Hot Topic: This Atlanta Teacher’s Pictures Have Gone Viral And Here’s Why

Patrice “Tricey” Brown could easily take the crown for sexiest teacher on the planet. This assertion, however, has quite a few people feeling uncomfortable, as “sexy” and “teacher” don’t necessarily mix.  Or should they?


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What do you think?

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  1. Hey,
    Im a little torn too because would wearing something like this help the kids really concentrate. Im all for being sexy but not during school hours where there is young children. Our kids learn from there environment so would I want my daughter wearing something like that no. I understand shes young so she might not be thinking about those things

    1. Seems like she’s dedicating a lot of time to her social media, I wonder how much of that time is put into her lesson plans. I’m a professional and I know when and where to wear certain attire. Clearly she’s out for attention with the fake body (her choice) and everything. Personally, I wouldn’t need that influence around my child when the MEDIA (almost every platform) already is telling young girls that PLASTIC is beautiful and NATURAL beauty isn’t enough. Focus on educating the children and increase your social media following away from the school & classroom… She may be a good educator dress as tho.

    2. Enough time to receive ‘Educator of the Month’. Ther are people in the world that can be great at their job and look great doing it.

      Her body doesn’t look the least bit plastic to me. It actually looks pretty normal for a black or possibly mixed race woman.

      I agree that she can wear less form fitting clothing. But why? When sex is in everything from cartoons and commercials, video games, music, etc. If she is fully clothed why should she be ashamed?

      1. Exactly!! If It was a woman No curves people wouldn’t care!! What do they expect for her to do wear baggy clothes!! We as black woman always get sexualized!! I think these people who have something negative to say are hating because they aren’t built like that!!

    3. Interesting.
      I am a high school teacher with similar challenges so I can relate to this situation. However, I’ve chosen to deal with my situation differently.
      First of all, I’m male and I’m not nearly attractive as this woman. That said, she is amply endowed in the right places which garners attention on herself, and I likewise (use your imagination). My first year of teaching, within a few days I noticed girls laughing and gawking at me during lecture.
      I didn’t “get it” at first, but eventually figured out that I could not get away with wearing slacks that most male teachers normally wear. It revealed too much and I got stares/laughter. I then resorted to wearing the baggiest (and darkest colored) slacks in my wardrobe. And even with those slacks, I sometimes get that unwanted attention by students.
      Is it fair (or an insult to me) that I have to be overly selective with my wardrobe and that “I can’t be myself, wear normal slacks, and not display my body the way God blessed me”? I certainly don’t think so. Besides the fact that I do NOT want that type of attention from students (makes me very uncomfortable), I am their teacher and should eliminate any barriers that distract them from learning. This woman has a great body she should be proud of, but I feel she should consider her role/job and make better choices on her wardrobe with students. I completely get that it may not seem fair, but, if it’s distracting to students and/or staff then she may want to certainly reconsider. I have and the distraction issues have mostly diminished. And that’s matters alot.

  2. From the pose to the cloths she is selling something that has nothing to do with educating young minds. We work hard to redirect your youth from falling into the video “h” mentality and this teacher is creating the wrong impression on our impressionable children.

    Soon if this behavior doesn’t stop, teachers will be wearing uniforms. Curves no curves, show some class.

    1. Girl bye! She looks fine… What do you expect her to wear a dress that drowns her and bifocals? She’s fully covered… Nothing says video hoe about her.. Youre just old and washed up…

    2. I wouldn’t say she looks like a video h, that’s ridiculous. She is showing that you can be a educated woman, reshaping nerd. No glasses and pocket protectors breaking away from stereotypes

    3. She teaches 4th grade for crying out loud,if your 9yr old is looking at her in any way besides being a teacher then the problem is at home,lol
      Best believe there’s no video hoe tendencies here,just a beautiful black woman proud of who’ she is

      1. I agree with you, theu are way too young ti be thinkinh anythung else. And she’s perfect and allot of teachers dress like that but you don’t complain becuase they dont look that good. She’s hot people!!! Since when its a freaken crime to look good smh!

    1. As a parent your focus should be your childs education and safety..
      Not their teachers attire… Yall forget we was all born naked… The rest is drag… Man made clothes…

        1. She is looking for attention from kids. I don’t think so what she’s wearing looks fine to me . Even if she worn some loser clothing do you really think it’s going to hide her shape No! What you need to worry about are your child learning from that tracher and that is all.

          1. she’s looking for attention from kids on instagram? Frankly, I think if these outfits were worn with flats and a cardigan or blazer over we’d all be fine with it. The posing in the classroom and then posting to IG indicates there is attention seeking and NOT from children.

    2. How is that NOT work appropriate? Her boobs aren’t falling out, her vajajay is covered… Now if the but on the dress/jeans was missing or her back was all out then I could see the inappropriateness of her attire. She can’t help the body she was born with. But interestingly enough, I see white teachers dress like this all the time and it’s NEVER an issue. As for the kids, after a while they are desensitizes to what she wears and they treat her with the respect she commands/demands of them as her students.

  3. I love it! I love to see a woman embrace who she is…she is not sexualizing anything…I think she is just being herself. Outsiders looking in…are sexualizing and judging what she is wearing. She is young and wants to dress as such. Who cares as long as all body parts are in and children are being educated.

    1. I totally agree. They dress like this in the house of the Lord. Now, I don’t think it’s appropriate for church, but they do

  4. Can she live? We do not impose these “sexy” standards on men . If you walked into class and a “sexy” male teacher wore well fitting jeans and a tight shirt, we could certainly begin to cue the obligatory “yessss” from all of the moms.. This woman is not breaking any rules. I salute her comfort in her skin. She is KILLING and that makes some of us uncomfortable.

    1. Yes thank you!!!! Before any teacher should be evaluated based on their clothes, let’s focus on their ability to teach and engage students. If she’s a good teacher, that’s ten times more important than getting concerned about what she or he wears.

  5. I love every outfit, but she should put a suit jacket on to be class appropriate with some of her dresses. School requires that dresses should be knee length or longer. So yes, her outfit is appropriate for school, with minor adjustments.

  6. If you’re child is thriving in her class or if she’s giving more attention to the ones who need it…why does it matter what she’s wearing?

  7. She is just being herself. I love to see any woman embrace her beauty and curves. I’m sorry the rest of yall so bitter ad angry about yall bodies. As long as she is doing her job as a teacher. And the kids are learning. What’s the problem

    1. Just want to interject and say I LOVE my body, feel free to take a looksee around my site and see that I am a mother and have NEVER stopped looking fab, even when I was pregnant. As I wrote in this article, if you go to her IG you can clearly see her interests about building a personal brand that has LITTLE to do with teaching. The idea of a “Sexy teacher” is provacative and it sells, she’s no dummy. I want my son’s teachers to be 100% focused on him and his education. Building their personal brand shouldn’t happen in the classroom. THAT’S the issue.

      1. I’m in agreement here. There are other teachers on Instagram and social media who share their “fashions” without compromising integrity. She pushed the envelop and got burned. Teachers can be multi-faceted individuals by branding themselves; her choice in clothing for the classroom were poor.

  8. It’s not what I would wear to work. It’s not what my mother or any of my teachers wore when they taught, except one. That one teacher wore “similar” clothing. When she would sit to teach, she would damn near flash us all.

    I’m more annoyed with using her classroom and teaching career as a prop for her social media fame. I follow a lot of fashion/clothing-enthusiast bloggers. The one thing they don’t do is actually bring the cameras in their places of employment.

    Even my teacher friends don’t take selfies in their classrooms.

  9. I’ve been a teacher for 15 years and one thing I feel passionate about is presenting yourself in a professional manner and this is not a professional manner. Kids have enough to see in media and games…they don’t need it in their classroom.

  10. Are you all really spending this time worried about her clothes? First of all you’re specializing children if you think they’re concerned about her breasts or booty. At 9 boys are just figuring out the difference. Second has anyone on this comment thread asked about the grades and scores of her students? Anyone thought of the percentage of her students who advance to the next grade and do well?
    No. We’re concerned that she wears clothing that accentuates her hips, because you all have been so normalized into thinking that our bodies are something to be ashamed of, that we don’t have a right to be happy and celebratory of our curves.
    Each of you talking about the way she is posed, do you see any children while she is posing? I guess none of your teachers ever got pregnant during your time in elementary school….

    This is stupid and ridiculous that any of you feel that discussing how this woman dresses has something to do with her ability to teach children.

  11. This is no more appropriate than if there was a 300 pound muscle-bound man teaching your fourth graders – and he chose to wear the tightest ‘body-glove’ shirt to work everyday…. The fact is, it’s distracting. Doesn’t matter the gender. There’s no need to over-accentuate your 20 inch biceps, your 6-Pack Abs, your 40 inch hips, your 10 inch waist, or your Double-D breasts, if you’re serious about teaching 4th Graders. Give unto the classroom what belongs to the classroom, and give unto da club what belongs to da club. This school needs to up it’s “dress-code” game!

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad there are people still out there who understand what class, morals, values and integrity means.

  12. I’m sure she has increased the number of fathers showing up for back to school night. They are probably beating mom to the school.

  13. I would say if you are on the job how is it so important to pose for selfies on Instagram while at work.. could she not take them before or after work on her own time.. It seems her priorities aren’t her classroom and the implications drawn to and about her..shows by the majority of comment from reed’s and followers

  14. Some of ya’ll should really be ashamed of yourselves, promoting the mentality that stems rape culture. Leave the damn teacher alone, and teach your kids to respect people regardless. Why ya’ll sexualizing the woman’s body?

  15. This can be argued from both sides tbh. She’s teaching people to be comfortable with who they are but she should be a little more formal with what she wears to school. However, she’s teaching young kids, so ‘sexy’ shouldn’t be a word used. Do whatever you want on your ig account, that’s her business but as a professional, she should be weary what/where she posts, when it comes to work.

  16. For those who don’t see it as being inappropriate, well it is. It is not the attire for a school teacher. Bodycon dresses and classroom do not fall into the same category. However, once you clock out, get your sexy on.

    With that being said, why is her boss allowing it; the clothing,using the classroom as a prop?

  17. Most if you have not sat one day in her classroom, looked into her evaluations or even checked into her qualifications. Yet, you’re making judgments based on what she has chosen to share on her PERSONAL Instagram feed. She wasn’t posting to get your attention or your critique. She is an attractive woman. She dressea professionally. Seems to me you all are implying that teach era are supposed to be unattractive and homely looking. That’s unfortunate.

    1. I sat many days in my mother’s classroom. She has mentioned many time an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) code of conduct that teachers need to be careful about. She told me it’s in place during school hours and after and it has spread to being careful about social media activity. Some of her younger coworkers had to change Facebook profile pictures.

      I was standing behind a teacher at a Halloween store. She had to hide her costume when a student and her parents came in because it’s that serious.

      And nothing posted online, especially on social media, especially on an unprotected account, is personal. The sooner people learn this, the better off we’ll all be. Nothing on the internet is private and there is no delete button on the internet.

  18. Says who? I don’t like locs, they are unprofessional in my opinion. But that doeant mean many very professional people don’t have them. Opinion is just that, it doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

  19. She is fine. She is a confident woman as well as an educator, please let her because she takes pride in her looks. I see no problem with her or the way she dresses.

  20. It’s really sad and incredible pathetic how far women have fallen that all they care about now is like and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Teachers of the past spent their downtime planning lessons for the week, giving extra time to tutors students that have problems and finding creative ways for students to learn. Now all teachers care about is dressing sexy so they can take a selfie in the bathroom/or the classroom with their “signature pose” just to see how many men will like the picture and thirst after them. I truly feel sorry for the young girls in her class who now have to hear the thirsty boys lusting after the teacher but also feel self-conscious about their own body because she doesn’t look like the teacher all while going through puberty.

  21. Teaching is a profession and as such professional dressing should be a pre-requisite. She could dress appropriate and still look sexy.

  22. Tara Johnson hit it right on the head!! That teacher is looking for validation in a place where she has no competition( easy pickins). I’d imagine most of the teachers at that school are older and /or more concerned with lesson plans than how their nails look or if their weave looks good or eyebrows are on fleek.
    Im sure Ms. Brown wont be crowned hottest( she may come in top ten) at the nite club or any other social gathering where people can dress in such a manner. She looks like a young woman who needs someone to tell her shes beautiful everyday..Hopefully one day she will see it for herself.
    So my challenge to Ms Pat Brown: Bring your “A” game to the night clubs and lets see who can get more attention. We will be waiting…

    1. children aged 9-11 are VERY aware of sex. She’s not teaching preschoolers. Even still, for me, it’s not about the kids. It’s simply being aware of your body and dressing as the instution where you are employed dictates. She’s choosing to wear bodycon dresses It’s not the only option available to her body type. I know I’m thin, but I have a booty. I love my booty, but my job ain’t about my booty so I wore longer tops at work. Plain and simple. To make this outfit less sexy just wear flats and a cardigan and big long necklace. I can show you PLENTY of curvy bloggers who showcase curvy, work appropriate fashion. These outfits are intentional and THEREIN lies my issue.

  23. She looks fine!!! Smh I am embarrassed for some of these comment or something because they said some things that seem low key hateful smh she is covered and shapely what do you want her to do? And honestly little kids in the 4th grade are not worried about her curves until they hear mom or dad make a slick comment about them smh shame on some of you adults really smh

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