#DoWeCareTho? Waka Flocka Says He’s “Damn Sure Not Black…We got Cherokee in us, European, Italian, A little Dominican”

I’m only sharing this because I think it’s worth a good chuckle. I do not take offense when folks seek to “other” themselves, and I make a point not to police anyone’s blackness. If you ain’t black, cool with me.

Rapper, Waka flocka, however,  says he’s not black,  and some folks are confused.  To be clear, I don’t follow him, don’t know his music, so this literally has no bearing on my life. However, he is, I’ve heard, a person of influence, so his statements might be problematic for folks who find themselves easily influenced.

In any event, during an interview on Sway in the Morning, Waka Flocka, shared his thoughts about his ethnicity. He affirms, without the results of an ancestry DNA tesir?source=bk&t=l05f2 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=2008248fc0195771de8fff074868f594& cb=1507913092863t,  that on his mother’s side, his entire family is made up of Native Americans. He goes on to say,

“I’m other. I’m uneducated. So for me to sit here like a college professor, I’m wrong. I’m uneducated. I’m confused. But I’m damn sure not Black. You not going to call me Black. My grandmother is not Crayola. I’m connected to a tribe. I’m from a tribe, not a country. It’s a big difference. Different laws, different everything. Big difference.”

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Watch Waka Flocka’s full video here:


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The end.

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