Serena Williams Is Engaged and Some Folks Are Big Mad

When I reported earlier today that Serena Williams got engaged to her millionaire boo (yeah I said it) and Reddit Founder, Alexis Ohanian, I just knew the internet would be chalk full of people mad as hell.

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Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Shorty AwNeilson Barnard/Getty Images for Shorty Awardsards

Serena, 34 and Ohanian, 32, had been dating for  a little over a year before he popped the question while they were vacationing in Rome. Her fans got the news today, and most of us were ecstatic. If she actually reveals the wedding date, I plan to don my fanciest wedding-guest dress and heels to commemorate the occasion. So what I won’t actually be there, I can celebrate my BFF in my head from wherever I choose!

Clearly, I’m here for everything Serena represents, so I was far from mad when we all learned her new boo was white. Others weren’t quite as congratulatory. Take a look:

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I’m going to assume Serena is marrying a white man because a. She loves him and b. he asked. Also, she’s 34 year-old. Was she supposed to pass this one up in the hopes of landing a black man? As a fellow dark skin black woman, I can tell you that not a single solitary black man EVER wanted me. For sex, maybe, but for love and partnership? Nope! Ultimately I married a man who is black, but somewhat racially ambiguous in appearance. He was my first and only boyfriend, too. Hell, I even had to ask a random dude to take to my high school prom!  So to Serena I say, do you boo! I ain’t mad atcha.


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  1. Congrats Serena not hating love who you want. because at the end of the day none of these haters are in your life or wants to see you happy. And if your educated they will assume your talking “white”. Do you be happy and don’t worry about what others think because you can not be happy trying to make people who don’t truly know you happy. Because we will love who were want. And not all dark skinned women hate who they are.

  2. I’m very happy for them both as long as he makes her happy hope that they have a wonderful life and enjoy each other ??

  3. As thought it might have been Common ?. I’m relieved. I wish her the best, because for every child born of an interracial union, one more white man must acknowledge the voluntary genocide of his race. Congrats to the lucky couple!!!

  4. I’m also a dark skin sister who is married to a white man. I waited for 40years for a black man to sweep me off my feet. He never came. I wish I had opened myself up to all races when I was 30, because I would have had children. I am married to the most loving man any woman can ever wish for. Stop the BS ladies and don’t make the mistake I did of waiting to 40. Congratulations Serena!! He’s rich too? Hell ya!

  5. I ain’t mad at her either. Look at the profession she is in. She is surrounded by white males, hell good-looking one too! Long as she is happy, that is all that matters.

  6. Why should it matter what race you’re married to? We want equality, yet some of us don’t even realize that we are just recycling the hate speech with the hole “don’t marry a white man if you stand for the advancement of black people”. Get over yourselves. No race is “pure”, people have travelling and having interracial babies since we could walk and make babies. We are just people that want to love and be loved and that shouldn’t have restrictions.

  7. The key words here are “He asked.”
    I’m going to guess with her money, fame, and good looks she’s still had a very hard time finding a Black man her age that is marriage minded. Let’s face it many successful African American men over 30 are not aggressively pursuing marriage, which is why they aren’t married.

    Struggle love has been sold to black women and forced down our throats for so long many of the commenters would rather see her with street corner ray ray than a muliti millionaire white man that she’s been in love with a year. This isn’t her first white boyfriend. She’s dated black men and white men, so she clearly doesn’t have a problem with dating black men.

    Black women who are criticizing her are probably with men who cannot provide for a family and is not marriage material but… they are all lining up like let’s drag her like we do black men who marry white women … wow just no.

  8. Congradulations Serena. To the haters love has no pacific ccolor but is multi-colored and multi-facacted. Not to mention a grasshopper’s view (low) is altogether different from that of the giraffe. -(high). You go girl!!!!!

  9. Race, height, facial hair, profession…these are all preferences. You like red..I lile green.
    Serena is a good and grown woman with a set of preferences that should only matter to her. None of us really know her, her man or her life outside of tournaments, magazine stories & news.
    Apparently, this man meets her needs regarding love & companionship.
    Also, and more importantly, it is none of our business.

  10. Love is love and that’s all. When are people going to evolve beyond the ridiculous notion that marrying someone whose skin is a different color somehow makes a person some kind if race traitor? Don’t we, as black Americans, have MUCH more important work to do as a people? Let’s all get past your own co!orism and get a hold of the real issues facing us today. After all, life is chock full of opportunities to RISE.

  11. They love each other is all that matters. I seriously doubt she or he gives a dam what the negative, simple minded, common racists think or feel. It’s her world, her life, her man. She’s the number one, millionaire queen of tennis. You go girl. I and others (black & white) know it has nothing to do with “arriving” Hell, with her talent, intelligence, good looks, slamming body, and millions – she “arrived” a long time ago, without the white man or any man.

  12. What in the world is ‘talking white.’ Did the English language and speaking properly come with a tag marked For Whites Only. Come on black vpeople stop this nonsene.It sounds ridic ulous ,especially to those who were taught that it is mportant to be able to communicate well. with different people at all levels. I.hope you are not telling this rubbish to your children and lim.iting them .That would be a shame.

  13. WoW really!! First Prince Harry now Serena. You can’t help who you fall in love with. A comment above stated well she around white people all the time. So what! She hung around with who was it 50 Cent. That relationship didn’t go anywhere. As for her money she made her money and can damn well keep it or spend it or give it away to whomever! If we as a nation would just stop worrying about what someone else is doing all the damn time the world would be a better place.

  14. The images of the black couple are not good. The Media has been dragging black relationships for decades and attacking black women specifically for the last 30 years. Its abnormal to see a black couple. They would rather show a black woman with another woman than a man in her culture. Its bizarre.

  15. Lisa, I am white man and the love of my life is a beautiful black woman. We have had to put up with a fair amount of stares, and comments said just under ones breath. Neketia deals with it much better than I do. Neketia is my love, my partner, and my joy, it is my privilege to make sure she is safe and never disrespected. I have been told black men see it as disrespectful of the black manhood for a black woman to date a white man. I say to them are you sure you aren’t a white man under that black skin? Because I have heard some racist bigoted white men say the same and the only words that change are black and white. The other comment Iv’e heard is- I only want her because she is dark skinned. No that’s not it at all. I do recognize her beauty and yes her dark skin is part of that beauty. What is true is that beauty does not beget love it is love that begets beauty. In the words of Frank Crane , Why do I love you Neketia? I don’t know. I never intended to love you. I did not deliberately set about it. Love came to me — “out of the nowhere.” I was struck by it as by a stray bullet.”
    When you find someone that fills the part of you that was somehow is a perfect match for them to fill- then what does skin color, sex, or anything else have to do with it? Neketia, is my perfect match in all ways but most of all in that she brings out the best in me. Through her I get a glimpse of the divine.

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