Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Confession #1: I kind of live in my boyfriend jeans. Confession #2: I’m not ashamed.

There, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can proceed in showing you how I’m rockin’ the hell out of these Forever21 boyfriend jeans (sold out, sorry!)


Between these jeans, my joggers, and my maxi dresses,  I am ALL about easy-breezy wear.


Easy-breezy wear includes heels. Not every day, but yes, heels too.


And Fabulous Statement Pieces.


And voila, there you have it, a super cute and trendy boyfriend jeans outfit that is stylish, but also comfortable. Perfect for dinner with the girls or a date night, not running after my toddler.


Ladies, what are you wearing out lately? In the fall, I’ll probably go back to wearing out my leggings! ha ha

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  1. yaaasss!!! as usual you look amazing. I haven’t tried boyfriend jeans yet because of my curves but maybe I should just to see what they would look like. And those SHOEESSS…omg love them!

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