5 Gentle Parenting Books You Need To Read

Best Books on Gentle Parenting Books of 2023

There are many gentle parenting (also known as Conscious Parenting) books that are must-reads when it comes to embarking on this journey.

Many people operate under the assumption that they know what Gentle Parenting is based entirely on the popular name it’s been given. This false sense of understanding typically results in parents deciding that Gentle Parenting “doesn’t work” because no matter how gently the parents speak to their children, the children do not change their behavior. I hear this a lot. And when I ask these parents which Gentle Parenting books they’ve read they always respond with, “none.” They never consider reading any books/articles, taking classes, or speaking with a coach because they assume Gentle Parenting is simply being nice to your kid. As we now know, there is quite a bit more to it than that, and you’re welcome to read about what it actually is HERE.

If you are serious about learning about this parenting style and adopting it into your parenting you must educate yourself. The following Gentle Parenting books are necessary to fully understand what this is and why we parent the way we do. Without this fundamental understanding you will find yourself frustrated with yourself and your children. And while there are many books on gentle parenting, this is a list that I frequently provide my parenting clients as I can personally vouch for them. While there is no shortage of parenting books, and finding the best books on gentle parenting may be a question of a opinion, I don’t think you’ll have any complaints with the following list.

1. No Right Way, By Lisa Jean-Francois

Of course, I had to begin with my very own E-book, No Right Way. This e-book is an introduction to Conscious Parenting. It’s perfect for those who are very new to this journey and want to figure out exactly what this is. Grab your copy here.

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2. The Whole Brain Child, By Daniel J. Siegel

It is imperative that parents understand child development in order to adhere to this parenting style. Far too often, as parents we tend to arbritrarily decide when a child’s behavior is okay. For instance, we may feel that a toddler who “throw tantrums” is behaving inappropriately and therefore respond to this behavior by punishing or shaming the child. When in truth, the child’s behavior is developmentally apprpropriate. And one you know that the behavior is perfectly normal, you can then lean into better tools to help your child regulate their big feelings. But you wouldn’t know to do that if you don’t understand the way a child’s brain works. That’s why this Gentle Parenting book is an incredibly important read. Grab your copy here.

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3. The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read: (And Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did, By Philippa Perry 

This book truly brings into perspective the way children feel and view the world. We often think we rememebr what it was like because we were all children at some point, but adulthood truly erases all of that. Our egos often get in the way of understanding their perspective and why they do what they do. This book explains it all, far better than I ever could. Grab your copy here,

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4. The Explosive Child: A New Approach For Understanding And Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children, By Dr. Ross Greene.

As we know, every child is unique. If you are a parent to a neuro-divergent child, for instance, you may have a child who is not only very autonomy-driven, but also very challenged when it comes to adapting to change. In The Eplosive Child, Dr. Greene gives great examples and guidance for how to approach parenting “explosive children.” This is a fast read and must for parenting kids who are easily frustrated. Buy Here.

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5. The Conscious Parent, By Dr. Shefali Tsabary

This was the first Conscious Parenting book I read and it will forever be the book that I credit with helping me to understand childhood trauma. This book took me from being an “unconscious parent” to a conscious a one. It’s still a journey, of course, but it truly opened my eyes and increased my understanding of the science/psychology of this parenting style. Grab your copy here.

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*grab All of These While You are At It!*

I’ll be rotating this list every month of so, so these are a few others that will be included in the future. Grab these also!

Feel free to drop additional suggestions in the comment sections!

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