Brandy Norwood’s Happy Birthday Shout Out to Whitney Houston Lands Her In Big Trouble With Fans

R&B singer Brandy Norwood is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. Brandy shared a happy birthday message for her mentor Whitney Houston and folks were mad. Today is the birthday of the late great, and one and only Whitney Houston. Brandy has always been vocal about how vital Whitney’s influence has and continues to be to her career. In a now deleted post. however, the famed singer she got herself in hot water with fans. Thanks to Urbanbelle for catching the information before she deleted.


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People definitely felt some type of way about how Brandy addressed her birthday shout to Whitney, and they surely didn’t mince words when making their feelings clear. While Brandy has now deleted the post, she maintained that her tweet was not meant to offend, but to simply point out their special bond.

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Who would have thought a happy birthday shout out to the legendary Whitney Houston would cause such a stir? I’ll leave all you with Whitney singing happy birthday.

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