5 Summer Fashion Tips for the Casual Woman on The Go

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5 Summer Fashion Tips

Summer 2020 isn’t looking quite the way we had hoped or planned, but I’m really really working on not getting the doldrums. Instead, I’ve decided to just roll up my sleeves and resign myself to a new normal. This new normal has, of course, impacted the way I style myself. Ordinarily, I’d be in fancy high heels and running all over the place brunching and mingling. Instead, much of my leisure time is being spent sitting in the backyard or taking casual walks around neighboring towns. I may not be headed anywhere, but it does feel good to get dressed and just go somewhere, anywhere! Am I right, ladies?

how to style sneakers in the summer

And since this summer is proving to be my most casual yet, I’m blessing you with:

5 Summer Fashion Tips for the Casual Woman on The Go

1. Go for Loose-fitting clothes like Paperbag Jeans and Casual Tanks.

Casual means casual. Put away the heels snug-fitting dresses,  and instead grab some comfy, loose-fitting clothes, and flat shoes. I gravitate towards paper bag jeans and tank tops. Like so:

fashion advice for summer
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2. White Sandals and Comfy Sneakers FTW

It’s all about the shoes. Choose your shoes first, and then build your outfit around your selections.  Famous Footwear has tons of options when it comes to comfy and stylish shoes. For summer, I say snag some stylish sneakers and a pair of white sandals. Both are classic items you will wear year in and year out. These affordable finds are my summer 2020 go-tos:

how to style white sandals
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sneaker style tips
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3. Accessorize Accessorize Accesorize

 Once you have your outfit together it’s all about accessories. As you can see, both of these outfits are beyond basic. They literally come down to a pair of baggy jeans and a tank top. You make it fashion by accessorizing

summer fashion tips sneaker fashion inspiration

I’m a sucker for gold hoops (all sizes and shapes), stacked necklaces, headwraps, and sunglasses. You literally can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned accessories. 

4. Linen Everything

how to style sneakers

Is it even summer if you aren’t wearing linen? I live in linen shirts and pants all summer long. While this outfit was just fine with a tank and jeans, adding a layer of linen adds some texture without adding any weight or heat. Remember, we’re trying things easy breezy for the warm weather.

5. Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

White, black, beige, and Blue (denim). If you stick to this color palette, the options are endless. You also make styling yourself ten times easier. Things get complicated when you start adding multiple colors and patterns. If you simplify your color selections, you simplify your wardrobe, and you simplify your life! You can always add in a pop of color with one of your accessories, or even your shoes! Like I mentioned above, Famous Footwear has tons of options when it comes to comfy and stylish shoes, so you can’t go wrong with shopping their collection and building your outfit around your selection (s). 

*BONUS* Don’t Overthink it.

what to wear in the summer

I mean it. This summer I was worried about how I’d dress myself given that I’m still carrying an extra 10lbs from the baby, and I went a little delivery/take-out happy at the start quarantine, but you know what? Summer isn’t the time to be self-conscious. I guarantee that right now, you have cute stylish pieces in your closet that you can pair with some famous footwear finds, and you’d be as fashionable as ever. Grab a tank top or linen button-down, loose-fitting jeans, flat sandals or sneakers, accessories, and boom: Fashion. 


WHAT TO WEAR in warm weather

That’s all folks.  Summer fashion tips for the casual woman on the go. You do not have to break the bank, or overdo it to be stylish. 

Share your Summer fashion tips in the comment section! 

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