35 Black Owned Cosmetics And Skincare Companies That Need Your Support

One of my biggest goals for 2017 is the successful launch of my own lipstick line. I’ve tested a few formulas, but I haven’t been happy with them. It takes time to get it right, and as I am committed to doing right by my fellow women of color, I’m willing to take the time to ensure what I put out into the world is exactly what we need. That being said, there are many black owned cosmetics companies we can and should be supporting.

Given the current state of affairs, many people are asking ,”what can we do?,” and the answer is and will continue to be: money. Therefore, it is my pleasure to bring to you this growing list of black-owned cosmetics companies we can all begin supporting today:



Coloured Raine Cosmetics


Check out some of my reviews:

Juvia’s Place


Shop The Brand by clicking HERE.

Check out my videos for more:

Shabella Cosmetics


Luv Mineral Cosmetics


Danessa Myricks Beauty


Laws of Nature Cosmetics


Skin Mind Body Essentials

plain jane beauty

Vera Moore Cosmetics


Gold Label Cosmetics


“Founded in 2012 by makeup artist, Kristen Elise Brown, Gold Label Cosmetics seeks to to encourage women to proclaim their beauty everywhere they go.”

Sasha Cosmetics


The LipBar


Iviviiv Cosmetics


Baabs Beauty


AJ Crimson

aj crimson

MDM Flow


Dalynn Cosmetics






Komplexx Blends

komplexx blends


vault cosmetics



Lolade Cosmetics


Ginger +Liz



Magnolia Makeup


Beauty Brownie


Pink Stiletto Cosmetics

Pink stiletto cosmetics

Jay Jill Cosmetics




Maurte Cosmetics



BGLH Marketplace


See my review HERE:

Sweet Treats by Oraje

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.10.36 AM

Sereniti Bath, Body & You


Pooka Purea And Simple




From Lia to You


Foxie Bombs Cosmetics


Have you shopped any of these brands? If so, share your thoughts below!


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  1. I just wanted to thank you personally, for adding my brand to the list. I am Samantha the owner of IVIVIIV Cosmetics and I truly thank you. ❤️ Much love and respect to you

  2. I’ve shopped with Pooka and Sereniti and both lines carry quality products. The Body Butter from Pooka is amazing and good for anyone with dry skin. I love the soaps from Sereniti, not drying on the skin at all.

    1. No I didn’t. They aren’t black owned. i wrote an article about it, you can google to see it. It’s messy. Also, this is a curated list, so some brands were intentionally left off. I will be adding some new ones soon, though. Stay tuned

  3. Hi Lisa ,
    It’s amazing your helping support black owned businesses .
    My cosmetics company is black owned
    Clozet Freak Cosmetics
    My site is being updated however we have tons of info on our Facebook page ?

  4. Hi Lisa, you forgot Luv Mineral Cosmetics. We are also black owned. natural and organic. One of the few that also offer business opportunities for black women in the US and the U.K.
    Http so://www.luvmineralcosmetics.com/Nancy

  5. Thank you for the information on black owned cosmetic companies. I will be purchasing products from them.

  6. I would like to thank you for including my brand B.A.A.B.S. ! Knowing that this was a curated list and we made the cut with so many GREAT brands is humbling! Thank you again for your efforts!!

    Necia B.

  7. This is great. I also like Foxie Bombs. Owned by Foxie Phillips in Nashville. She has a pretty popular online store and i expected to see her here.

  8. Love this list of amazing products I definitely plan on trying some items out!! I will be hosting a women’s brunch in August in Portland, OR. If any of these lovely brands are interested in marketing their items to these ladies attending my brunch we are open for accepting any type of donation, gifts, biz cards to placed in the swag bags. Please email me!! Thank you and all the best everyone. #wesupportwe

  9. Hi my name is Tia Regular. The name of my company is Dollfaced Cosmetics. The website is currently being revamped. For now orders can be placed by calling us toll free (855)437-DOLL #jointhemovement #getDOLLFACED
    Instagram: @dollfacedcosmetics
    Twitter: dollfacedcosmetics

  10. Hi Lisa! Beautiful Amore Skincare is a must add! Please research the company and contact Ameerah Brown. The reviews speak for themselves. Thank you!

  11. Knowing black owned cosmectic owners means a great deal to me living in NC. There are barely any black cosmectic lines in Malls or Pharmacies for women of color especially dark women. No commercials on black cosmectics unless an black awards show was on or Soul Train. You are our best kept secrets that need to come into the light. Think about forming an alliance to advertise and promote your products together. There are no little I’s or big U’s we need to see all of you. Then plan and assemble one of the most informative, illuminating, enlightening cosmectic shows we ever seen for black women and teens in years. WE WILL COME! Make it affordable and reasonable, use the women and teens from the audience to promote your product and intrigue our minds to wow. Pray together in love and unity ask Jesus to plan the way and listen to what he has to say. Your blessings overflow

  12. I’m sure I speak on behalf of South African sisters… Pls bring to our shores.. We’d love to support your brands;)

  13. Hey! Sacha Cosmetics is owned by East Indian people from Trinidad and Tobago. They aren’t Black Owned. I’m Trinidadian so I’m sure about that. Sidenote: I am really enjoying your blog. Your calamine lotion tip for skin changed my life.

  14. I am looking for a domestic line like Bare minerals except one that’s owned by a black owner!! I’m in upstate NY and I want something FABULOUS! !! Any ideas??

  15. Hello I am a minimalist when it comes to make up. I’m not as educated as most but I do love a smooth face and a pop of color for the lip. I am a woman of color who uses Mac because that is what I was introduced to a long time ago. Can any of the black owned businesses above tell me of a foundation in your line that I could use that would match the Nw45 studio fix that I currently use? I would love to support!

  16. Hello Lisa,
    These are some great companies. We would love to feature any of their products in our swag bags for our upcoming award show for independent filmmakers. It’s called the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards. This will be our second year and we’re always looking to build new relationships. With it being a show for actors we have a lot of female attendees as well as make up artists. People are always looking to discover new products and our bag may be a good fit. I supplied our website below and if you have any questions please feel free to send me an email. Thanks!

    1. Hi Floyd. This is simply a list of companies I googled. I don’t work for these companies and I’m not affiliated with them. You would need to contact these companies directly to partner with them.

  17. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for supporting us and all the Black Owned Cosmetic companies. I am just now seeing this.omg… My name is Donte owner of Maurte Cosmetics. It’s so many great companies on here and we thank you for recognizing us.
    Much Love and respect

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