Baby Boy Style: Outfit of the Day

Baby Boy Style: Outfit of the Day

Let’s face it, the options for little boys in the world of fashion are very very very limited. I LOVE the ease of having a little boy, but when it comes to putting together looks for him or shopping for him, I’m always bummed by the lack of options in your run of the the mill stores. So when I was on a Target run last week, I quickly scooped up two items that I think always make a boy’s outfit go from bland to POW:

Baby Boy style

That’s right, turn your baby from, well, a baby, into a baby boy style icon by simply accessorizing. Shoes and hats are always a fun and easy way to spice up his look.


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baby boy style


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how to style baby


Outfit Details:

Sweater: Baby Gap (Winter Clearance)

Button Shirt: Babies R Us ( Koala Baby)

Chinos: H&M

Shoes: Target

Hat: Target

More fun here:

Find items like the one’s featured at the following stores:

What are some of your baby boy fashion staples? Sound off below!


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  1. Very sweet. He looks adorable. Love the hat. I’d wear it myself. My son is now 13 and he has great fashion style. I just want to snap pictures of him all the time. Something he is just not having. I started a 2nd blog dedicated to menswear because, of him. I do know that men are stepping up their fashion game and so are the designers. I have been “negotiating” with my son so I can feature him on that blog and he has some designer demands. haha. I don’t know who said boys are cheaper than girls. I have both and they are running neck to neck in the cost department.

    1. ha ha!! I would LOVE to see a 13 year old boy show his fashion off! There are so few male fashion bloggers he’d make a huge splash! If my son is anything like me he too will be pushing our budget in the coming years. Thank you so much for stopping by, Sharon! xoxo

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