Victoria Secret Store Manager is Racist AF, So Here Are 7 Black-Owned Lingerie Companies to Shop From INSTEAD

Yesterday, Kimberly Houzah, a black woman, posted a facebook video wherein she allowed viewers to watch as she was ejected from a Victoria Secret Store at the Quintard Mall. Houzah and another woman were thrown out of the store after a black woman they didn’t know was caught shop-lifting. The store manager offered no explanations and even called in security to get the women out of the store. Watch how it all went down here:


Victoria Secret issued the following statement last night:

We take the experience of our customer at the Quintard Mall very seriously and have reached out to her directly to express our sincere apology…What happened at our store should not have happened and does not represent who we are or what we stand for. The store associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company. Victoria’s Secret is adamant that all customers regardless of race be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Too little too late.

I’ve also experienced racial profiling and recounted my story HERE. I haven’t been back in my hometown since and I don’t plan to be back any time soon.

In any event, we do have other options. Take your coins elsewhere and support the following Black-owned lingerie companies instead:

Nubian Skin (Shop HERE)


Nude Barre (Shop HERE)


Just My Jammies (Shop HERE)


Nightly Allure (Shop HERE)


Suzy Black (Shop HERE)


I Am Scarletta (Shop HERE)


Bijte (Shop Here )


Happy Shopping!

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  1. My sister I’m so sorry you have had to encounter such hostility in this time. Our ancestors have paid mightly for our freedom and liberty.

    Take this injustice and turn it into a mighty goal to inspire others e.g. A book a panty collection and make Victoria secret a has been .


    You are a beautiful articulate and powerful woman . Make s change

      1. We need to as a people stop spending our money with the oppressor especially during the holiday ! Send a clear message! We have economic power and we don’t use it and they take our dollars for granted! Enough! When are we going to wake up!! Beautiful Sistah they are not worth your tears. Payback is a bitch!

      2. Yes Boycott. If we all stick together, trust they will see a drop in their sales. NO MORE VICTORIA SECRETS FOR ME. #NOVS.

  2. Write the CEO a formal complaint about her biased unprofessional arse, and THEN boycott the store. THIS is all I need not to shop there ever again. I can buy my drawls anywhere. Can make ’em myself if I gotta, too. I’m I over these name brands anyway, been hearing about too many designers dissing black folks over the decades. Black people need to create their own enterprises & get off the bandwagon of all these “name brand” companies. The only thing that makes Victoria Secret so appealing is the store presentation & some marketing. Lotion, lighting, & drawls. Anybody can do that. #Don’t need them! ?

  3. I have contacted Victoria Secret as well as the L Brand which is the unbrella that they are under and I have posted on my Facebook page jgdavis all the contact info you need to make a formal complaint in support of tbis outrage but I’m not satisfied with a spokesperson giving a statement I need Pamela or Les to come out of hiding and address a very large group of women that spend a considerable amount of money in your establishment. I am a card holder and I am a black woman and it broke my heart to see my sister cry I cried with her and enough is enough I am not my sister’s keeper I am my sister. So Pam and Les I’ll be waiting for a formal apology.

    1. It is sad this happened but I can say I’m not surprised and because where u are…I shouldn’t feel this way but tho I have relatives down that way…and yes as u said, with all that has gone on politically with DUMP coming into office…yes it seems it’s just fine to be racist openly…but we must remember it is learned, so we must pay attention to our surroundings. Also, he’ll yessss take them to the bank wash they dirty asses by taking some of their $$ if God willing to punish the ignorant…cause it ain’t gonna touch those on top unless in the pocket this will only bother the opening where your hand initially goes in that’s the only sad part.

  4. I live in new Jersey and as of today i am cutting up my VS Catd i no longer want to use it. And hello to my sisters and i will shop your stores. VS don’t want the people of color’s money.

  5. I live in Alabama and saw this 2hrs of you posting. It’s upsetting, but Alababa is the state where racial profiling is really big. Glad you showed this to make everyone aware of what is going on.

  6. I went through the same thing in Shreveport la but instead of being thrown out my mother my younger sister and I got accused of stealing and they called the cops on us said we looked suspicious like really. So we filed complaints and talked to the corporate what else should I do anyone because I know exactly

  7. I am so sorry uou had to experience this level of racism…I truly am! As an elderly white lady who was raised to love all people, I can’t even inagine the hurt, the anger, the frustration it causes you to be racially profiled and accused (if only non-verbally by demanding you leave). You handled it with such Grace and Dignity..faaaar more than I think I would or could have had I been in your shoes!!

    1. I truly wish all white people were like you. I worked for some wonderful white people in the pass. That’s y I am not quick to accuse all white people as racist.

  8. I feels sad what happened to you if I were you I will make this video public and you will see how many people will be supported. Victoria secret is my favorite store but one person can not ruin your day.Be strong. ??

  9. I had a bad experience in Monroe, LA while visiting relatives, I took my son n nephew (11yrs. old) with me to VS to buy a bra. The security guard did not take his eyes off the kids from the moment we walked into the store. I asked him was there a problem with the kids and he just looked at me like who are you to ask me anything. So, I picked out 3 bra’s, 5 panties and a nightgown when I got to the cashier I let her ring everything up, bill came to $162.00. I had the VS card in my hand then said, Oh I’m so sorry I changed my mind and cut-up the card right there. Cashier asked ” is something wrong” me: ask your $7. an hour security guard! I have not shopped VS since and my son is 36.

    1. I love it!!! I don’t plan on shopping there again myself… gonna contact them to cancel my card… bath and body, limited too are also affiliated… ladies, it’s now or never!

    2. Good for you. We need to start our own company that will recognize our need for some coverage of our hips and backside ( as most AA women are blessed with ). Not much has changed in the hearts of some people.

  10. How awful I’m sorry you had to go through that there are a lot of racist out there. But please contact corporate and make them aware because from what I see the sister by there products more and if we boycott I’m sure there sales will drop.

  11. I hope you contact an attorney and get what’s coming to you. The racial profiling and discrimination has gotten ridiculous everywhere

  12. I know how you feel. It has happen to me on several occasions throughout my life. It’s sad in this day and time we are still experiencing this behavior. It happens in the Federal Goverent also. Praying your peace of mind.

  13. I’m so sorry this happened. I’ve never shopped there but was considering it. So nope.

    Thanks for your help in my decision “Faith”.

  14. I’m sorry this happened! Haven’t shopped there in awhile, especially after watching 13th on Netflix!
    Are these black owned stores or WEBUYBLACK.COM??

  15. Thank God I am not small enough to buy any under garments at Victoria Secret…but I do like their fragrances but after this incident, they will NEVER have to worry about me purchasing for myself or anyone else for that matter!

  16. Victoria Secret is now on the list of other racist stores, designers and brands I will Never buy again. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    So sorry for your pain sister and she had no business asking to check your bags. If ever confronted with that, Make them Call the Police. No you cannot search my bag and I’m not doing anything. This makes your law suite a little better for being Unlawfully Detained!

  17. My heart is hurting for you and that horrible experience. I will NOT be shopping at Victoria’s Secret anymore!

  18. It doesn’t surprise me at all! I too live in Alabama and see Discrimination too often. They follow you in the stores and some are just plain rude. Grouping people into a bundle is crazy!! Just like we as black people are not all theives neither is all white people racist. Of course something needs to be done and a boycott sounds like a great idea. This is 2016 not the 40s, 50s, or 60s! Demanding respect is a requirement and hitting them in that pocket will definitely speak volumes.

  19. I am disgusted with racist people who think they can mistreat Black People. Every woman who have view this site and listened to this young woman tell her story should write to Victoria Secrett corporate and tell them how you feel and cut up your VS card and mail it back to them.

    We cannot eemain complacent with white establishmwnts racist behavior and expect Black people to support their business. STOP PATRONIZING WHITE ESTABLISHMENT…PERIOD.

    We have Black Businesses that we should be supporting. How are they going to thrive if we don’t support them. Start now. Do your Christmas shopping with Black Businesses.

  20. My heart goes out to her and I’m sorry she had to experience that but I know God will take care of it and I hope she files a complaint with Victoria Secret and let’s see how many others come forward to complain

  21. I will not be shopping at Victoria’s Secret….EVER!!! Demand that the manager be fired….contact Corporate and then Sue. Take the items you bought anyway!!!

    1. I will not be shopping at Victoria’s Secret….EVER!!! Demand that the manager be fired….contact Corporate and then Sue. Take the items you bought back anyway!!!

      This is why we need to “BUY BLACK’!!!


  22. It”s 2016 and some people will never change. I wonder if the store manager is still working there. They should not want a person like her to represent their store. Sorry this happened to you.

  23. So sad that we still toda have to deal with this bigotry my family consist of black, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Peruvian,italian descendants people are people color does not determine who we are shop anywhere else Victoria Secret is not the only lingerie store you’ll likely be treated better anyways elsewhere you were very intelligent not to act as ignorant as she did smile we are the majority not the minority

  24. OK — so the store manager was fired BUT…what about the mall security people who thought she was right & did her bidding?! Not one stood up to her & said ‘hey you can’t do that” ?! The mall should be boycotted until they are all fired too!

  25. My heart broke as I watched your post. Please know, this behavior disgusts and enrages most white people, myself included. I would have lost my sh*t in that store at that manager. The epidemic of white privilege is OUT of control. I can’t change the world love, but I can raise my children with the understanding of what it is, how to recognize it and stop it when they see it happening.
    I was very happy to hear she was fired. We were huge fans of VS but I just cut up my card. I will not support a company who employs someone like that. You cannot tell me that was her first time acting like that.

    Please have a Merry Christmas, hold that BEAUTIFUL head high. Thank you for posting your experience.

  26. So I’m incredibly sorry you had to go through that Insanity. I hope you followed up with corporate. I support you in boycotting. I am cutting up my card & reposting so others can do the same. #nosecret

  27. This is unacceptable! Statistics show that more white people are shoplifting from stores than black people. We are the most watched people in stores. It’s close to impossible for us to even contemplate the idea of shoplifting in a store. Stereotyping is dangerous! No black person should have to put into a box and treated for what someone else did that had nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, this woman is only a manager for Victoria Secret and does not own it. But, it’s time for companies to let managers know that this is not your company, you only work here. You had no right to treat any customer or co worker as if you own the store. Companies let your employees know now that “Racism” will not get you a raise but it will get you fired. And the likelihood of you getting another good job is null and void!! Don’t get it twisted, “Racism” kills the mutherfukin bottomline bitch!!!

  28. I want to share this article and would do so without the “AF” reference in the title. Will you consider re-titling?

  29. Ok, I understand why everyone is mad. Hell, I’m pissed off too! But in Victoria’s Secret defense it is not their fault. It’ is the manager herself. She did not call corporate and tell them that she was kicking all black people out and they did not agree to it. She decided that on her own which resulted in her getting fired. Victoria’s Secret stated that they fired her and that they do not allow that kind of mistreatment in their work place. As someone who owns their own buisness, I would be horrified if one of employees did aomething like this, I would be horrified if my customers didn’t see my point of view. I do agree we should start promoting small businesses (I have a small buisness), but don’t let your opinions change because of one persons false move. She is fired and probably won’t be able to get a job no time soon which serves her right! Maybe I’m naive, but you can comment back and try to change my opinion.

  30. This situation is one of the exact reasons why I decided to start an online lingerie store. We African-American women have extremely strong buying power and that alone deserves to be recognized and appreciated. I also feel those stores often do not depict women of color on their sites and I wanted to create a space where we could purchase affordable quality lingerie on a site reflective of us as women, wives, mothers, businesses owners, teachers, professionals, etc-just normal sexual beings and not hyper sexualized as we often are in the media. *ends rants* Thank you for publishing this article and I hope we continue to support the stores on the site-and mine in the future. Lol.

  31. I stopped hopping VS years ago. However I do admit that I’ve had to compromise on fit and comfort shopping elsewhere. I went to all of the sites on this page and of the ones that were up and running, not one offered tanga or brazilian cut, simple, sexy bottoms. I own everything that Nubian Skin selld and it is uncomfortable. There undies feel like shapewear and and bras run small. Where is the variety black vendors? At least make something for the “average” sister – big booty, small waist – and colorful. I’m disappointed!

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