#Holdontoyouredges: Beyoncé and JAY-Z Just Dropped a New Album [VIDEO]

Listen, it’s been crickets on this blog for the last couple of weeks, but leave it to Beyonce to get me all up and out of hibernation.


In true Beyonce fashion, our girl (and her man)  dropped a new collaborative album, without any promotion or forwarning.

tenor 5

Yes, chile, I’ve spent the last hour just trying to get a hold of my senses and my edges.

Now, I will say, I am a tried and true member of the Beyhive, Jay-Z, however, I can take him or leave him. Frankly, I’d prefer to leave him off of her songs all together, but who am I? Beyonce surely ain’t calling me asking for my raggedy opinion.

The album, of course, is available exclusively on Tidal, but Bey and Jay dropped their single “Ape Shit” on Youtube a few hours ago. Watch:

Listen to the full,  nine-track album, “Everything Is Love”, on tidal HERE:

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