Ebates Works!

Ebates works. Like. For real. I’ve posted about cash back sites before, but in light of this new lovely freebie from my good ole Ebates pals, I figured they deserved their very own blog post!

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What is it? Well, it’s a cash-back site. If you are an online shopping junkie like your girl right here, you’ll find that some sites just don’t offer much in the way of coupons every week. I routinely window shop at my favorite stores like Forever21 and Asos, but  active coupon codes for these stores are hard to come by. So what do I do to make myself feel better about paying full price for something? I shop through Ebates.

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How does it work, exactly? Like so:

  1. Every time I shop online I log into my Ebates account and do a search for that particular store.
  2. If there is a cashback deal for that store I simply click on the Ebates store link which redirects me to that site.
  3. I shop as usual, and voila! Ebates tracks how much you spent and sends you the appropriate cash back amount.

Here’s why I’m hooked on using Ebates whenever I shop online:

  1. You get your cash back every 3 months without having to do anything. You decide how you’d like to be paid. The money goes right into to your paypal account or via a check. No fuss no muss. You even get a cool, unprompted email when Ebates is ready to post to your account. It will look something like this:Picture+2
  2. You get referral bonuses from $5-$25 for referring friends to the site. I made a cool $100 bucks just by asking my friends to sign up. This month, they are giving away $50 for every 2 referrals, and with the holidays around the corner extra $$ is ALWAYS welcome.
  3. The cash-back deal can be used in conjunction with any other promotion. That’s right, use any active coupon code with the Ebates cash back deal.
  4.  Your cash back refund amount is posted within days of the purchase. In fact, they send you an email the moment the money has been posted to your account. Love!
  5.  You get a cool $10 gift card to Target or your choice of one of a few other retailers when you sign up.
Some of my favorite Ebateable stores are:
  • Sephora
  • The Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Living Social
  • GoDaddy
  • Amazon Local
  • Amazon
  • Forever21
  • Drugstore.com
  • Turbotax

Need I say more? Sign up by clicking here.

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