What to Wear with Yellow Pants (And how to get out of the blogger blues)

What to Wear with Yellow Pants


Can I be honest with you guys for a moment? For the last few days I’ve been recovering from a Corneal Ulcer in my left eye, and it’s forcing me to wear my very thick glasses and go without any eye makeup. I’m also wearing hair in its natural state (tons of frizz, very little curl). And can I tell you something? Being more “me,” is forcing me to take a hard look at the direction of this blog and how I feel about being a blogger.

For the last few days I had been feeling as though my little blog is getting lost in the big bad blogging world, and no matter how hard I try to pull her out, she gets elbowed aside by the girls who just have “it.”   When I spoke with my blogging consultant last week she encouraged me to up my social media game even more, and she was and is totally right. I felt encouraged leaving my conversation with her, and even had new plan of attack for my social media presence.  But then I thought about it even more, and started to feel anxiety about the huge undertaking it would be to do more than what I am already doing.  Furthermore, all of the “it” bloggers did not get to where they are by having the best Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr and StumbledUpon accounts. They didn’t. They made it big in ONE of these areas and everyone just started following them on all of their social media accounts.

And while I agree that spending a little more time on all of my social media accounts can and will generate more traffic to this blog and  my YouTube channel, as a full-time working Mom, I’m at my max.  So here’s what I can tell you: I appreciate every single one of you who happen to click on a post and read it through. You give me the encouragement I need to press on and recognize that nothing worth having comes easy. Blogging can be gut wrenching stuff, and I am so thankful to have you all along this journey with me. My graphics aren’t perfect, and sometimes my husband doesn’t want to take my picture, so my pictures aren’t always perfect either. But that’s okay. My focus will continue to be on this blog and my YouTube channel. And hopefully, sometime soon, things will happen as I desire. In the meantime, I’m going to refocus on making this blog a place you’d like to visit. All the rest is going to have to take a back seat!

Back to the point of this post: What to Wear with Yellow Pants.

I’m  a big fan of black and yellow. While yellow can be colorbocked with anything, throwing on a black top and tan heels makes for the simple style I’d like to be known for. I can’t do complicated. Who can?



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What’s one way you style yellow pants? And if you’re a blogger, how do you get out of the blogger blues?

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  1. Oh no! Dont be discouraged. If you need help, Im here. Also, asking blogger friends for their critic on your blog helps. Just ask people are you think will tell you the straight up truth and those who you think will do it in a respectable way. You know I know its hard out here. We both started around the same time. Like I said, if you want help let me know. Im here for you doll just like you were there for me.

    1. Thanks, Tabitha! Yes, I belong to several blogging networking groups and work with a blog consultant, so I know what needs to be done and what could be done, but really it’s a matter of staying true to myself and not trying to do too much. I mean, I’m a wife, a mother, and I have a job…how can I be on ALL forms of social media ALL the time?…it’s crazy! Anyway, thanks for the support dear. xox

  2. You look lovely by the way. I really love your shoe!!!!!

    The reason why I blog boils down to the fact that I really enjoy blogging. I tend to forget that that statement when I look and compare to other blogger’s site, and notice how well they doing. I do something get a little down that I’m not up there yet, but at the same time I can’t expect fast growth. I don’t have money like that nor do I have time since I’m raising my little girl.

    When it comes down to it, people will either keep up with me because they like my blog and personally or they don’t. I just have to be content with someone taking the time out to read one of my posts. We all have our moments. Just keep being you and trust me you will be successful. It will just take a little time….xoxo Kreyola.

    Kreyola Jounerys

    1. Thanks, Kreyola! I guess I’m just being impatient. It’s been two years already! ha ha, but God/the Universe has a plan. xoxo

  3. Lisa, you really hit the nail on the head. I agree with being a mom and your husband don’t want to take the pics sometimes, etc. I totally get that! I have to always remind myself to be me and to just have fun with blogging. This post was great! you really hit home.


    1. Thanks for saying that Te’Rea! It’s good to know I’m not alone! xo

  4. Loving your look! And don’t worry about your blog getting lost amidst other blogs. You shouldn’t compare! And don’t overwork or over stress yourself! Blogging is supposed to be fun!
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.com

    1. Hi Alex, you’re right, of course, but Blogging for me is more than just fun. Now that I’ve been at it for two years I’m looking at it as a business so I guess I take it a bit too seriously. But yes, I need to not compare. It doesn’t serve me in the least. Thanks for your support! xo

  5. Thanks for sharing how you are feeling. I’m right there with you – focusing on Social Media stuff takes away from what I really want to be doing. Hang in there and just keep it up. I appreciate the weekly link up parties you host – thanks!

    Love the yellow pants and the simple way you have styled them! Great look and those sandals are amazing.

    1. Thanks so much for saying that Jennie! And yes, I can’t keep up with ALL of the social media outlets and produce great content. I’d rather produce great content and share via social media as much as I can. That’s it! lol..xoxo

  6. THANK YOU! I really appreciate you for sharing this. This totally hit home with me! Sometimes as bloggers we go through the blues and it is so good to know that we are not alone. Also, I’ll never forget my consultation that I had with you and how much it meant because it has helped me sooo much! Keep pushing Lisa and everything is going to fall together in the perfect timing!


    1. Thanks, MaRae! It was my pleasure helping you! And back at you boo! xoxo

  7. Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog Lisa, and I love that you were transparent enough to put into words what so many bloggers feel but rarely share. I know that I’ve been there before, and sometimes it does get overwhelming. Working a full time job, being a mommy and running a blog, it’s not easy but you do it and rock at it. I for one love your blog and enjoy your content so much that I keep coming back, I don’t always comment but I see you boo 😉 – With that being said do what works for you, don’t compare to other bloggers, and that “it” factor you’ve got it! xoxo

    1. Thanks for saying that, Char! I love your blog too!!

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