20+ Black Family Holiday Pictures That Will Absolutely Bring A Smile to Your Face

Black Family Holiday Pictures

I love looking at holiday photos of black families. In fact, four years ago I started a little holiday tradition of getting my entire family all dressed up to take family photos at The Fairmont Hotel in Boston. Take a look at some of our holiday photos from years past:


BLACK Family Photos2


Black Family Holiday Pictures   


holiday pictures of a black family


picture of a beautiful black family

This year, I actually told Andre this would likely be our last year taking these kinds of photos, but now that we have our photos back from our photographer (contact him HERE), I’m thinking we’ll keep the tradition. It’s a lot of work wrangling these babies of mine, but I’m always pleased with the result. Also, I kind of like having an excuse to purchase a gown. I own the dress you see above in all three colors (Buy it HERE).

But more than the dress, I realize now that I simply love holiday family photos, particularly Black family holiday pictures  This year, I also stumbled upon photos of black kids sitting with a black Santa, and, as I’m sure you can guess, I’ll be adding a Black Santa photo to our list of holiday traditions for next year. Let’s face it, 2020 has been a mess, but I have tried, even during my darkest moments, to find joy. It hasn’t always been easy, but scrolling through photos like these has helped me to be grateful and present. I hope these black family holiday pictures will do the same for you.


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black family holiday photos for everyone


Jenell B. Stewart

family photos for christmas


pretty holiday photos


holiday family photos


Holiday family photos


black family portrait


black family photos for christmas


family photos 2020


black family photos for the holidays


family photos for the holidays

While we as a society still have a LOT of work to do when it comes to representation, I am grateful for the small strides we are making. Before the pandemic began, the Facebook group, Black News Matters, put a call out for followers to share their families posing with Black Santas and they were flooded with responses. Seeing or even hearing of a Black Santa when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s was unheard of now.  I literally jumped up for joy when I saw these images:

If you’re looking for a Santas that look like you in your area you can join the Black Santa Directory page on Facebook or you can download the Find Black Santa app. It’s available on the Apple Store and on Google Play.


christmas portraits

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  1. I’m looking at these in July and the regalness and dignity of all these beautiful black families makes my day! Please keep your his up. I’ll be looking for your photos in December 2021, God willing.

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