22 Black-Owned Beauty Brands Sold At Target

In the last two years I’ve created countless lists featuring black-owned brands from plus size swimwear to skincare, but the response to these listings is always sort of so-so. Folks share the lists, but do they shop? I’m not so sure. Perhaps the reasoning for not Buying Black is due to accessibility. Most online based-businesses have a final sale policy, which can dissuade potential customers. Thankfully, Target is home to 22 Black-owned cosmetics brands, with new ones cropping up all the time. That’s right, now we have the option of buying Black right at our neighborhood Target stores, giving shoppers the option of easily returning products that may not work for them.

Check out this list of 22 Black-owned Beauty Brands sold at Target:

Black Hair Products at Target

Black Owned Beauty Brands

The Lip Bar

Remember the social media outrage when the Shark Tank Clip of the Black women in funky lipstick went viral? The ladies were called “Colorful Cockroaches.” Well, that brand is now known as The Lip Bar, known for their colorful matte, satin, and glossy lip colors.  They are now a $400,000 brand and growing.  


Black Owned Beauty Brands Lip Gloss

Iman Cosmetics

This line is owned and operated by the one and only, Iman. The Supermodel of all supermodels. Get familiar with this line of cosmetics created for black women by a black woman. Shop HERE

Black Owned Beauty Brands IMAN


Coloured Raine

This one is a new addition to Target stores, and I’m SUPER excited about it. I’ve been rocking with Coloured Raine since 2015, two years after the brand launched. Owned and operated by its founder, Lorraine R. Dowdy, Coloured Raine is known for their highly pigmented matte liquid lipsticks. This is seriously one of the ONLY brands where one swipe of their lipstick will give you full coverage. The brand also carries amazing eyeshadow palettes, gorgeous highlighters, and satin and glossy lip colors. Feel free to click HERE to see some of the lip colors on me.


Black Owned Beauty Brands

Hair & Skincare Brands


Bevel  is a grooming line geared towards people of color. The line is dermatologist tested and is guaranteed to reduce irritation and razor bumps. Their mission is to make health and beauty simple for people of color.


Bevel Black Owned Beauty Brands

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Karen’s Body Beautiful was founded by beauty Entrepreneur, Karen Tappin. Her site reads, “Alarmed by the presence of carcinogenic ingredients in many conventional bath and body products, she researched the cosmetic and therapeutic properties of natural ingredients and developed recipes for a full hair, body and bath line made from all natural ingredients.


Black Owned Beauty Brands - Karens Body Beautiful

According to their site, Camille Rose Naturals was founded by Janell Stephens. “Originally known for her foodie-inspired collection of hair products, Janell and Camille Rose Naturals are quickly becoming the all-around go-to brand for the conscious consumer looking for safe and effective solutions for hair, body, skin, home and even kids.”


Black Hair Products at Target

The Doux®

According to their press release:

“Maya Smith, Black-Female Creative Director, Stylist, Inventor, Innovator, Natural Hair Advocate and Mom of 5, takes her indie hair care line, The Doux®  to mass market with brilliant 90’s hip-hop inspired packaging that cannot be ignored. After two decades researching and mastering natural curls; Maya delivers a brand that shows natural curly hair who’s boss. Check out her story and this awesome new brand getting blogger buzz and blowing up on-line.”

The brand is also now sold at Target.


Black Hair Products at Target Bonita Afro Balm


Alikay Naturals

About the owner:

“Long before our founder & CEO, Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell was a 22-year old college student creating Alikay Naturals™ in her kitchen, she was a consumer.  Using the knowledge of the benefits of natural ingredients that she learned from her herbalist YaYa as a young girl in the Caribbean, Rochelle began to formulate products that addressed the needs of her tightly coiled hair as well as her skin care needs.  NO petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicones; Alikay Naturals™ products use the healing properties found in natural & organic ingredients to nourish and replenish moisture from inside out. ”



The Mane Choice

About the owner:

“As Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye built her hair empire from the ground up by incorporating her specialized knowledge base with her own curiosity.

Taking to YouTube to document her healthy hair journey, Courtney’s personal healthy hair care journey became her calling, as her viewers watched her amazing progress and yearned for her self-discovered help with their own tresses.

Courtney’s unique healthy product mixes intrigued viewers and quickly garnered her a large following. Her science-based background helped her identify what products and ingredients would render the best results.”


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