Porsha Williams And Other Naturals Are Relaxing Their Edges

Porsha Williams  36, from Real Housewives Of Atlanta, had us all fooled last week when shared a picture of herself with a shaven head. She captioned it

“bald is beautiful…inspo @Sanaa Lathan.

While Sanaa Lathan did shave her hair off (see HERE ),  Porsha was just messing with us:


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The real tea is that.Porsha did not shave her hair off. In an interview with Essence she shared this:

“I really didn’t expect anybody to believe that I had actually shaved my hair,” 

My natural hair is pretty short because I’m playing Connie in the play, Two Can Play That Game. [My hairstylist] put a wig cap on me to put a full lace wig on, and before he did I snapped a shot and posted it.”

August of 2016 Porsha did get herself a cute pixie hair cut

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Porsha says she is natural under all the wigs and that’s how she protects her natural hair. However, she also shared that she relaxes her edges.

“I will say when I’m doing a lot of bookings I’ll take a toothbrush on the edges. And the perm that I like to use is Just for Me — it’s gentle and it’s quick,”

Yes, folks, she perms her edges, and she’s not the only one.  Several naturals on youtube have adopted this very trend:

Y’all with this trend or nah? Sound off below!

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  1. It makes you exactly what it is. Natural in the back and relaxed around the edges. Period. As long as you feel beautiful and achieve the look you’re going for AND still maintain healthy hair, who truly cares!

  2. I’m not even gonna lie and say I’m natural. I do believe in relaxing my undercut and edges while I rock these braids.

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