Spring and Summer Fashion: The Hit List

 Spring and Summer Fashion: The Hit List

Firstly, let me apologize to those of you who thought that by clicking on this post you’d potentially save money or be encouraged to shop your closet. No, ladies, this post is all about what I’m loving in spring and summer fashion, so get those debit card out and the PayPal addresses on deck. We’re going shopping!

I have an addiction to trendy clothes and being a fashion blogger is NOT helping me to fight this addiction. But you only live once right?? RIGHT???!!

All of these items, are, however, pretty cheap. And almost all of them can be found at Forever21.com, so we can at least feel good about the fact that buying these items won’t be breaking the bank.  As an aside, I do encourage you all to mix the trendy with the classic, so even though it’s fun to go 100% trendy a classic piece thrown in here or there makes can make any look timeless.

Okay, onto the fashion!



  1. V-Neck Shift Dress in Black. Buy it HERE.
  2. Faux Leather Purse. Buy it HERE.
  3. Black Sling Backs. Buy them HERE
  4. Orange Shorts. Buy them HERE
  5. Abstract Print Romper. Buy HERE
  6. Yellow Faux Stone Necklace. Buy it HERE.
  7. Printed Shorts. Buy them HERE.
  8. Lace Skirt. Buy it HERE.
  9. Pink Knotted Sandals. Buy them HERE.
  10. V Neck Sift Dress Blue. Buy it HERE.

Which item featured above is your favorite?  Oh, if you actually buy anything from this list let me know or send me a pic of yourself wearing the item. I’d love to feature your picture on the blog!


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  1. I guess I’m going shopping then, love the romper, lace skirt and printed shorts. I know how you feel, being a fashion blogger is not helping me curb my shopping habit but as Drake said YOLO lol. Also, I totally agree with mixing trends with the classics.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! And yes, lol…JOIN ME!! HA HA

  2. These are such fab choices! I feel like I badly need a shopping spree!

  3. The orange shorts and the lace skirt are really calling my name! Definite summer pieces.

    1. c’est difficile de résister ne c’est pas, Hindie??! lol…

  4. Soon as I clicked on this post that fabulous handbag caught my eyes. Can’t believe it’s from F21. Perfect to throw all my kids random stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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