take heed and humble his uncouth thinking.

    1. Whoa! He did that?? That is HORRIBLE.

  9. Tyreese…you sound like ‘baby boy’
    Boy grow up. That movie got to be at lease 25 years ago. What make you who don’t like your own black mother think you can speak on women’s beauty black or white. You have not lived long enough to speak on anything. Don’t be so hungry you have to step on your own to fit in with another. Not becoming. People still don’t love you. We’re just that not into you. I pity you. What we women do we do for ourselves, get that?

  10. I’m very disappointed n Tyrese choice of words, and I’m so tire of defending this man, this time he has out done himself once again, when will he stop making a fool of himself. Ty u need to think before u speak, to b truthful white women wear more weave tracks then women of color. Joyce said it best u always have been attracted to and love white looking women, I’m not mad it’s ur choice, but it doesn’t give u the right to blast women of any race/color, u would not have made it this far if it had not been for women of color, old school groups could pull n every race and color to their concert, ur biggest fans r women of color, so have a seat and b humble and thankful to God for r support, on the over hand I feel we women of color should stop supporting u and let u take a fall like Mr. Steve Harvey and look n the mirror and do some deep soul searching within ur self and realize where and who u came from, a strong black women. Steve told a story how he was big headed and felt he was better then other. Until God showed him who was large and in charge of judging others, he went from being rich to being poor again. I really love ur music Tyrese but I really and truly dislike ur choice of words of women of colors n other words b color blind and rich n heart body and soul, don’t let a few extra $$$’s leave u on cloud 9.

  11. He must have fallen in love with what he calls a “fake woman” and he wasn’t man enough for her. Therefore, the bashing begin. Need he not forget about his mother, sister and maybe one day daughters.

  12. Tell this to my patients with alopecia, Lupus, on chemotherapy, etc. Why put us down??? If you don’t like women who wear weaves, that’s your business. But not every woman wears a weave because they want to. Some do it because medically they have to. IJS…

    1. Well said. This guy is an @$$ for ignorant comments. Keypad warriors are always seeking validation for their stupid rants. The next time Tyrese thinks of writing a post, he needs to walk over to the garbage shoot. This guys is so stupid because he has transformed his look in attempt to attract women to his voice. When the record label manufacturered him he then fit the look of what women desired in dark-man’s features. He decided to keep the same “manufacturer look” (shaved balding head, oiled skin and muscles) in effort to make himself desirable to others. I feel sorry for homegirl if she lost her hair (haircut, illness, etc.), Cause you see how her man is…. He is shallow as the days are long. The world needs more real men? #wherearetherealmen #tryesegibson #disappointment #whataasshole #youneedtoapologize

  13. Tyrese, This makes me want to cry because I had long hair as a child but have had Brain Tumor removal Surgery in my 20’s and now my head hurts from to much sun on it. So occasionally I like to wear a wig or weave. But as a teenager in the late 70’s I wore a Afro or Press&Curl. A few summers ago I wore a Wig I bought from Beauty Supply Store called the” Crystal” along with some elegant sun glasses. And I did not feel sick at all that summer but dreamed of being glamorous life everyone else all summer long. It was great. As a child my Grandparents use to say ” just keep on living” when I said things out of ignorance. We all human and make mistakes. I’m not mad at you Tyrese….

  14. It’s evident to me and seemingly to everybody else who speaks negative about Black women that we are “Special” women are else we would not be consistently talked about or so often emulated in everything we do from our Cells that accolade our beautiful skin, too our lips and heavenly gifted bodies, too our brains that allows us to cook those miraculous meals only a black woman can bring to the table. But when the black man speaks negative about the Black woman there’s a lack of self-worth in himself. It’s a failure and rejection he has experienced. Tyrese suffers from the Willie Lynch syndrome. Because he can’t deal with his own blackness that he is too black….he turns his disputed illness on the Black woman.. I’m sure to black as Tyrese is Hollywood directly or indirectly had shot him down because of his blackness. Something that he should naturally embrace since he came from a black woman and he has strong features of African descent. Back to the point, a black woman’s choice of hair she chooses to wear or whatever it is she puts on her head. Isn’t her God-Given right? More so, aren’t there more important issues in the world to accomplish like ‘World Hunger” or public drinking water remains “Unsafe” in the Black Community in Flint. Get your head right Tyrese….because you worried about women trying to fool somebody or fool you is foolishness and it looks petty on your face. Get your head right and get in the game in real life issues. Not rather it’s Synthetic or Human Lace Front!

  15. I’m natural and love my natural naps…barely wear make-up. But as for my sisters who choose to wear weave, fake lashes, booty pops or whatever do you! Just know you are beautiful enhanced or not. ?

  16. Tyrese clearly has a lpt of self hatred, and mommy issues. No matter how much money you make, or how famous you become, if you don’t deal with your own personal issue’s you will continue to try and destroy what put you on this earth.
    I feel sorry for this young man, until he gets the help and the attention and undersanding his missed as a child.
    He will always have self hatred for the women of his culture. This man was clearly teased growing up, and was not popular amongst women.
    He also shows his resentment towards his mother.
    Please go get some help.

  17. His comments came about when everyone was talking about his Wife. He’s acting like a Wouded Queen. I’m natural by choice, I love being natural but the same things he’s tripping about Men loves, that why a lot of our sisters love the hair weave, but and breast implants to please Man, so Mr. Black Man since you feel that way , we black sister’s that have taken away from our weave money will stop supporting Yo Black Ass. Oh, bu the way Congratulations on your newly nuptials. Your Extra Light Queen,

  18. Have lost all respect for his ass. Why put down women that apply weave lashes fake butts or boobs..Cause u married a white woman..Watch what you say your tongue will be your own sword..

  19. But he did disparge the phenotype and deserves no loyalty Oprah dumped him? I can see that yeah

  20. I have never cared for Tyrese music. Such an ignorant statement coming from someone that doesn’t even matter. I hope our beautiful black women weave or no weave stop purchasing his music.

  21. My question is this: what is the definition of a real man? I hear this so much from black men that it sickens me. I think the reason why black men say I am a “real man” because they have something to prove to themselves and white society. And, Because something is lacking within. A man who is confident within him self don’t have to say I am a “real man”. In less their are fake men who live in our world that was made up in a lab and we can differentiate from fake and real. I think men who say they are real man didn’t have there fathers in around to teach them and they had to figure out on there own. In which I don’t see anything wrong with it, however don’t bash black women for what they choose to wear, wheather it’s weave, eyelashes, enhanced eyebrows., etc. We do not dress for men and wear weaves for them, we do it to feel good about ourselves!!! I believe if we didn’t the man will be looking at the next chick with the very things that they condemn us for wearing. Furthermore, Tyrese have a lot a nerve to start talking women who wear weaves once he is married to a biracial women. And I’m pretty sure depending on the event she will wear fake eyelashes, enhanced eyebrows. She is no better then the next. Yes, she is beautiful, but put the very women down who has supported your music and your movies!!! I was one of the women who supported and listen your songs, but now I am done!!!

  22. Every time this fool opens his mouth it’s to say what he doesn’t like about women. Didn’t he say he just got married? If he was anywhere NEAR married he would still be gettin it in with his so called wife. Someone give this idiot a sandwich cuz he’s definitely souped…????

  23. Samgirl66 says:

    Why do you care about this. Black women spend to much time worrying about what some ignorant ass hole think of us. My hair is natural now but if it wasnt Tyrese can kiss my azz.

  24. ShawnTe Pierce says:

    If he only mentioned the fake hair once like he only mentioned the breast and butt implants once then I would believe he was just talking about a certain type of woman only. However, it comes across as , “You women, especially black women, who do this…” He is as hypocritical as the so-called pastor he plays on “Star” is.

  25. TYRESE, I don’t go around BRAGGING about the rape that took place in my ancestral background, and I’m a proud educated BLACK WOMEN with 5 COLLEGE DEGREES from Compton who speaks 5 LANGUAGES! I’m amazed how TYRESE GIBSON, ICE-T and CHRIS ROCK, and other ignorant black men that say the same thing find it so easy to bash black women THE QUEENS of this EARTH! I knew your sorry ass when you came up out OF NICKERSON GARDENS in WATTS, CALIFORNIA when you ate food on your table next to ROOCHES! YOU’RE’re NOT EDUCATED enough to sit up and qualifie yourself with a BLACK QUEEN! I just pray to God you and yours don’t end up with cancer or some OTHER sort of DISEASES where you have to rely on a prosthetic! Men like you are losers you’re not in touch with reality! You have an identity problem, couple with a hood mentality!
    Everyone wants to be like a African Queen, from how they were their hair, The beatiful hue on our skin, They get fake butts, fake lips, like ours, Even try sing, dance and, talk like us!

  26. Another black man diredpectimg and downgrading black women , he must have mother issues. How can you down what created you a black women always switches up her look and fashion we “iconic” like that but nerve of you knocking the women that support your blackass fan base is what makes you successful don’t knock the async that feeds you because we can easily blast your Nutt as to….

  27. Milliethemisfit says:

    Oh poor dear. He needs to learn some African history. Black women have been using all sorts of facial, hair and skin “”enhancements”, for eons. His rant shows how little he understamds and respects women. It’s not about the end result alone, it’s also about the process. Going to the salon talking hair with friends, finding and trying new things. It’s how we build community. Smdh.

  28. For him to bash black women is ashame. How do the women in his family feel they are very much black. Women don’t try to look good for a man. Women fix themselves up to please themselves. We never needed your opinion about what we do to ourselves. This is whats wrong with Society now instead of lifting women up you continue to tear women down. Thank you but your opinion is not needed. Have a blessed day.

  29. Tyrese can kiss my ass. He is no lost to women of color. Stop supporting his music, and watch him sing a different tune. He is self hating. It is clear. When his new wife see him for the man he really is that marriage will fail too. He needs to come to term with his heritage and start loving his people and himself. For now, I have nothing for. He’s dead to me.

  30. We never saw him with a black woman with natural hair. Don’t get me wrong I have worn weave before but I’m natural. I don’t wear makeup, lashes, the hair but its a woman’s choice to do so. Who the hell he think he is, in his videos he never made to showcase natural beauty nor has he pretended to be z fan of natural black women. His ass was never concerned about that when it came to his platform. He told us what he dont like a bout us ut we never hear the good unless they famous in the lime light with his ass. He never gave a damn as to how he too have help drill subliminal message to young viewers, that if you look different from the image in his videos you’re less than attractive nor are you considered beautiful. This clown needs to sit down! His black wjfe needs to check the shit out of him, because this is a aim at her race and family members who have more melanin the she do as well. Its a dig at women period

  31. It takes a FOOL to put down the very people who supported your career. Why don’t you return the money to every woman who is considered Fake, but bought your music. You see you are a Stupid Man after all, because the joke is on you. Why don’t you tell your current wife to throw all her makeup in the garbage, and I’m sure she wears plenty makeup. By the way, if you’re keeping it real, the makeup would be considered FAKE also. Stop hiding your hairline, wear it natural, I don’t see that happening. Maybe the problem lies deep wth you, and your charcoal skin tone. Maybe you’re angry with your Mother. Just Saying.

  32. Shaniqua Whitley says:

    I myself am very natural and I love being natural but there are times when I want a different look like curly or straight hair and I dont want to put any heat to my natural hair so I wear a lace wig. I feel that there is nothing wrong with that and yes all race of women do it for volume. He is entitled to his own opinion but it is wrong for him to come out and bash women about what they choose to do about their looks. I can care less what all women do and that is their business. Nothing wrong with choosing to be with strictly natural women but just because you don’t like weave wearers don’t bash them for it. I’m not into bald men but I’m not going around bashing them because they are bald so the hell what that’s what you chose to do.

  33. Infamousiron says:

    He had the Nerve to say….Real men know this? He’s not a real man because a real nature man wouldn’t care what a women adds for enhancement. Just because his biracial perfect wife who would not be with him if he weren’t who he is ….is perfect…..he feels the need to down women for having a extra enhancement? Who is he God? Who cares about his opinion? Just know Tyrese, youre BLACK, your mother and father are BLACK and your mom probably has Thinning hair and wears a weave, wig, or tracks. Grow up little black dark skinned boy!!

    1. Thank you Infamousironsomebody need to remi d his brainwashed butt who he is. You have a right to your opinion. But not please sit your butt down somewhere. And how does he know what A REAL MAN WANTS/KNOWS? Oh he must have did a survey with some SUPPOSE 2 BE REAL MEN.

  34. And here we have it again and again and again!
    The bashing of black women by black men.
    I could seriously start a website with foolish, ignorent comments from black men, famous, some non-famous like almost every month. It doesn’t stop. Everytime these hypocrits find a reason to down black women.
    If your natural, your hair is nappy and your skin bad or you are too darkskinned.
    If you have weave and false eyelashed your to fake and to European and trying to be white.
    Exept if your white and have these same body features, then your special and beautiful.
    But you should notice before these clowns get famous, none of this matters.
    Then there down for a quick lay.
    This is just a way to keep black women down and trying to kill their mindset .
    In other words, we are better than you and we are going to project our insecurities on you, so that we can feel better about ourselves and you as bw know your place.
    Let me tell you this Tyrese, nobody, no men, no women is going to decide what I do with my life.
    Not know and not ever, you gave your opinion, now I am giving mine.
    I don’t care if you don’t like my features, I don’t care if you don’t like my weave, I don’t care if you don’t like the color of my skin. My selfworthy is not determined by men like you, that ship sealed of long ago.
    Many black women have and still do anything they can, to meet the standards that society and black men have put on them, but to ignorent people like you they will never be seen equal.
    Your opinion isn’t worth anything to me, it’s like something a flush away in the toilet.
    But it just gives me a reality check, that I made a good decision to stop dating and messing around with some men.

  35. Tyrese, you need to go sit your Ass Diwn!!!! We are tired of your don” like your skin color ass!! Yea I said it!!!!! You always trying to put Black women down!!! You came from a Blacl woman!!! You Dark black skin men always have a complex against Black women. You hate yourself and your dark skin that is why you always run out to get something that don’t look Blac!!!we are tired of your sorry ass putting us down!!! We Black women you are always putting down put your ass on map and now you done made a medley 65 million or so and now you think your the shit… You are not shit!!! To try and always put Black women down!!! You are the only one we know that is always in the media putting down black women whom you came from…there is nothing wrong with black women enhancing there beauty!!! In the days of our REAL BLACK KINGSbeomen in the Cleopatra Days always enhanced there beauty for there husbands and mates… While women, Armendian Women, Mecican Women all wear weaves and you Black men don’t say a Dam Thing! The Kardasians and plenty races of women wear weaves. You are just what Willie The Lynch taught us Black peoples to be against one another, to Divide us!!!! You look like a FOOL always putting the Black woman down!!!!!!! You do not see other men from other races public ally putting the women of their race down!!! Only a WILLIE THE LYNCH brain washed man such as your self would come up with the shit that you do!!! I hope every Black woman out there Noycott your ass in movies and films. We are sick of your Ass!!! You go and marry aecican and try to pass her off for Black!!!! Because. Everybody know you don’t even like your Black skin!!! Buoy don’t want kids your skin color! Your with the woman your with because she don’t have the BALLS to tell you the truth like a real Black woman’s!!! Like me right now!!!! Quit trying to speak for all men… Just because you don’t like us don’t mean all men don’t like us!!! Everything a Black woman’s have naturally, every dam race had copied it.. From our natural big lips, breast, natural ass and beautiful legs!!!! Other women of those races go get everything I just mentioned above!!! First in slabery they said our lip and ass were to big now every race wants what we have naturally and your dumb fake ass is the first one want to put us down!!! Quit speaking for all men…. Sit your ass down!!! You don’t never have to worry about me and my black friends supporting you in any thing!!! We are sick of you!!!! Just like you want everybody to think your wife is Bkack? We Laughfing all the way to the Bank…. We know you don’t like us!!’ Typical Dark Skinned Brother…!you got a long way before you earn the title Black King!!!! It is a shame Tyrese!!!’ You Black women out there KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!! Keep fixing your hair, wear your served, wear you natural hair! Put on your make-up to look beautiful or go natural….but do not listen to turese always putting us down!!!!! Plenty men love us!!! Karma is a motherfucker Tyrese….?it will find you and your Mecican wife!!!! Fake ass want to be!!!!!

  36. We women love to look different why keep it the same when u can be who you want to be by just having a new look. We r not trying to fool no man it’s really not about them it’s about our beautiful black women being able to be versatile thats all. I wear it all, just started getting into wigs – it’s so many new styles out here. Weave and my own natural hair. I love love love myself so really don’t need no one else stamp of approval.

  37. Ms Holland says:

    Wow! I and millions of other Black Women are a part of the fastly growing Naptural Movement. We encourage one amother to love our naptural selves. Tyrese’s point is valid and I agree with what he says, wholeheartedly. What I do not appreciate is two things. One, he generalizes his statements when there are millions of Beautiful Black women who embrace their naptural selves right here in America. If he was looking for one, she sure would NOT be difficult to find. The other disdain for his comment is because, clearly he is throwing rocks from behind a huge stone. In Biblical terms, get the mote out of your own eye. If Tyrese had a wife who ressembled an honest example of an UNCUT black woman, his comments would be far more receptive. Since he doesnt, it appears as though he is trying to hide his own partialities, against Real Black Women, behind his rants of his own insecurity.

  38. Hi and Aloha from Hawaii 🙂

    I am a white male in my mid 50s. Over the years I have dated women from different ethnic backgrounds. One young woman, when I was in my mid 20s, was a charming African American girl who taught my stupid ass about afro hair. The first or second time she stayed over, I went into the kitchen in the morning, and on my stove she had this metal comb with a solid wooden handle, heating up on my stove. I was so bewildered!
    She explained it to me as I watched her use it to straighten her kinks out. I never dreamed her non-curly hair wasn’t natural. I was amazed her hair didn’t just sizzle and melt!
    Long story short, she would point out to me other women who wore weaves. So yeah, I was from white culture, so black men probably had the jump on me in the sense of knowing some of the women in their circles had fake hair.
    To this day though, I am not so sure how much men, regardless of color, know about women’s hair, as the tech/method has gotten pretty good, yes?
    Hope someone appreciates my “Forest Gump” story.

  39. Tyrese i feel sorry for your wife. Simply because. Beauty dont last forever. I hope you married her for who she is inside. Because if her hair fall out. And she has to wear a wig. I guess she isn’t natural anymore. Beauty is in the eye of the behold. I am not my hair. I am not my weave. I am not my fake eyelashes. I am me. A Black Beautiful woman that God made. And im so gkad That God see me that way. And you suppose to be so clisr to God. But seem to can’t love Black women for who we are. I’m. A Black Queen. Ohhhh yes that’s who i am. And all the Black Queens in the world.

  40. K. Cancer Aries says:

    My first post EVER (I just had to):
    This is so sad! I have two points to address: Tyrese’s mindset makes him “butt ugly”; he is highly insensitive of the plight and history regarding beauty and black women. But he, like a fair amount of black men, are attracted to other races of women who have manufactured OUR (black women’s) bodies. They are “mixed the hell up”, and Tyrese is so stupid bc those women he chooses put as much time, energy, and I’m quite sure some artificial additions to their regimen as well!
    My second point is that some of us black women do need to recognize our natural beauty. We need to enhance too, as it’s a part of beauty for ALL women in general (we should not be criticized ever for wanting to look and be our very best); however, we should definitely consider the potential damaging effects of not what we do but HOW we do it. One can enhance EVERYTHING naturally! And if she is committed it can occur fairly quickly. It’s true because I’ve done it, and so has many others. There are ancient natural remedies for women to enhance breasts, butts, eyelashes, hair, eye brows, clear up skin, etc. True – seek and you shall find, commit and you will produce. Posted by a black woman – I LOVE MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS! (Gotta take it back) But I’m damn tired of these sorry ass Tyrese types that judge, are negative, lack compassion and understanding. TYRESE, the best way to truly help a black woman through this is to GET AND KEEP ONE!! Not these knock off black women, who pride themselves for having our body parts and men, but nothing else! I’m done!
    K. Cancer Aries, Brooklyn, NY USA

  41. Bridget Bennett says:

    So sad that a so call brother would feel the need to be this harsh on black women for wanting to feel beautiful about themselves. Well Mr.just keep in mind the natural beauty that you are marry too probably would not see the beauty in you if it was for the green in your pocket. It’s Black ass men like you who make it in this world the pray I pray everyday the God covers you in the blood of Jesus, that you not suffer the faith of people like O.J. Simpson. It men like you that can no longer see the emotional, psychological and sociological suffer women just be accepted in a society who don’t always their natural beauty. Mr. Tyrease your ignorance is shocking a least many women are wives because their need to enhance their natural beauty. But what I would like to educate you on is that it’s those woman the that ” not fooling nobody that listening to your wack ass music and the dumb was movies you selling out in theaters. Now I see so you will joining the likes of O.J., Wesley and countless others that put theirs foot in their mouth. Happy trails to the poor house your worthless piece of shit.

    Pls. Learn to shut the fuck up. Dumb ass.

  42. Dear Tyrese,

    Not all women wear weaves, lace fronts, wigs or implants to impress men. I’ve had Alopecia areata for decades, and decided to wear lace fronts because it gave me the confidence that the baldness took away. I’m sure that is the reason lots of women choose these things. Even if they didn’t, we have a right to wear whatever makes us feel good, feel pretty, and confident. The by-product can be adoration from men, but it is not the main reason. In other countries, women adorned with jewelry, makeup or buxom is seen as beautiful, so why can’t we choose our own way of enhancing our beauty? Remember, we all will get old one day God willing, and the physical beauty will most definitely fade, or sickness may come and ravage it, too. Either way, unless you found INNER beauty to solidify your love, you are in for a rude and sad awakening. Tina

  43. Regardless of what this man likes, it’s his business. Just don’t waste your time trying to please men who feel this way. In their opinion, your imitation is not the sincerest from of flattery “.

  44. Carla Wright says:

    I find his remarks very humorous. He just made s complete fool of himself. There many actress and actors who’ve had plastic surgery, breast enlargements, weaves, wigs and much more. To name just a few: Wendy Williams, Tyra Banks, John Travotia, Hallli Berry, Beyonce and these are Just s few. Not only has he lost the respect and support of many of his fans and the public but all of his “Fake Wanna Be” most likely Ex friends and associate’s in the industry. Let’s just say “It’s a Wrap!”

  45. Ashley brower says:

    U can’t be mad at him.i mean it’s not like he’s lying about what he said.weaves never fool anyone.im a white girl with beutiful thick long hair.ive never had any white friends that wore fake hair.they always had naturally long beutiful hair just like me.black women make up most of the weave sales in the fake hair industry. Just do some research and you’d know this.ive never understood why they would want to put someone else’s hair plastered to their head.its gross.white people hair and black peoples hair is totally different. Whites can grow their hair long with no problem. I can’t say the same for blacks.and their texture is something like a brillo pad.its nappy to say the least so I kinda get why they want to mimic our texture.but sorry it just looks wrong when y’all put these weaves on.sorry but you’d never see me sticking some African American hair onto my head. Y’all need to just stick to what y’all were born with.

  46. The truth says:

    Tyrese is absolutely right with what he said here actually you not agreeing with him trying to make everyone else disagree with him but women need to embrace who they are born as.

  47. Duquan Rivers says:

    Tyrese is right on point. And to to the women who say “we dont dress up for men, we dress up for ourselves”, thats a load of nonsense. If y’all did dress up for yourselves, why is it that you cant wait to get home, and the first thing you do is take it all off? If you wasnt dressing for men, and was truly dressing for only yourselves, you would leave it on walking around the house until going to bed. every woman i ever knew would take off the tight pants, heels, and makeup as soon as they get home and put the sweat pants and socks back on. you dont dress for yourselves, stop frontin.

  48. All I have to say is have anyone see Tyrese’s sister. Long fake hair down to her waist. Why bash black or any woman when you have a true black sister he wears the very same think you’re on here talking about. Shame on you fool, your own mother was a true black woman.

  49. Tyrese has a valid point. Why tout pride for being a black women with fake European tress down to your behinds? Yeah, how about the fake 46EEE breast and balloon butts that look anything but natural. Black women have lost their identity by emulating white women. Nappy hair with the body we were born with have become our shame.

  50. If you all only knew how many black men feel this way. And it’s not about our affinity for mixed-race, or non-black women and their features. Look, show me a dark skinned sista with a wide nose who works out, keeps her body fit and toned, eats rights, lives a healthy lifestyle and keeps her (kinky, curly, wavy, silky, whatever) neat and I’ll show you a sista whose phone never stops ringing. I think it’s bullshit when women say that the choices that they make are all for them. That is what’s called a lie. Just as it is a lie when men say that the clothes we choose, the cars we drive, the way we groom is just a matter of us making ourselves more attractive in our own eyes when ultimately we do these things to make ourselves attractive to those we wish to attract. This is not only a human trait …. it is an animal trait that exists throughout the animal kingdom.

    My only problem with brotha Tyrese is there are deeper truths that he could have explored in his rant. Truths (as he sees them) which could have been much more constructive to explore and express. Truths that may have been met with less push back and scorn. The fact is, many of us — male and female spend our time, energy and money on the wrong things to make ourselves attractive. Yes, years of systematic oppression and racism have consistently reinforced not only a white european standard of attractiveness, but has assigned a higher value on a white european aesthetic, lifestyle, experience. Even hip-hop culture — that quintessentially Afro-American/Afro-Caribbean art form that earned its legitimacy and authenticity in the streets in came into vogue in the broader society and became a vehicle for previously unimaginable black wealth creation only after receiving the coveted imprimatur of key white european influencers. The standard of beauty thing is real and it works on the many layers of self-hatred that centuries of oppression, degradation and marginalization have created.

    I think there is something to be gained from discussing how we spend our hard earned money. What is the best way for black women and men to unlock our true potential and value and be the very best versions of ourselves that we can be. A conversation centered around weave vs no-weave, physical enhancements vs au naturale, etc … is much to small and prevents a more substantive, thoughtful and consequential discussion that unites and elevates rather than divides black people.


  51. The fact that you married…..not once, but twice…..women who have no African features automatically nullifies any opinions you have about black women! Okay…..so they’re black women…..but I need a magnifying glass to find their black features! Therefore, you genetically married a black woman, but you’re physically married to a woman of a different race, and that disqualifies you to speak out against them!!!! I try to give you the benefit of doubt, but your ignorance just keeps seeping out every time your lips part!!!! #stupidityatitsfinest!

  52. Tyrese is correct! Black women continue to emulate what white man depicts as the “standard of beauty”. !! Be proud of your heritage, color, and the HAIR that you were born with.

  53. These is KRAZY for speaking for ALL BLACK MEN. You only can speak for YASELF homie. I’m trying to figure out his point. I mean there is no way him and his Caucasian wife. Don’t interact with other couples. That are All natural. He has a right to his opinion. But this NOT TRYNA BE MEAN statement that he made. Is gonn a cost him. In SOOO many ways. #AllChocolateAintgood4U and Tyrese has proven that. Thank GOD he don’t stand for much. Because I swear I can see him as a Trump supporter. Whats next Tyrese? Are you gonna work on Taking away United NEGRO college funds? #ADisappointmentfromaBrotherWeallthoughtwasDatruth #NOT

  54. Raymond Carl says:

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  55. Tyrese is nothing more than a dumb color struck idiot.

  56. I agree with him. However, making those very comments being with light-skinned, biracial, or white women I don’t understand. And he is wrong for that.

  57. Katrinia Green says:

    The man is telling the truth. I think some women go to far as well. If yo legs skinny AF then don’t get ya ass so big. I have no problem with fake eyelashes, hair etc, but I am team natural everything. If you get fake breast then you need to make sure the doctor doesn’t leave you with that big ass gap in the middle of your chest. Some of this stuff just looks a hot mess. I think a women who doesn’t wear tons of makeup, and everything fake is naturally beautiful. He is just saying you are not fooling anyone and if a man want’s a women with fake everything, then so be it. It is up to that man if he wants a real women or manufactured one
    (love that Tyrese). That is his preference. Me my self I think it speaks to your confidence level when you have to go and change EVERYTHING about you…….

  58. Brian Edward Travinski says:

    First of all, women have their opinions but don’t want to hear men’s opinions.
    Second, women that say they do things for themselves are usually single. God forbid you try to look “good” to attract a “Man” … your basically dating yourself… Good luck with that…
    Then, there is the element of “REALITY” … When most of what you have is fake, out of place and looks terrible, its a big turn off for men. We all see the overly long eye lashes that black women have on that look COMPLETELY Ridiculous! The we’re suppose to be put on then TRIMMED! They forgot that step. Thus look really bad.
    Yeah, when your nails are fake, hair is fake, eye lashes are fake even painted on eye brows are fake.. yeah, not a good selection. Would YOU like it if a guy had a fake hair piece? Or a fake chest implants? Or a fake pecker implant? Of course not. So why do you take offense when men tell you their perception of your appearance. Take it for a grain of salt.
    Just like when women put on a top that shows their boobs then goes out. When men actually LOOKS at your boobs you get all huffy and puffy… isn’t that why you put that skimpy top on in the first place?!?! Or those tight pants?
    Some women try too hard for the wrong reasons. Women are suppose to try to keep their looks up to attract a mate not flatter themselves in the mirror. That’s called being “Self Absorbed. Tyrese was right on target. He’s trying to give you women the “Heads Up” and you instantly get defensive and attack him instead of THANKING him! He is obviously on a higher tier than most guy being a successful model etc… you’d think you’d listen… Maybe that’s the problem… you only hear what you WANT to hear…Thus, nothing changes Back to the fakeness!

  59. elizabeth okpo says:

    Thanks, Lisa for writing this post. Your right he’s upholding the standards of beauty he claims black women should not go and get. He seems bitter as he knows beauty can be bought and he as a man has to just deal with his ugly face and ugly heart. He’s a typical insecure dark skin man who is upset as society looks down on dark skin black men

  60. Sykina Jacobus says:

    Wonder how dumb ass ty feels now 2023? Wonder if he seen that child support bill coming his way? Lol, dumb ass! I bet you he choked off of every word he said.

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