Can Your Favorite Celebrity Pull Off the Big Chop? [MORE CELEB PICS INSIDE]

One of the most challenging decisions you make when you decide to go natural is whether to big chop or transition. Everyone is not about that short hair life. As the person who big chopped, and then hated it – I can totally relate. But I’m totally inspired by these pics of these celebrity crushes and what they might look like if they big chopped.

From celebs like Nicki Minaj who has no boundaries when it comes to her hairstyles, to Jennifer Lopez who is known for her signature long hair, these images created by @FYBCRAFT over on The Shade Room will make you do a double take.

LaLa Anothony

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JLo20286744 1440998065996554 1682314318881286957 o

Ashanti20287144 1440998022663225 6642497561373889057 o

Beyonce20369655 1440998025996558 5859100433742150941 o

Alicia Keyes20369915 1440998029329891 2690587347297875979 o

Nicki Minaj

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Rihanna20451907 1440998062663221 1691295784156004869 o

Which of these celebrities could pull off the “short hair, don’t care” look best? Or is this a “sit down, be humble” situation for some of these ladies? Chime in! Oh, and for more short hair inspiration visit HERE.

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