Summer Family Fun

Summer Family Fun

It has  been REALLY hard keeping up with all of my scheduled posts for the summer. Living in the Northeast means our summers are short and HOT, so I try to take as much advantage of these lovely summer days as much as possible.  Honestly, I wish I could hire a photographer to just go around with me and take pics of all the fun things we’ve been doing so far. But alas, ain’t nobody got that kind of money and frankly, if you saw what I looked like without all of the “extra,” you might not be so apt to click through my posts! Beauty is WORK, and on my days off, LADIES, you better believe I’m not about that life.

Needless to say, last week, we celebrated my niece’s first birthday and J.B.’s first trip to the pool!



We had to cover him in sunscreen. so please excuse the “gray baby” affect going on.  But as you can see, with his sand shovel and straw (which he refused to part with), baby was having a blast! And we did, too!


I was having one helluva hair day, so I found an old belt from an old romper, created a puffy thing in the front, and tied it around my head. It looked like a mess in the back, but it looked pretty cute up front. #teamnatural. Oh and this lippie is the Too Faced  Melted Lipstick n the color “Violet”. And to see what it looks like in motion, watch this video.summer-family-fun

That’s my big brother, making fun of me, as usual.  I’m not sure what it was about, but no doubt, it was mean-spirited. It’s all good, though! He’s my favorite favorite.


I get it from my Mama! “Na Na” is the best Grandma and my very best friend. She’s a tough old cookie. Most West-Indian mother’s are, but she’s got my back, no matter what. I couldn’t have gotten through this first year of motherhood without her.


We are family! I got my brother and my mama with me! Too bad my sisters weren’t in this shot. We gotta get a full family pic soon!

imagejpeg_0 (1)

And then, of course, there is us. He makes me swoon!


Looking at this pic makes it REALLY tempting to start trying for another baby, but all in God’s timing. I’m looking forward to expanding our family just as soon as we can. I was MADE for making babies!


Wouldn’t you agree?

I hope you’ve all been having and amazing summer so far, and please do share some of your family-friendly summer activities in the comment section. Next week we’re off to Cape Cod for a week, so more pics of our summer fun comin’ up!

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