Father of Two Freely Admits to Having Been an Emotionally Abusive Husband

Listen, I don’t own the internet. I’m just here like the rest of y’all scrolling by, minding my own bidness, when up pops this man’s  open letter to his wife.

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He writes:

“So many times i called her weak for her intense emotional reactions toward different things… Told her to grow up, “be a woman”, “stop being so insecure”… I’m so hard on my wife and oftentimes disconnected, because the strength i thought she needed, i couldn’t see that she already had it. I confused her love and weakness for me, for lack of strength as a woman… Twice i watched her give birth to nearly 8lb babies, without epidurals and minimum assistance.. I watch her come home everyday to a 3yr with absolutely no chill whatsoever, after a 12hr shift, and have to stay up with him despite being tired. Even with all that she rarely complains and deals with my shit. How could I be so damn stupid, to see “weakness” within all of this?? Today, when i walked into the living room and saw this I realized just how much of a fool I AM… We miss what’s there in plain sight because we become fixated on the fantasy, not realizing that our reality is the fantasy… Sometimes you just have to remove the spec from your own eye! I thank God for my wife, for the ups and downs, and everyday lessons and the strength she has that i was blind to see. I am grateful for the revelation that today has brought.”

To which his wife replied:

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Listen, misogyny is one helluva drug, and if you aren’t careful, you might fall for the okey doke. Hell, you may even find yourself being moved by this seemingly open declaration of love and support. Love and support that arrived only after the woman in the scenario had been sufficiently berated and ridiculed for simply being who she is.  Also, I’m no holy roller, but I don’t think attempting to emotionally break one’s spouse is part of His master plan.

I guess I should applaud Sean for being a better husband today. I guess? But I’m not one to applaud a fish for swimming. Also, the internet ain’t a safe space for these kinds of admissions. Keep it in the therapist’s office or on the pulpit.

But who am I? Sean says folks who think like me are weird.

See here:

Screen Shot 2018 03 15 at 7.36.04 PMWelp…there you have it. Sound off below!

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  1. Not today! Or Ever. This is not cute or honorable of her husband. I bet a fly on the wall heard some shouting after this was posted and seen.

  2. Amen I respect and honor this post I’m a mother of four and a wife and we as women don’t give ourselves or our spouses enough credit. We’re in this together and when I fail he fails so when one of us realize it we fix the issue together and we win together. There is NO I in WE or TEAM. We need more married couples to post about their real life struggle and the ability to overcome with God as the center. Let faith guide you and love ground you. God bless!

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