I Live With Anxiety: Here Are 9 Easy Ways I Cope

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I don’t recall my life without anxiety. Truly. I can go back as far as age 7 when I began to complain of “stomach-aches.” I knew the never-ending worry wasn’t normal, but those were the only words I knew to articulate that something was wrong. I was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression when I was 16, and since then I’ve struggled on and off to keep my anxiety at bay.

The anxiety I’ve been struggling with as of late is caused primarily by my unemployment status. After having been a full-time entrepreneur for two years, I don’ have the heart to do it anymore. I want a steady check and a vacation once a year. Dassit. As a consequence, I am in a state of limbo, and it is a daily fight to beat back the urge to throw in the towel. But I don’t. For the last few months, I’ve been employing these “techniques,” if you will, to keep myself in check, and to work through this temporary period of my life.

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I will say, however, that there are levels to anxiety, and if it’s getting bad enough, the only option you or someone you love has is to seek out professional help. Anxiety can become life-threatening, so it’s important for folks to be mindful of that fact and get help if you need it. I’m an old pro at this point, so I feel capable of handling things on my own. But the minute I don’t feel capable,  believe me, I’ll get help.

How I Cope with Anxiety

1. Journal

I’m fairly new to journalir?source=bk&t=l05f2 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=864e0241a8c4072aa9b27b42b7a1fbf9& cb=1524940651413ing but it’s been great so far. I wake up every day and journal right away. Even before my coffee. I write down whatever thoughts that come to mind, including stressors, things for which I am grateful, and small goals for the day. I keep my journaling short and sweet, but it’s helpful.

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2. Pray/meditate

Praying or meditating is another way to release whatever it is you’re struggling with. Once you allow your mind and body to be free,  a sort of calm comes over you. It doesn’t last forever, of course, but it helps to keep symptoms at bay.

3. Stay in the present

Being mindful of where you are and what you can do with what you have right now is a powerful tool against anxiety. When I try to fast forward I lose it.

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4. Exercise

Take a walk, yoga, cardio, whatever you can do.  Releasing endorphins is known to work to fight against depression and anxiety.

5. Take deep breaths

Just do it. If you’re feeling panicked, take 5-10 deep breaths until you’re calmer.

6. Try to keep busy.

Don’t overdo it. I try to stick to the daily list of goals I jot down during my morning journaling. But as an old friend once said, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Keep yourself occupied.

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7. Melatonin (at night)

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I swear by these vitafusion gummy melatonin. I’ve been having trouble calming my nerves at night and it’s been a Godsend.

8. Remind yourself that the sun WILL shine again

Anxiety doesn’t last forever, and as long as you’re able to remind yourself that you will see this through, you will see it through.

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9. Stay off of Social media

Social media, at times, doesn’ allow me to stay in the present. I see my friends doing wonderful things and it heightens anxiety. I take one or two days off a week, and sometimes more. In fact, deciding to not be on social media 24/7 has directly impacted my income as a full-time creator, but so be it. No job is worth your sanity.

If you’re an anxious person, how do you cope? Share your tips below!




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One Comment

  1. This spoke to me deeply. I have anxiety and I have had it since I was young as well. I’m also terribly shy so my childhood was filled with knots in my stomach and being socially awkward and since I was socially awkward it would create more anxiety knots and round and round I’d go.

    This piece to me was timely because I have been spiraling. I’m also unemployed. I have 2 degrees but at this point I think I’m just going to get some low wage job and pursue my Ph.D (in clinical psychology so after 6 years I know my ass will have a full time steady paycheck) but that thought has been freaking me out and I’ve become a hot ass mess.

    So once again thanks for sharing. I’m taking this as a sign that I need to pull myself together and not wallow within my anxiety. I’m also going to apply some of the things on your list.

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