Stylish Father’s Day Family Photoshoot

Stylish Father’s Day Family Photoshoot

When my photographer, Jess, from JMP image (if you’re in the Boston area be sure to contact her for your next shoot) asked me to do a family photoshoot with her I said yes, of course (y’all know I love the camera), but as soon as I confirmed, I was stuck trying to figure out what we’d wear for the shoot. I wanted a cohesive look, but I also didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money trying to put everything together.


I knew immediately that there were only two stores I planned to visit to make this stylish family photoshoot happen: H&M and Target.


We already had a few of the items in our closet. For instance, my top and skirt are from Forever 21, and Andre’s pants are from Macys. So I used the colors from my outfit to then go out and get the finishing touches to make sure we were in sync.


JB’s pants, polo style shirt, and sneakers are from H&M kids, while his adorable fedora is from Target. I also purchased my fedora from the $5 bin at Target ( you know, the discount section you encounter as you enter the store.) To complete the look we also needed a shirt for Andre, so while I was at Target, I walked over to the men’s section and found this perfect polo shirt.  And voila, a stylish family photoshoot that combined costed us around or even under $100.


I love my family and I’m creative, so I wanted the photoshoot to not only reflect our love, but also my creativity. Being fashionable, however, can be achieved without breaking the bank.




What are your favorite spots to shop fashion for yourself, your family or both?


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