Ushers Accuser Speaks Out, And Here’s Why Folks Don’t Believe Her Story

A few weeks ago I reported about the Usher STD scandal (Click HERE), and vowed I would never revisit the topic. While I like to keep you all up to date on the latest in beauty, fashion, and Pop Culture, reporting on it felt gross. Even for me!

usher-natural-hairSince my original story, there have been several new accusers, and I’ve purposely ignored each story. The status of Usher’s health is not my concern, and who he has or has not slept with is likewise of little interest to me.

The latest news however, really struck a cord with me. Quantisia Sharpton along with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, held a press conference today about her allegations against Usher. Sharpton says she had sex with Usher at one of his concerts, and  while she did not contract the Herpes virus from Usher, she is suing him because he did not, at the time of their encounter, reveal that he is in infected with the virus.

Watch her press conference here:

This whole situation is messy, and I’m not going to even begin to venture to guess where the truth begins and ends in this whole scenario. The overwhelming consensus of readers online, however, seems to be that this Sharpton is a liar. The reason for this belief doesn’t have anything to do with the story she tells, but simply because she is overweight. The idea, that Usher, would sleep with someone who isn’t a size 0, for some, is just too much to believe.

See some of the comments for yourself:

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Sharpton, could, very well, be after a come up. Shoot, the way my bills are set up I could use  a little settlement my damn self. That aside, the fact that folks are calling her a liar solely because she’s overweight is beyond the pale, even for social media.  Plus size blogger, Garner Style ( and one of my fav fashion bloggers ever) had this to say:

Screen Shot 2017 08 07 at 1.47.00 PM

There you have it. Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I can honestly say I could care less what size she is, my problem is the way this whole situation is set up. Of he were a regular person NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE would bat an eye. I can care less who got what and from whom, I’ll still but his music and support whatever else positive he got going on. I believe the attorney is convincing these accusers they entitled to his money so she can cash in as well

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