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Almost 10 years ago I decided to become a beauty and fashion blogger. Back in those days, every would-be blogger had a moniker of sorts. Initially I was known as DimePiece On a Dime (don’t ask).  Then, for a short while I renamed myself, “Inspired by Lisa,” before eventually settling on “Lisa a La Mode.” I am of Haitian descent so I liked incorporating some French into my social media presence. A la Mode means “in style” or “fashionable” in French. The name felt fitting for a while, until it didn’t. While it was fun dressing up and playing with makeup for a living, I suppose, I always felt sort of silly vying for attention that was based on solely on my looks.

Yes, learning to style myself from head to toe did wonders for my confidence and I wanted to help other women feel the same way, but it always bothered me that I had to “sell” beauty.  The more I did it, the more unnatural it began to feel. While I’ll always be a fashionable person who likes “girly” things, I’m an introvert. I do not like attention. And being on social media in the beauty and fashion space is all about “look at me.” Look at my fabulous life and my fabulous things. It was dishonest, because truly, I don’t want you to look at me. I want us to talk about the moon and the stars. I want us to meditate in the woods near a babbling brook. I want to stand outside with my face upturned while light showers sprinkle against my cheeks. I want you to see me with your eyes closed.

But I got lost. I ingratiated myself in the beauty and fashion community. All of my friends became bloggers and almost all of our daily conversations were centered around how to “make it.” We’d spend hours talking about other influencers in the space, examining what they were doing to see if we could glean how to arrive at their perceived level of success. And I was successful. Not only have I partnered with countless beauty and lifestyle brands, I became a student of influencer marketing. Eventually, turning it into a career. I’m currently an influencer marketing specialist, helping brands to scale and run their influencer marketing programs. But it’s not my passion. Spreading the message of Conscious Parenting, on the contrary, is where I feel the most connected and purposeful. It’s where I belong.

What started My Journey

The pandemic and a terrible terrible job. I was working for two years under terrible work conditions and when I left that job I did so under duress. I walked away, but I didn’t really want to. Even though it was bad, I was so loyal to my employer I don’t think I would have had the courage to leave. I finally felt that I had no choice. She called me one day and began to unleash a barrage of insults about me and my work performance and I felt my head began to spin. I believed her. I believed that indeed I must be this awful and useless person, and briefly contemplated taking my own life. But it lasted only a moment before it clicked. I am mother to two young children. Killing myself was and is not an option. Having suffered from suicidal ideation for most of my life, I was tired. So I quit that day and vowed to understand why I had permitted myself to stay at a job where I was treated so poorly for so long.

It was also during this time that I found myself constantly yelling and threatening my older son. We were in the middle of the pandemic and my nerves were shot. What was wrong with me? Why was I so emotional? Why couldn’t I manage normal life stress with clarity and poise? Why was everything so extreme? And why had it always been this way? 

So I began the work. I began reading  The Conscious Parent and The Body Keeps the Score, and it all began to click. I went back to therapy and within a few months I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disoder. Research tells us that this disorder is as as a result of how I was raised and genetics. I knew that if I wanted to live, I had to heal and I had to change the way I was parenting to ensure my children would not likewise succumb to this mental illness. There are no guarantees, of course, but who we are is directly tied to how we are raised. Can you believe that just a few years ago I would have been one of the proponents of “I was spanked and I’m fine?” I was living in an unconscious and reactive state and didn’t know it. All of my struggles I simply tied to my personality. I was joyless, and couldn’t really own it.  But those days are over. Conscious Parenting saved my life, and if it can help me in every way imaginable, I know it can help others as well. If you ever want to schedule a call with me you can do so HERE.

Random Facts About Me
  • I am of Haitian descent.
  • My husband is of Jamaican Descent
  • We were married in Jamaica 10 years ago
  • We have two boys, Jackson-Blaise, 9 and Julie-Michel, 3.
  • We are a Neurodivergent Family. Here, you’ll often see references to ASD, ADHD, BPD, and Dyslexia as these are all of the disorders floating around our household.
  • I am new to homeschooling as of this year. It’s a ride
  • My husband is an incredible cook. Follow his page for more.
  • I live outside of Boston, MA
  • While I technically grew up in MA, I spent my 20s as a NYC resident, and I credit New York with raising me.
  • I am a firm advocate for Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness.
  • I am an introvert. I’m not socially awkward, but I prefer my solitude.
  • I’m on a Loc journey. 8 months and counting!
  • My dream is to live in an RV with my family for a year and travel the US.
  • I have a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

Meet My Family

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My Son


My Son

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