Braids, Locs, Twists & More. 16 Crochet Hairstyles For Everyone

Crochet styles are the protective style for women who want diverse protective style options but don’t want to spend hours upon hours in a stylist’s chair.  You want faux locs but don’t want to sit for 8 hours? Get Crochet locs. Lisa, our editor, can install her crochet locs in about an hour and a half!  You want that big kinky beautiful hair vibe but don’t want to blow dry? Get you some crochet. The possibilities are endless. Don’t believe me? Have a look at these 16 crochet styles and tell me crochet isn’t versatile.

16 Crochet Hairstyles For Everyone

Consciously, Lisa in Curly Crochet Locs. Buy these locs HERE.


Watch Lisa install them here:


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I’ve been rocking #crochetlocs for the last 6 months and they have been a Godsend while I grow out my hair. I told myself I’d be getting my hair cut and get back to creating more hair content this month, but #issalie. I’m lazy, and crochet braids are the easiest and most low maintenance hair style I’ve ever had. They last about 4-8 weeks (depending on how small/well braided the cornrows are), and they look great! I’ve become a pro at installing them myself, so i’ll continue u til o get up the nerve to sit in a stylist’s seat again. I’m a control freak and can’t trust anyone else to style my hair or do my makeup. Any other control freaks when it comes to hair and makeup? Any tips to help your girl get over it? I legit need a cut and color, but I’m scared! Oh, and click the link in my bio to buy this hair from my @amazon store! I’m wearing these in 22 inches in the color 1B. . . . . #naturalhairdoescare #teamnatural #naturalhaircommunity #myhaircrush #naturallyshesdope #protectivestyles #naturalhairdaily #healthy_hair_journey #naturalista #naturalhairjourney #naturalhairrocks #naturalhaircare #naturalhairstyles #respectmyhair #melaninpoppin #healthyhairjourney #4chair #melaninqueen #mynaturalhairisdope #teamnatural_ #fauxlocs #locs

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Tail_g has the big bouncy hair going crotchet hair going on

Screenshot 20181015 135539 Instagram



Screenshot 20181016 105740 Instagram




Screenshot 20181015 140349 Instagram



Screenshot 20181015 140143 Instagram


krochetbykia How juicy are these twists? Perfection.

Screenshot 20181015 140020 Instagram


  elegant_lioness I’ll never get sick of a bob.

Screenshot 20181015 135951 Instagram



Screenshot 20181015 141052 Instagram


nianaturalhair Not your average crotchet, Yaki bob.

Screenshot 20181015 141952 Instagram



Screenshot 20181015 134333 Instagram



Screenshot 20181015 134537 Instagram

pinkvalenciaga_ Beautiful crochet goddess locs

Screenshot 20181015 134044 Instagram 1

It can be a plethora of styles. Crochet is not just about crochet braids style, it’s so much more versatile. Crochet locs, twist, wavy, kinky, curly, coily, and everything in-between.

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