5 Unexpected Consequences Of Getting My First Brazilian Bikini Wax

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Real talk? I haven’t been happy with my body since I had JB 5 years ago. I was left with 10 extra pounds that I’ve never been able to keep off for good. As a result, I have managed to avoid most summer-time activities that require a swimsuit. While I have donned a swimsuit on a few occasions, I’ve never done so without wearing shorts or wrapping a sarong around my waist

And listen, I know what you’re going to say: “Lisa, you’re thin, what do you have to complain about?” And it’s fine to have that perception of me, I suppose, but the reality is that when it comes to being body positive, how you perceive yourself is far more important than how others perceive you.

In addition to being uncomfortable with these extra pounds, I’ve always worn something to cover my lower regions because I’ve been self-conscious about my bikini-area. Between shaving with poor eyesight, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and failed attempts at using depilatory creams (there was blood involved and I’ll never go that route again), my bikini-area has never been on the cute side of the fence. Truthfully, it’s been a mess. So when the folks at my local Waxing The City (Westwood, MA)  hit me up to try a complimentary bikini-waxing service, I jumped at the opportunity. Was I scared it was going to be painful? Yes. Did I care? No. And now that I’ve had it done, I can tell you, the pros outweigh every single con you might think exists. In fact, I elected to wax at Waxing The City because I learned that when waxing is done consistently, hair grows back slower, finer, and sparser.  In fact, some even say they no longer have hair growth in the areas they’ve waxed, okay?! Listen!! I was too ready.

My experience at Waxing The City was so positive that I am now a firm believer in going to the experts for body care services. Also, I am never, ever, going back to shaving. I plan to be a lifelong bikini-waxer and customer.

first-brazilian-wax first-brazilian-wax first-brazilian-wax

This aloe-based post-waxing gel is BOMB. I haven’t had a single ingrown hair since I’ve been using it.


first-brazilian-wax-waxing-the-city-review1 (copy)

Here’s what you should expect at your first Brazilian waxing service at Waxing The City

  1. It’s going to hurt, but not as much as you think. The whole thing is complete in about 20 or so minutes, and after the first few strips, you’ll see it’s not so bad.
  2. I had a few ingrown hairs from shaving that my expert tried to remove by plucking with a tweezer, and that was painful. My advice is to avoid any and all tweezing in the bikini-area. I asked her to stop and she did without a problem.
  3. I was completely at ease. I had this woman, who I had never met in my life, all up in my private business, discussing how pretty it looked when we finished, and it wasn’t the least bit awkward.

    Sheetal, available for waxing at either the Westwood, MA or Walpole, MA locations is basically a member of my family now.
  4. You just might become an exhibitionist afterward because your kitty will be so pretty you’ll want to show it off. Just saying.
  5. When you’re done, expect a whole new lease on life.

5 Unexpected Consequences Of Getting My First Brazilian Bikini Wax

  1. I can’t quite make sense of it myself, but feeling so clean and hair-free down there has made all of the body discomfort I felt prior to my visit become a distant memory.
  2. I’m still 10 pounds over my goal weight, and I give no damns.
  3. My stretch marks are still in effect, and I give no damns.
  4. My belly ain’t quite right, and I give no damns.
  5. I feel light, I feel fresh, I feel powerful. You-Can’t-Tell-Me-Nothing.

Who knew a simple bikini wax would do all of this? But it has. In all of my years of blogging have you ever seen me post a photo like this

first-brazilian-wax-waxing-the-city-reviewYes, ladies, Live your best life, getchu a wax, and thank me later. First-time guests can receive 50% off their service. Visit waxingthecity.com to schedule your service.

Have you ever gotten a Brazilian Bikini Wax? If so, share your experience below!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Has any hair grown back yet; if so how is it?? My friend dragged me to get a wax once and I punked out and only got a bikini wax instead of the Brazilian wax. Thinking of trying it again after reading this!!

  2. I’ve always been terrified of waxing, especially down there, but this makes me want to try it.

  3. You look amazing!!! Lol at the 5 unexpected consequences!

  4. My friends and I we’re literally just talking last night about getting waxed before our beach trip. I’m the only wax virgin…thanks for the article. I’m worried about the pain but I guess I’ll just grin and bear it!
    But my question is, how much grown out hair should I have for the first time?? Like, when should I stop shaving?

    Thanks Lisa!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. I’ve been wanting to get my underarms waxed because of ingrown hair. I’ve never had problems shaving my bikini line and just gonna leave that alone for now lol. Maybe when I hit 50 I’ll be wanting to walk a nude beach and get it done…lol. Glad your first experience went well.

  6. You look fantastic! I must admit I thought about the process but no one around me has openly talked about it and all I can think about was the pain. Thank you for sharing your real experience! Not off to click and look around on the waxingthecity.com and see what they can do for me. Thank you Lisa!

  7. “Your kitty will be so pretty you’ll want to show it off!”? Thanks for sharing! It would be if you did an after update to share if you got more/less in growns.

  8. You are looking fierce and fabulous! I would never get waxed. I don’t shave my body now. I haven’t tortured myself with getting my eyebrows threaded in years! But it’s got you over here with ya melanin poppin’!

  9. I did it a few years ago before a trip to Hawaii. I went in scared and realized the pain was quick and short lived, I got a full brazilian so I had to turn over on my stomach, and that part was even less painless. I went back for a 2nd wax and realized that this was the life for me and signed up for a regular waxing plan.

  10. of course it’s painful! LMFAO!! but the results…the results!!!

  11. Stephanie Cole says:

    I got not first Brazilian wax in June and I’m hooked! I am never going back to shaving!

  12. I have done the bikini wax but never the brazilian! I want to try it out but the grow back is the part. Please update us if you have tips for that process. As much a I want to keep it up, I’m a Mom and time gets away from me occasionally…

  13. I had my first Brazilian done back in Summer 2018. I’ve been hooked since. I go back every other month to get it done. The first time was painful because I wasn’t used to it, but now it doesn’t bother me.

  14. Just got my first Brazilian today and I feel fabulous.. so glad to see other queens making this a regular routine and I do feel fabulous

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