Hot Topic: Kim Kardashian Was Robbed and I’ve Got Questions

Don’t worry, this site will not become the new hotbed for the latest in Kardashian news. I think it’s safe to say TMZ has cornered that market. I will say, however, that this latest story is giving me pause.


Here’s what we know:

  • Armed gunmen broke into Kim Kardashian‘s Paris apartment
  • There were 5 gunmen in total, posing as police officers
  • The robbers threatened the concierge and forced him to let them into the apartment
  • Kim was bound and gagged and placed in her bathtub
  • The armed robbers got away with $10 million worth of jewelry
  • Kim was otherwise unharmed, physically, and the rest of the apartment was left in tact
  • After being questioned by police Kim was rushed home via private jet.


My Questions

  1. Who robs a celebrity, so brazenly, while the celebrity is home?
  2. Where was her security team? Just the other day she publicly thanked her security guard for taking down a prankster: screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-3-18-02-pm
  3. How did these robbers know she’d have that much jewelry and where and how to locate the safe?
  4. How did they know she’d be alone in the apartment without her husband or children?
  5. How on earth did any of this happen?

Anyone else smell an inside job?

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  1. How did she escape the ropes? Were there marks left on her mouth after removing the tape? Where is the tape and rope now? Phone records of whom she called first?

  2. It sure looks like an inside job especially with how Paris is right now. There is a police officer or even soldier around every black, I was there last week.

  3. I agree, Lisa. Same questions I had. And where was the concierge after he was threatened to be let in her flat? He couldn’t warn the authorities before she returned?

  4. Maybe she wasn’t really alone; it may just be the story she’s telling the media …the police report may say something different. Media stories don’t have to be truthful but police reports do. It would explain why she wouldn’t have her guards around to see her possibly cheating on Kanye.

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