“There Are Plenty of Naturally Beautiful People in Philadelphia.” Philly Native, Torrei Hart, Comes For Amber Rose’s Statements About People In Philly

“Muva Rosebud”  AKA Amber Rose was a  recent guest on Revolt TV’s ‘Drink Champs’.  When host, N.O.R.E., asked her what was her determination for being bigger and better than her circumstances at the time, this was her response :

“I don’t know I can say this without sounding f*cked up, but a lot of the people where I’m from aren’t traditionally attractive me.  For me, being blessed with beauty as beautiful women know is a blessing and a curse.”

The response evoked a range of emotions from many people, especially South Philly natives.  Philly native, Torrei Hart (Ex wife of Kevin Hart) caught up with TMZ to discuss her thoughts on Amber’s comments.

“There’s plenty of naturally beautiful people in Philadelphia.  And I think the platform she’s on, she has to be more responsible with the word choices”

Torrei appeared to be genuine and sincere in her statement, although there was some slight shade.  Her goal was to encourage Amber to be accountable for what she says, especially regarding the young women she reaches with her platform.  Amber was clearly aware of the backlash, and provided a response as well.

I’m glad that she did try to clear things up, but unfortunately she has found herself in this position before.  As Torrei said, Amber is an adult in her 30s.  She’s not new to doing interviews and at her age she should be able to articulate exactly what she means.  She can also refrain from answering if she feels unsure of the best way to respond.

How do you feel about Amber’s comments?  How do you feel about Torrei’s response?

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