Color Girls Inc Campaign Celebrates the Diversity of Brown Women of All Shades

I’ve often heard people say they find the “colorism debate” exhausting and divisive. On the contrary, I find that being open and sharing our experiences is the first step towards change.

I don’t know a black woman who doesn’t understand how her skin complexion shapes her experiences in the world. Women of color of all shades and ethnicities, at some point, are forced to come to terms with the prevailing  belief that  darker skin is synonymous with many negative stereotypes.

Color Girls Inc, however, is seeking to change that belief.  According to a June, 2016  Fashion Bomb Daily article:

Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones joined forces to birth The Colored Girl Campaign.  The primary focus behind TCG is to highlight the beauty and features of the brown color wheel.  Mainstream media may frown on our complexion and features, but this campaign works to empower and unite women of color based on their unique physical attributes. Each model was handpicked by Tori and Victory with the intention of accentuating the features that media finds abnormal or weird yet are emulated and celebrated on other women.

Images from the first installation of the campaign can be found by clicking HERE.

Check out the latest photos from Part 2 of the campaign:

The-colored-girl-campaign-7 The-colored-girl-campaign-18 The-colored-girl-campaign-1-1 The-colored-girl-campaign The-colored-girl-campaign-1-1 The-colored-girl-campaign-3


Founder and Creative Director of The Colored Girl Campaign: Tori Elizabeth andVictory Jones

Photographer: Joey Rosado of Island Boi Photography

PR: Sherrod Lewis

PR Assistant: Daryle Tyson

Stylist: Tori Elizabeth

Stylist Assistant: Keril Henderson and Kristen Higgins

Designers: Made by Soka, M Diggs NYC, AMA Fashion PR, Red Light PR, Jay Hunt Designs, Jewelry Designer: Made by Malyia

Makeup Artist: Lacey Watson, Jacqueline Ryan, Marshalle Crockett, Joslyn Spurlock

Hair: Julie Dastine, Tiffany Lamb, Jasmine Larmond, Kelee Collins

Wigs by: Seamless Illusions

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  1. Carol Denison says:

    I think this is a Beautiful thing and it’s about time!!!! ???

  2. Miss Bee Kay Gee says:

    This is really nice. However, it would have been even better if this would have also reflected the different body sizes amongst the various beautiful skin tones of Black women. I don’t mean to sound negative but wanted to ensure that it is truly represents the various body types of women as well.

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