EASY DIY Mommy & Me Halloween Cat Makeup

Hey,  all you cool cats and kittens (sorry, I can’t help myself), today’s Halloween and if you’re anything like me, you’re desperately in need of a last-minute Halloween look for yourself and your little ones. And per usual,  I got you, boo! This easy Halloween Cat makeup tutorial will get you right

All I did was pick up some makeup from Walmart and with the help of my amazing Husband (he went to art school and draws all the time, so I figured it was a fun way to get his artistic juices flowing), we created this look:

Cute, right? What I loved most about this super easy DIY Halloween Cat makeup is the bonding we experienced working together to get it done. The kids enjoyed it, and we did too. Also, I purposely purchased makeup that can be used throughout the year.  I’m not a makeup artist and I don’t ordinarily wear or use special FX makeup, so it makes more sense for us regular gals to use regular makeup for Halloween. Who wants to spend money on something you can’t use more than once? Not me.

cat makeup tutorial

Okay, so let’s get into it!

Wait, hold up. Before I start let me just say to create the base for this look I tried (for the first time) NYX Can’t Stop full coverage foundation. I was really surprised about this one because I wasn’t on the hunt for a foundation, but baybee?!! This foundation looks and feels like skin. Literally. It’s a keeper, for sure. If you like a thicker, filtering type foundation pass on this one, but if you like a light, matte, full coverage foundation snag this one HERE.

nyx don't stop foundation review on dark skin

Now let me break down this look…

Step One: Fill In Those Brows

halloween cat

To do this I used NYX Professional Makeup Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil in black. This pencil is a first-of-it’s-kind as it’s a brow pomade that features a teardrop-shaped tip on one end for drawing precise hairs, lining, shading, and filling, and on the other end, it has a micro paddle brush for fluffing and blending. I loved this brush because it made applying and blending my brows really simple and I don’t have to worry about having a pencil and a brush since it’s all one product.

Step Two: Apply Brow Concealer

halloween cat 2

After my brows and filled and fluffed I grabbed e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer in shade deep cinnamon to clean up my upper and lower brow area.

Step Three: Foundation & Face Powder

halloween cat 3

halloween cat 4

Using my foundation brush I applied NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation. Remember when applying the foundation make sure you blend the makeup thoroughly to cover your whole face.  After the foundation is applied I followed up with Black Radiance Loose Setting Powder in the shade, Cocoa Kisses.

Step Four: Face Concealer

halloween cat 2

I used my e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer  to highlight above the center of my brows, under my inner eye, along the center of my nose, and on my chin. This concealer is on the thin side, so I’m still debating if it’s one I’ll repurchase, but it did blend out nicely with my elf beauty blender (which, btw, is a FANTASTIC dupe for the real beauty blender. I probably won’t ever buy the real one again).

Step Five: Apply Setting Spray

I used a spritz Maybelline Glass Spray onto an e.l.f Beauty Blender and onto my face, then used the blender dab and further set everything into place.

Step Six: Apply Lashes

halloween cat 7

Once that’s done it’s lashes time! I used KISS Lash Couture Faux Mink False Eyelashes. I applied a thin strip of lash adhesive and gently laid the lash and set them into place. I then followed up with mascara to blend my and the falsies.

 Step Seven: Lips

halloween cat 9

With the first half of my look complete I will apply e.l.f. Ride Or Die Lip Balm in shade Tough Cookie. This is another keeper. In fact, I’ll be getting the entire collection soon. Thick, with a nice hint of color. Yass, Elf. That’s two for two.

Okay, with the face beat, Andre came in and applied the cat face.

DIY Easy Halloween Cat Makeup

This where it’s going to go quick and why I said this look is super easy to do.

Step One: Using NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eye Liner in white he shaded the upper mouth area downward.

halloween cat 01

Step Two: Then using Black Radiance Continuous Creme Eyeliner in black he filled in the rim of my nose down to my upper lip. Still using that eyeliner, he then lined my upper lip and applied black dots between my nose and mouth area.

halloween cat 02

Step Three: Apply a Black Lip color.

In this case, I actually used the cream liner to not only make the whiskers pop, but also as a lipstick!

halloween cat 03

Step Four:

Grabbing the liner once more he then drew whiskers from the black dots and softened them using black shadow.

To add a little depth and dimension he used wet n wild Glitter Liner in Rich Witch to draw additional whiskers.

Step Five: Finally, bringing the whole look together he gave me an amazing cat-eye.

halloween cat 05

That’s it! I told you it was easy as 1-2-3. Now you’re ready to enjoy Halloween with your family. Check out the full video here:

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