This Is How You Use White Privilege: Kim Kardashian Contacts Lawyers To Assist In Cyntoia Brown Case

Things might be looking up for  Cyntoia Brown,  the 29 year old woman who was sentenced as an adult at 16 years old for killing one of the child predators who paid to have sex with her. Cyntoia’s case, while well over a decade old, was given new life in the last week as celebrities and activists alike have been using social media to bring more awareness to her case.  Cyntoia, a runaway who is a victim of three generations of abuse, was sentenced to life in prison and is eligible for parole at the age of 69. She is currently serving her life sentence, but there is hope. Celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been speaking out.


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Screen Shot 2017 11 25 at 6.20.03 PMAccording to the Daily News, Kim has kept to her word. Kim’s attorney, Shawn Holley told the Daily News:    that Kim contacted her to discuss helping the cases of both Alice Johnson and Cyntoia Brown. According to The Blast, Alice Johnson is a 62-year-old grandmother serving 21 years in prison for a first time, non-violent drug offense.

“Kim asked me several weeks ago how she could help Alice Johnson in her fight for justice. We then began corresponding with Alice and her team of lawyers…Since then, Kim has championed the cause of Cyntoia Brown and asked me to help her get involved in that effort as well,”

Cyntoia’s attorney told the  NY Times :

“We were very, very appreciative of the fact that such an incredible number of celebrities would join our plea..She was thrilled by the fact that people really cared.”

I recall watching Cyntoia’s documentary, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia Brown’s Story, years ago, and being struck by how honest she was about her case. And while I think we can all agree that murder is a punishable offense, determining that a child with Cyntoia’s history is beyond redemption is a hard pill to swallow. I truly hope she gets out of jail and has the opportunity to turn her life around and start a new.

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  1. White privilege? Seriously? This isn’t a case of white privilege. It’s a wealthy ‘celebrity’ (who btw, self-identifies as non-white) with money and followers who posted to social media an made a phone call to her attorney (who, btw is black). It’s a nice gesture…but it’s not ‘white privilege’ — you clearly have no idea what that term means or are more likely just using it in your title as click bait. Not a great way to attract potential blog followers.

    1. Fuck you twice. Look up Armenia then look up the definition of Caucasian then tell me Kim kardashian is not white. Then when you’re done with that start your on Blog and then title your posts how you please. I said what the fuck I said.

    2. BethB : Do you think Kim’s attorney works for her for free? takes her calls for free? Looks into things on her behalf for free? Who do you think is paying for that?

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