Life On The Go Doesn’t Mean You Have To Look a Mess: Here’s How to Keep it Cute + While Keeping it Together

This post was created in partnership with Tropicana, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

August was what I like to call the calm before the storm. The chill month when you take your final summer vacations, enjoy the warmth, and generally take it easy. I know I was pretty lazy for the month of August, but now that JB starts Kindergarten (I know) in a few short days, I’m begun making changes to my daily routine in anticipation for a much more hectic daily schedule.


JB, of course, attends school Mon-Friday, but he also has tutoring on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and swim lessons on Thursdays. In the late fall, we’ll also be adding soccer and maybe music lessons. Bear in mind, I’m a full-time content creator, so my schedule is about to get crazy.  But even if you don’t have a school-age child, this time of year brings with it a new energy that calls for changes in your daily routine. I’m going to be on the go quite a bit, which means, being organized and on my game will be how I ensure my kid has all he needs, I get my work done, and I look cute while doing it.


I don’t have it all together. I’ll never pretend to have it all together, but looking my best helps me. It helps me to feel better about life’s craziness, and it helps me to stay positive. If I’m sitting around in my doo-rag, and pimple cream on my face day in and day out, I’m less productive. Being organized, eating good-for you snacks, and throwing on a little lip gloss and mascara makes this girl a happy girl, and a happy girl gets stuff done.

But we don’t have a lot of time, right ladies? So here are a few, tried and true tips to keep it cute, while keeping it together (most days).

1. Prep everything you need for each day from the night before. Your kid(s) lunch, your lunch, your outfit, your makeup, his/her outfit, everything. Have everything packed up, and/or laid out so when morning comes about you just grab and go.

2. Eat breakfast. Seriously. Do it.  I have coffee with mine, of course, but I’m limiting myself to one cup a day. Throughout the day, I like to add high energy snacks and drinks to my diet. My fav on-the-go-drinks are the Tropicana Single Serve beverages. 


Tropicana Drinks contain no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavors. Tropicana Coco Blends: Pineapple with Coconut Water is my personal fav.  It contains 15% fruit juice and 10% coconut water, and this little juice boost keeps me energized throughout the day in a way that doesn’t give me crazy sugar jitters. Learn more about Tropicana single serve beverages HERE. Or just grab a bottle at your local grocery store and just throw it in the bag!



As for snacks, I’m heavy on nuts. Trail mix, in particular. It’s filling, good for you, and has just enough sugar to keep you going without an end-of-day crash. I wash it down with one of my go-to Tropicana single-serve drinks or water.

3. Wear easy outfits. Dresses, Jumpsuits with blazers. Matching sets. Keep things as simple as possible. We aren’t in high school anymore, nobody is watching if you wear the same article of clothing twice in one week. Also, use one purse throughout the week. That way you’re not swapping things in and out, which will inevitably result in forgetting something of importance.


I snagged this super cute jumpsuit for $23 at Target. I plan to rock it 2 times a week. Mix it up with different jackets or maybe a t-shirt underneath. It can even be worn with heels or flats. It’s a keeper, and perfect for women on the go.


4. Wear a little makeup. As we know, I’m a makeup fanatic, but you don’t have to be. All you’ll need are 5 makeup items to look cute without doing too much. They are as follows:

  • Foundation or BB cream. My current fav is the Physician’s Formula healthy elixir foundation. It provides medium coverage and gives a natural looking glow. I wear the shade DPN3
  • Eyebrow Pencil. Elf’s brow pencils are cheap and do the job.
  • A nude lipgloss. Fenty’s Gloss Bomb is perfect for every skin tone.
  • A setting powder. Laura Mercier’s Translucent setting powder is the GOAT.
  • Blush. And as we know, I stan for Juvia’s Place blush palette. It’s cheap, and I literally can’t do my makeup without. See HERE for my review.

Ladies, that’s it. Be kind to yourself. With a little bit of daily prep, we can keep our wits about us, and our fashunz on fleek. Stay healthy, too. Work out, drink water and prepare for those moments you might need a pick-me-up in a pinch by popping a Tropicana single serve in your bag and I promise, you’ll be ready to grab this life by the bullhorns.


Your turn! Share your daily tips for balancing/juggling all of life’s hassles from day-to-day below! What keeps you sane and cute (most days)? Sound off below!

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  1. First of all, thank you for the great tips! I’m a working mom and can so relate. Second, please let us know how to get that fab black jumpsuit!

    1. You’re welcome!The link to the jumpsuit is in the post. You just have to click on the hyperlink (it’s written in pink and is underlined)

  2. Wilma Smith says:

    This was so needed! I do so much better when I get my scrubs ready the night before and I need to go back to keeping an essential makeup bag ready. Im going to prep tonight for tomorrow.

    1. How did the prepping go?!

  3. I’m a huge believer in planning ahead. I plan my outfits in detail down to the jewelry and makeup the night before, sit everything out and make sure it’s ready to go. Same with work bag, kid’s school stuff. It takes time but is so worth it the next day. Also yes to easy breezy outfits!!

    1. Girl, so worth it! Who needs the stress or the hassle in the morning?! not me!

  4. Alexandra says:

    What great tips! I love this. You’re an inspiring Mum, and your photos are great. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. These are all great tips! I like the one on keeping your outfits easy – just because an outfit is simple doesn’t mean that you can’t look great!

  6. You don’t even look like you have a kid Lisa! haha I mean it. When I got to the line of “kid” I was like really! You look after yourself very well which we all should:) Great post!

  7. Evelyn Hernandez says:

    You both look amazing, I agree life can get crazy but you do not have to look the part.

  8. I love your outfit! It looks stylish and comfortable x


  9. Daphne' Adams says:

    I love this all! As moms working, playing uber driver to our kids extracurricular activities, planning is a must. This is all I write about. Your steps are dead on. Night prep, simple clothes and makeup yet still be cute. Snacks and meal need to be filling.

  10. Tonya Morris says:

    Girl you totally nailed this post! Everything down to the headline was just spot on. I try to go by these tips when I’m on the go as well. Simple makeup is so easy to do when you’re on the go!

  11. Liza Perry says:

    Ok Lisa you had me on the title haha I always tell myself this when too tired to wake up earlier in a morning to get ready before starting my crazy working mom life haha

    Thank you for great tips and I love your style!

  12. I literally do not have it all together at all most of the time! You look great though hustling through the day.

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