The Most Fashionable Grandpa Alive: Irvin Randle

Houston Educator, Irvin Randle broke the internet on Wednesday, and I still can’t get enough. According to reports, Randle is a 54 year-old Houston educator with a flair for style. He is dapper, dapper indeed!  And despite the fact that this a beauty and fashion blog for women, I felt moved enough to honor Mr. Randle with a post of his own. Feast your eyes on these lovely photos:

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The man can do no wrong. and I would love to interview him, so if anyone knows how I can get in contact with Mr. Randle do let me know!!

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  1. Grandpa has definitely been taking care of himself. That’s a great thing to see! Age ain’t nothing but a number!

  2. Wow! there is no reason as in to why my spouse and can not get fit. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

    This is beyond handsome. His style. He’s rocking Chuck Taylors. I’m visualy in love with these photos. Is 70’s the new 50’s.

  3. Why don’t I have the words to express how beautifully and wonderfully kept this man is. Simply gorgeous!

  4. He’s showing how the younger man need to step their game up. By younger, I mean the 40 and 50 year old. I’m so tired of man wearing dockers. Add some flavor to your wardrobe.

      1. If he is 54 then he don’t look young for his age cause 54 on a well kept black man looks like thirty five’

  5. Oh my word! He’s cool, dapper, stylish, sexy and his taste in fashion is uniquely contemporary. Ride on man!

  6. A very nice handsome man, and it is obvious he takes great care of himself. He keeps himself up, dresses nice and to be 70 just tops it. He is definitely showing up allot of men that think they have it together, when in fact they don’t.

  7. 70 ? Keep doing what doing brother you are truly bless. I am at 54 now and this gives me hope for the next 16 years. You are my insperation bro.

  8. I dont know who started this 70 year old thing. Go to his page he said he is not 70 years old. He is 52. Still looks great though.

  9. Yes, indeed; he is handsome and groomsome. Love his style and his nice photo. He looks definitely like a ladies man. But it is all good. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Very stylish, well dressed and on fleek! Wow I love a man who knows how to dress. He is definitely on point!

  11. Do t hate the player hate the game. He is a mans man and looking gorgeous and sexy. Keep doing the damn thing Mr. Randle. Handsome indeed. ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Yes Yes I am soon to be 60 and usually date men much younger than me. For him I would make an exception (smile). He looks amazing. I will keep pushing in my goals to be healthier. I am inspired!.

  13. I wish I can be able to meet thismost handsome and fashionable grandpa….Ummmm… He’s so cute and chewable. .

  14. He is truly what one would call “A Classic Man”…now if other men can take some inspiration from this gentleman and stop looking like they got dressed in the dark or literally just woke up like this and walked out the door lookin like “the walking dead “…and men also try smelling fabulous, women like that…just…TRY FOR PETE’S SAKE!

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