Essence Mag Honors The Beauty of Natural Gray Hair In Their Feb ’19 Issue

You’ve seen her before. My beautiful cousin, Jo, whom you’ve no doubt read about in this post HERE, where I detail her first New York Fashion Week appearance at the tender age of 64.

Grey Haired Black Women
My cuz and I, after having tea in NYC

A lot has changed for her since her first runway walk 2 years ago. Today, she is a working model (even has an agent), proving that age means nothing in the face of walking your purpose. Essence Magazine agrees.

In next month’s Essence Jo, along with three other gray-haired beauties will be honored in a feature celebrating queens who proudly rock their platinum crowns. Take a look at this preview:

Jo Johnson, 66. Follow her HERE

Jo Johnson Essence Preview
Jo Johnson Grey Hair For Essence

Tonja, age 44. Follow her HERE

Tonja Essence Mag Preview
@sevenknows Hair Assistant: @suhailahwali Makeup Artist: @frankguyton @missjulee Wardrobe Stylist: @el.lewis Manicurst: @pipbuzzzPhotographer: @ericagenece
Tonja Grey Hair Beauty Essence Mag

Keisha B, Age 46. Follow her HERE

Keisha B Essence Mag Preview
Keisha B Grey Haired Beauty

Lastly we have Cerissa, Age 43.

Cerissa Essence Mag Preview

Traditionally, going gray has been something against which most of us have railed. We prolong the semblance of youth, even when it becomes absurd to do so. And to what end? Frankly, I think Essence and these ladies have the right idea. Gray hair is beautiful, and it’s high time we recognize its glory.

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  1. These women are truly stunning! I love this and hope to see more women celebrated in their “older” years. That is when women truly step into owning their bodies and beauty fully! I love it.

  2. Such beautiful women. I’ve learned to embrace my grey at the ripe old age of 50 and am so surprised when other people compliment me. I still have a young face-we know Black don’t crack-and I think the hair with the youthful appearance makes for a very striking and eclectic look.

  3. Im a 48 year old female with 2 grown children and 5 grankids. I been fully gray and natural for about 10 yrs or more. I receive lots of compliment on how beautiful my hair is. Asked many questions such is it real . My heritage is part cherokee indian. So I proudly love sporting my gray hair. Also Im totally natural .No make-up. I tell them I’ve been blessed with lots of wisdom.

  4. I’m a 67 years old female with one grown son, whose married an has two grown young men an the oldest is married and has a little boy, that makes me have a great grand baby . I’ve been gray since 16, I tried dying it back in the day, until one day I dyed it an it turn purple instead of auburn. I have been so happy to see people finally that look like me, gray hair an beautiful ladies . Keep the styles and gray hair coming!! Thank you, GwenD

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