Easter With The Wynters

Jackson Blaise is one year older, and this, of course, means he is actually able to experience the holidays with us. But before I proceed to share pics of how daper he looked for Easter this year, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some pics from last year’s Easter. You ready? ‘Cause you’re about to be hit in the face with some MAJOR cuteness.




I mean, really, CAN-YOU-STAND-IT? If you can, feel free to indulge me by stopping by this post HERE, and taking a gander at more pic’s from last year’s Easter photoshoot.


 Well, this year was ALL about making Easter as fun as possible for our VERY active, and growing boy.  And because he is his mother’s child, I was able to snag a few moments with him to take some pics. I even got him to say “Cheese.”


I also had to make sure he was dressed to the nines, too. Can you stand the little bow-tie? Even a little? I know I can’t.




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  1. Osy StyleDiaryByOsy says:

    Major cuteness indeed. He is so adorable and mummy did a wonderful job with styling him. Happy birthday Jackson

  2. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles says:

    Awwww both of you are so adorbs!!!


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