Phaedra Parks Was Just Signed To Wilhelmina Models And I’m Kind of Here For It [PICS INSIDE]

Let me preface this post by making one thing clear: Phaedra Parks is not my favorite person in the world. After all of the low-blowing that went on during the last season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta it’s been a breath of fresh air not seeing her on TV this year. Also, not for nothing, the jury is still out about her involvement in Apollo’s criminal activity.


All that being said, when US Weekly announced that Phaedra has been signed to Wilhelmina Models I was immediately here for it. Not because it’s Phaedra, per say, but because Phaedra is 5’1, 44 years old, and not a stick figure. She is,  for all intent and purposes, the anti-model and I love that the modeling industry is embracing  folks of all different ages and sizes.



Phadre told US Weekly:

I think I’m the face of “yes you can.” I’m a small town girl who has followed her dreams. Yes you can be a mom, yes you can be a lawyer and yes you can be a model. When the opportunity presented itself some people asked me “Why?’ and I said “Why not?” A supermodel started this company and she wanted to give power back to the women and I think I stand for the same things. I have the opportunity to show people that beauty can come in every size, shade, color and age. It’s exciting and an adventure!




I feel great about being different, in light of what’s going on now, politically … I think women need to be empowered to stand in their truth, to be different, dare to be diverse and stand up in times of controversy. I’m excited for that part.




I’m 5’2 and well into my 30s, so I’m actually, surprisingly, inspired by Phaedra. When folks tell me I should model, I always respond, “That ship has sailed, sister.” But who knows? If Phaedra can do it, so can I?  I see you Ford modeling agency. Call me!


What do you think of Phaedra adding “model” to her resume? Sound off below!

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  1. You are entitled to your opinion but WAIT…hold up…you said (Phaedra Parks is not your favorite person in the world. After all of the low-blowing that went on during the last season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta it’s been a breath of fresh air not seeing her on TV this year)…
    Ms. Phaedra is no more a liar, starting trouble and drama queen than Kandi, Kenya, Sheree, Cynthia, Porsha and NeNe??….Remember that’s what the Bravo brand is all about or “we” wouldnt watch it??
    Unlike you, I miss Ms. Phaedra on ATL?? she makes part of the ATL show and Bravo brand!!
    However, I do agree though (I’m immediately hear for Ms. Phaedra being signed on with Wilhelmina Modeling)☺??Yay Yay Yay

    1. I said what I said! LOL!! Phaedra crossed the line with the sexual assault claims. And Bravo agreed, which is why she’s off the show and the others still have jobs!

    1. i don’t have any money and i look just as fabulous, and I’m not that much younger than Phaedra. It’s not like she’s a stick figure, her body isn’t that of a traditional model.

  2. Good for her. So many others call themselves models and they have nothing backing up anything except a man in sports, entertainment, or business. Phaedra actually has accomplished quite a bit.
    Although she got caught up in that Hot mess at Housewives of Atlanta, she should not be banished for the rest of her life.
    I wish Phaedra peace.
    ( my little Jesse/Phaedra Housewives skit was all in fun)

  3. Well the real uniqueness is that there is not a call for let say the age but their is a gap in the look. The black exotic for brown skinned attractive women. Its a missing gap that we dont see identifiable black female beauties. They are either racially androgynous looking black or extremely odd.
    I have heard people call brown skined blacks basic and I was like if they are basic they are not shown that often. Variety is a great thing. She looks great on the photos.

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