Easy Haitian Griot Recipe

Haitian Griot Recipe

 How to Make Haitian Griot

The following Haitian Griot recipe is the easiest you’ll find on the internet. I promise! I’ll preface this post by letting you know I am not a cook. I can make about two to three “meals” and that’s it. I am blessed to be married to a Le Cordeon Bleu graduate, so I don’t have to hang out in the kitchen too much. That being said, I am a Haitian-American woman who grew up eating some amazing food. One of my favorite dishes was and is Haitian Griot, fried pork shoulder.  We eat griot at every party or even at small family gatherings. It’s served as a side dish with other fried haitian foods known as Fritay. My husband taught himself how to make Griot (with a little help from my mother), and came up with a recipe that requires little to no skill.  Here’s everything you need to make Haitian Griot:

haitan griot ingredients

Haitian Griot Ingredients


  1. Defrost pork shoulder and cut into cubes
  2. Add pork shoulder, thyme,  and salt into your pressure cookereasy haitian griot recipe 7
  3. use your hands to mix everything together in the cooker
  4. Pour entire bottle of sour orange into cooker
  5. all of the meat and thyme should be fully submerged
  6. Let sit in the pressure cooker for 30 minutes, or on stovetop for one houreasy haitian griot recipe 5
  7. Time to fry it up
  8. Use a cooking thermometer to ensure cooking oil reaches 350 degrees.
  9. Once it hits 350 you’re ready to fry. easy haitian griot recipe 4
  10. Fry in batches of 5-6 pieces until golden brown
  11. Serve with fried plantain and Spicy Haitian Slaw (Pikliz),how to make griot

And there you have it, friends! A super easy haitian griot recipe even your most novice chef can attempt. easy haitian griot recipe 8



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how to make griot

Haitian Griot Recipe

an easy diy recipe for Haitian Griot (fried pork shoulder)
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Haitian
Servings 6


  • Pressure Cooker
  • air fryer


  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 lb pork shoulder
  • 1 bunch thyme
  • 23 ounces Sour Orange Marinade


  • Defrost pork shoulder and cut into cubes
    haitan griot ingredients
  • Add Pork Shoulder, Salt, Thyme and full bottle of orange marinade into Pressure Cooker
    easy haitian griot recipe 7
  • Let sit for 30 minutes
    easy haitian griot recipe 5
  • fry pork shoulder until golden brown
    easy haitian griot recipe 4
  • serve!
    easy haitian griot recipe 8
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