What to Wear With a Light Blue Jacket

What to Wear With a Light Blue Jacket

It’s still cool enough here in the Northeast to get away with wearing a lot of what one might wear in the winter.  But as I mentioned in this post, the trick is throwing in some spring colors with the dark winter hues.  Enter this super cute light blue jacket I found on the clearance rack at Forever 21.


Since I work for myself now (and from home) I sometimes like to get dressed up like I’m going to an office. The plan, of course, is to one day have an office to go to, but it’s nice to pretend for now. While some people frown at the saying “fake it ’til you make it,” I live by it. Affirmations and prayer have gotten me to where I am now, so I’m going to ride it out.


This week I’m going to take it a step further. In addition to meditating, praying, and affirming everything I want from the universe, I now plan to start behaving as though everything I want and have asked for is a done deal.


This doesn’t mean going out and spending like a crazy person. For me, it means carrying myself with a sort of peace that comes with knowing you’re taken care of.  Does that make sense? I believe in the law of attraction and that what you put out is what you will receive. Therefore, I am laying all self-doubt, fear, pity, you name it right down on the floor. Then I’m sweeping it away and throwing it in the trash. I may even perform a little ritual of sorts, and put the words fear, doubt, pity, on index cards and then physically sweep them up and throw them in the trash.


If you’re not into this stuff, I know I sound like a complete crazy person, but trust me, when all else fails you start to understand the power of release.


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 What’s something you can release today? Share your thoughts or even your affirmations below!

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