#StopStealingOurIsh: This Woman Exposes This Popular Asia-based Hair Company For Trying to Steal Designs From Black Business-Owners

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Toni Daley is a  Canadian entrepreneur, founder of  ToniDaley.com, curator of  fashion accessories and natural hair textured wigs, and a m*thereffin G. Recently, Toni took to her youtube channel to expose the shady dealings of Chinese-owned, HergivenHair.

That’s right, the popular, natural hair extension company is not black-owned, but like many before them, they are making a killing off of black dollars.

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In a recent Youtube video, Toni alleges that the popular hair company, Hergivenhair tried to steal her wig designs.

The company went on Toni’s website and ordered her two most popular wigs. Toni thinks it was with the intention of copying the style and selling it as their own. They placed an order, and Toni swiftly cancelled the orders and blocked their IP address from making subsequent orders.

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This isn’t the first time Hergivenhair has taken  a unique product, created by a black woman, then duplicating and selling it as their own. Take for example, Grace Eleyae’s  satin-lined caps (See Lisa’s review of these caps HERE).

grace eleyae slaps olive green slap satin lined cap

Now have a look at Hergivenhair’s “satin caps”


In a world full of creative black women who creates products for the needs of the black woman it is very shady to make a cheap replica, slap your company name on it, and profit. Hergivienhair widely represents itself as black owned, representing themselves as a company for and of the people to lure in the black woman’s dollar. Can we have anything for ourselves? If they liked Toni’s wigs so much why not approach her and pay her for her designs?

You can watch Toni talk about the situation below. Please also have her look at her website HERE .

If you are looking for a black-owned natural hair company look no further than Big Chop Hair. Check out Lisa’s review HERE and HERE, and use code LISA to save off of your order.


As for Hergiven hair, what do you think of Toni’s video? Did Hergivenhair try it or is Toni making assumptions?

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  1. Do you and Grace Elyea have patents or patents pending on your products? If not applicable, is there some way you can protect your product?

  2. hergivenhair was horrible!!!!!! I brought the kinky texture and followed the instructions in the box. The same product that made my hair soft and curly did the opposite for this hair. Wore it one. day and took it out of my hair..What a waste!!! I’m alerting anyone (social media & personal family/friends) not to waste their money!!!!! The people on social media saying good things are obviously paid!!!!!!!!

  3. I fell for their crap too. Never again! Disrespectful Asians using black woman as fronts. Bait and switching products; when you complain they say it’s not their wig.

  4. I was just about to make a $500+ purchase on Hergivenhair.com because I didn’t want to give my money to ppl who don’t respect us anymore. I only want to ship black owned. The thought came to my mind “is this a black owned company?” I searched their website and nothing came up. I googled it and this is the first thing that popped up. Thank you for writing this💜

  5. Thanks so much for this article. I just received a promotional offer via email. When I read through the website, it didn’t seem right. Specifically, it didn’t seem Black owned. Then when it said their headquarters is in China I became annoyed! I was very offended by the statements they made since they are not Black. First of all, don’t pretend to be us or know our experience to get our dollars. The “Why we are here” section On the website could really appeal to Black women (clever marketing) but they’re not BLACK! It reads “We are blessed with our beautiful natural textured hair at birth. It’s beautiful. It makes us laugh, it makes us mad, but it is OURS.” They need to be exposed. I’m disappointed with some of the YouTubers who promote their brand. I hope more people learn about this company. This company knows that many naturalistas want to support Black owned hair businesses and they’re being deceitful.

  6. Thank you for writing this. It didn’t seem like they were black owned based on the statement they made about Black Lives Matter so I went searching and going this article. Thank you. I’ll try the other places you suggested. Big Chop Hair and Kinkistry. I also found another one called @luxury23. Thanks again!

  7. I just bought a wig from them, was so sure it’s black owned until I received the wig and the booklet that came with it. They are all Asians on the company photo! NEVER buying from them again. Black women need to dominate this business!

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