From Postpartum Hair Loss to Hair Strengthening Success

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Post-Partum Hair Loss Remedies

It was about this time last year when I really noticed I had significant postpartum hair loss. I was a little over four months postpartum,  and I was still taking my prenatal vitamins so I was sure I could avoid losing copious amounts of hair. Alas, this would not be the outcome. If anything, with this pregnancy, my postpartum hair loss was even more pronounced. 

 I had noticeable baldness along my hairline.

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At first, I was like, okay. This is where we are. No big deal. It will grow back. I didn’t even consider looking for postpartum hair loss remedies because, again, I didn’t want to make this a thing. It’s just hair, right?

Fast-forward a year later and I was no longer so optimistic. While my hair had grown back somewhat. I wasn’t seeing the significant improvement I had expected. Furthermore, the hair that was growing back was thin and patchy. Gone was the volume and strength I possessed before childbirth.  I was even beginning to wonder if I was still losing hair. In short, my edges were a mess, and thus launched my mission to see some improvement along my hairline. 

Then the folks at Keep it Anchored shared with me the opportunity to try their system.

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I was given a one month supply of the  KeepItAnchored Hair Anchoring Essence, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

This three-step kit promises to reduce daily hair loss by calming scalp oxidative stress. It also promises to reduce loss from the roots due to a stressed scalp +
preventing loss from strand breakage. It does not promise to regrow hair. 

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As you know, protective styles are my go-to. With two young children underfoot styling my hair with any regularity just isn’t my thing. That being said, I did not use the shampoo and conditioner as when I wear protective style I stick to dry shampoos and conditioners. My focus was on the HairAnchoring Essence You can use it every day, no washing necessary. I kept mine in vanity so I could remember to apply it every day.

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I used the KeepitAnchored HairAnchoring Essence for three weeks.

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My Thoughts

Postpartum hair loss is nothing to sneeze at, and I let it ride for a year before trying to do anything about it. KeepItAnchored Essence works, but it takes time. Their website also makes it plain that it’s important to start using the products as soon as you notice your hair loss, so admittedly, I’m a little bit late to the game. That being said, in three weeks’ time I’ve noticed increased volume at my hairline.

I took my braids out yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to notice some improvement:keep it anchored review on black hair

My hair is stronger at the roots, and while I can’t say with absolute certainty, it looks fuller too. 

I’m going to continue to use KeepitAnchored Essence for the recommended six months. I look forward to keeping you up-to-date with my progress! If you want to try this Keep it Anchored, use code LISAKIA20 to shop, and save 20% until November 23.

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Have you experienced any Postpartum hair loss? Please share your postpartum hair loss remedies below! 


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  1. Wow, this is the effect! I envy you! He himself just recently faced this terrible problem and realized that it is so unkempt, especially when it is with a man. I have tried a lot of different remedies already, I am eating right, and yet something is wrong. I think I will buy this tool and test it. Perhaps at least it will help me. Or is it just for girls? I’m only 28 now, that is, hair does not fall out through old age, so maybe this thing will be relevant for me? I will be glad to answer!

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