“Menstrual Cycles Are Not Natural…Your Womb Is Polluted!” This Man Says Women Shouldn’t Have Periods

Ladies, a facebook user by the name of Yada, says he can cure us of our menstrual cycles. According to his website:

YADA has spent years upon years and hours upon hours studying herbs and roots and their healing abilities.

At the age of 23, YADA was overweight, suffered from Diabetes and severe stomach pains. When he went to the doctors for his severe pains, they assured him that nothing was wrong. YADA’s grandmother sent him to Africa to be healed by a woman named Nana Tu. After YADA’s healing, YADA asked Nana Tu how he could repay her. Her reply was to “Learn our ways and heal the nations.” After YADA returned to the United States, it took him a few years to get right and exact; and he has been healing around the world ever since.

In a recently uploaded facebook video, Yada goes into specific detail about the anatomy of women, and how menstrual cycles are not a requirement for bearing children. On the contrary, says Yada, menstrual cycles are unnatural.

Watch his video for more:


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  1. In sone ways he does make since we have been taken out our natural environment. I for one can say that ive tired what he has recommend and to honestly say my cycle hasent completely stopped. However my flow has lightened completely. Im currently supposed to be on my menstrual but for the last two days ive only used a panty liner. No blood clogs nor cramps. So there has to be some truth behind it.

    1. Hello.
      My name is Jennifer. I have to agree with YADA. I use to eat pork, chicken, beef, and whatever I choose. I have been following Yada for 4 months now. I grew up eating what you would call Soul Food. I never thought about what I ate, I just ate.

      About 4 months ago I ran across YADA, I said this sound interesting. The 1st week I tried not eating meat, it was hard, but I could feel my body changin. I use to have a odor down below, not bad but it was not great. Ever since I stop eating meat, That ordor, had went completely away, this was something I had my entire 35 years. I use to keep FDS spray. Now I smell good and I dont need fds spray. I do not wear deodorants, no I dont Smell foul at all. I actually dont have a smell under my arm pits. I could not believe it.

      No back to this main issue, about a woman monthly. I have not seen my period in two months. I feel great.

      I think if you have not tried what YADA is teaching, you have no room to disagree. I am a living witness, that what he teaches works.

      My health care is better, by 100%. I have plenty of energy. My skin looks more youthful, I dont have any acne or bumps on my face. I feel BETTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I HAVE EVER FELT.

      Now I have never talk to YADA, never met him in person, never bought any of his products, to be honest I just could not afford it. What I did do is follow him on FB, watch his videos, and learn his teachings. One I wish I could thank him for my new future, BECAUSE IT IS VERY BRIGHTER NOW.


      1. I have been a vegetarian my whole life, i have had no meats at all, along with my entire family and we all have periods so this is incorrect. Periods are natural processes of the body and has nothing to do with the digestive system. What you eat may affect how you respond to your period but it does not affect the actually period. Health studies have shown majority of women without periods have problems in their ovaries. What he is speaking is not truth. Majority of women that have periods and have had children did not have children with birth defects but instead had very healthy children such as myself.

        1. You may be a vegetarian but his teachings are not vegetarian. When ya da means fruit and vegetables, he mean alkaline non hybrid fruits and veg. So you are the one mistaken

  2. …And what of his diseased eyes? I’ve studied many people. People all around the world and I found that we are NOT supposed to wear glasses. That is a sign of a diseased eye.


    This dude needs to return to a 6th grade health class to continue his education.

    1. Exactly he looks sickly the whites of his eyes are diseased and his skin is dull almost grey he can’t be giving advice when he himself is far from healthy

  3. IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

    Sexism, racism, and colorism are pre-programmed, mental, illnesses founded, and grounded, in extremely low self-esteem. Why do “men” who beat, rape, murder, slander, abandon, and deny the beauty of the same richly melanated [black] women who birthed, and loved, them expect to be supported by The Divine Mother?

    When will the majority of melanated [black] “men” accept “response-abillity” for their poor choices? In every patriarchal society, the women are what “the men” make of them. The average melanated [black] male suffers with, and from, at least 2 of the above three mental illnesses. The average melanated [black] male feeds his white paper plated ego by critiquing the average melanated [black] woman’s weak imitation of a “white lady.”

    Why would a self-aware, fully conscious, melanated [black] woman take that level of mental illness home and put it in her bed? Why/How should a melanated [black] woman worship the penis that only she can make? A whole, and truly focused, man would focus on his “unnatural need” to swallow a pill in order to function like a man.

  4. He is not that deep. This information is stolen from Dr. Phil Valentine.. this is not his original research. FRAUD he needs to give credit where credit is due. The original work is from the book “The Wounded Womb” by Dr. Phil Valentine.

  5. Your mother shouldn’t ha e had hers then there’d be one less ignorant black motherf**ker walking the planet.

    P.s. please do not attempt to procreate

    1. This must be a white person!! Y’all white people are the dumbest pepole walking the earth! Y’all want to be us some bad….. maybe your dumb ass mother shouldn’t give birth to YOU!

  6. That was disturbing. He should not be experimenting on his CHILD. Menstrual cycles go away when the body is under a lot of stress or when a child is not eating proper nutrition, aka not eating enough calories. An active 11 year old needs between 2800-3300 calories per day. I doubt she was getting that on a raw vegan diet. Of course her menstrual cycle will disappear, she’s being underfed and stressed out. He’s taken an already stressful time for a girl and made it 10 times worse by telling her a perfectly natural process is wrong and means she’s full of toxins. What the hell is wrong with him?!

    1. That is EXACTLY what I thought of ..plus she is only 11 …often times periods don’t regulate for years after the first cycle, especially when it starts very young.

      1. I completely agree with this article! I KNEW that periods weren’t normal. Women are not supposed to bleed and go through hell every month with a period. I started eating 100 percent clean and guess what? My periods stopped. I went to my OBGYN and she said that I’m still able to have children if I wanted to (I’m child free btw). Periods ARE NOT NORMAL. But you’ll have ignorant people tell you your crazy. Just tell those people “whatever, enjoy your monthly curse”.

    2. Menstrual cycles also go away when women take birth control pills, so how is using natural foods to stop periods wrong?

  7. He has on garb that would indicate he is a man of God. God indeed prescribed the menstraul cycle to women. On a biological level, this is what the body does rather we want it to or not. Women dont want to have a period, it comes as a natural physiological effect during the period that prepared us for procreation. Saying its noy natural is idiotic. If it wasnt natural, our bodies certainly wouldnt do it. Dog have menstrual cycles, cats to as well. There are more animals that do than dont. This guy has some seriously concerning views, and some people watching this will agree and start spreading this nonsense as truth.

  8. This guy doesn’t know squat. Ignorance is bliss, this man came from a vagina, yet thinks he can undo nature because his ego is so blown up. Yes sugar, dairy and meat contributes to illness in the body if you have a vagina or not.

    Lol white people didn’t invent PMS for all women to suffer – Check out the fertility festival called Ambuwasi Puja aka Kamakhya (Period) Festival in India a celebration stretched out to 3000 b.c. This man did not study around the world, or even click on Google Search.

    The main issue is that many men are still trying to control women, they want to ‘liberate’ women, but indeed part of the problem. Men tell women they are “gross,” “dirty” or “shameful” for their bodies yet sexualize them, and labeling their natural emotions as wrong. Maybe Women and Girls are emotional because this world hates and is in fear of feminine energy all races, all cultures included.


  9. Someone needs to take his daughter away because she’s not safe and he is literally starving her i just wish he will stfu and sit down

  10. Lol I can’t ????. Are you a woman sir?? Lol again, what he is saying is just as stupid as that question I just asked!!!! Go somewhere and have a seat please and thank you!¡!

  11. To all folks on this post that would rather insult someone because they think differently than you is a disgrace to all human nature… And I want to add that you all are ignorant thinking that doing research means to get on google and see what someone else “researched” or whatever… if you actually study natural habbits of the human body(not on google lol) maybe you would see that he is not so wrong… this video was not meant to mislead anyone it’s simply to spark curiosity of personal study and natural health… Human bodies were not meant to consume flesh this is a fact so by saying that we have unhealthy eating habits because we consume a lot of meat products is a true statement… also Americans eat the most processed, chemically induced food which is also unhealthy… He went to study in Africa (the birth place of human life) and discovered that in the land where we originated a woman’s menstrual cycle was viewed as unhealthy, he searched the root of this and decided to share his discoveries… shame on ignorant sheeple who blindly follow whatever they’re told…

    1. Through research (not google, former medical student here) you can learn that we have periods due to our bodies building up something called endometrium so that our uterine muscles/uterine wall is not damaged or scarred from the deep (relatively to other mammals of course) implantation human eggs undergo once fertilized.

      No fertilization means we slough it off once a month (or longer, cycles are different for each woman) and expel it through the vagina. So yes, PERIODS ARE NORMAL. No period means either there is a hormonal imbalance or starvation. If his eleven year old has indeed ceased menstruating that means either her body is imbalanced or he is starving her from the nutrients her growing body needs.

      1. Oligomenorrhea, light periods, or amenorrhea, absence of periods, can also occur due to vigorous activity, such as that experienced by women farmers, warriors and athletes, for example. A total absence of periods, however, most likely indicates a loss of fertility unless a woman is breast feeding.

        The statements Mr Yada makes are very misleading and not based on scientific data. Every woman is different and no woman should be shamed.

  12. “They didn’t start talking about the menstrual cycle until the invasion of Europe.” Which invasion? What year? When was writing & literacy becoming more common?
    “No recorded documents of animals in the wild having menstrual cycles.” Other primates, Yada, and bats. Other mammals have an internal menstrual cycle.
    The body removes the lining because it is not needed now (like dead skin cells) and will block a fresh lining the next month for a fertilized egg to possibly implant itself.
    I agree with clean, healthy eating, but be careful with a purely raw, vegan diet – especially with a child. Many vegetables are not good for you unless cooked a bit and can mess up various organs & hormones. Vitamin B12 is important and should be sourced. I would wager that her periods went away on that diet because she was malnourished, or missing something vital. I know plenty of raw food (but doing it correctly) vegans and I have not heard about periods stopping (believe me, they would have mentioned it. They are big on Red Tents and a woman’s power being rooted in her menstrual cycle, so not shy in sharing).

    Periods are highly unpleasant, and by looking after ourselves they definitely can become more bearable. But having them does not mean your body is toxic. Yada knows some stuff, for sure, but he shouldn’t spout off on topics where he has not done all the proper research.

  13. Menstrual cycles did not begin with Europeans. Menstrual cycles are talked about in the Old Testament, as well as Egyptian writings. Thousands of dollars? I think not.

    1. The women with the issue they called it an issue in the Bible an issue means something is wrong. Once the women touch the hem of Jesus garment she was healed mean no more bleeding

  14. What is this fool doing to cure his eyesight?!
    Get out of my body, read a biology book or two and please focus your energy on the positive!

  15. This nigga has no degree in medicine whatsoever but because he has a magic hat he’s on some knowledge? FOH

    This shit is worse than the niggas that try to sell me books that claim a bunch of crazy shit by some other crazy nigga that went to some bullshit ass community college for a philosophy degree. This shit, is one of many reasons white people think our lives ain’t worth shit because we allow this dumb mother fucker to say stupid shit like this.

  16. B.s.. my dog has cycles… strikes me kinda odd a man paying that much attention to his daughters cycle. If anything it’d be 8 job fit for mom. And there are many more animals that have menstrual cycles than he’s Aware of. If your argument has holes. So does your subject

  17. I believe this. I am overweight and I have rarely had menstrual cycles my entire life. I got pregnant easily at the age of 19 and used birth control for years afterwards then begin to experience irregularities like very light spotting but still no full monthly periods. From 19-28 my partner and I used just about every form of birth control there is, but mainly pulling out. When I was 30 I had unprotected sex and my partner didn’t pull out so I decided to take the morning pill and it caused me to bleed like I have never bled before. I went to the doctor afraid I was hemorrhaging. After bleeding heavy for about three weeks straight, I didn’t have a period for about two years until I got a sharp pain in my left pelvic and bright red blood followed with a heavy period. After that, still no period for two years until I had a sharp pain in my left pelvis and bright red blood followed with a heavy period. I decided to take a pregnancy test for fun only to find out I was having a miscarriage which is exactly what I had experienced years before. This means I have conceived with the absence of a period at least three times in my life. I recently got tested to see if I have issues with my thyroid, glands, pelvis, hormones, etc and all my test came back negative. I don’t even have PCOS considering im overweight and my sugar levels are good.

  18. Interesting. As Yada stated what do we have to lose? A weak pf a raw vegan diet shall be started to test the body. I have irregular cycles no children and no known health issues. I dont frequent hospitals because of the nwgative affect it can have on thw mind which is thw moat powerful organ in my body. I am 26 and becoming more in tune with myself and beginning to depict the world in my perception

  19. Menstruation .>> Of animals
    Jeremiah 2;24
    Awild donkey accustomed to the wilderness, That sniffs the wild in her passion.
    In the time of her heat who can turn her away? All who seek her will not become weary:
    In her month they will find her

    Leviticus 15;19
    “When a woman has a discharge , if her discharge in her body is blood,
    she shall continue in her menstrual impurity for seven days; and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening.

    Why do women have periods?
    it’s a waste of nutrients.
    The reason why we act out is because as a women our body goes though alot.
    I think this guy is so disrespectful to us women.

  20. Guy is nuts. My sister continued her cycle after six months of a healthy vegan diet. There are many causes a woman may not have a cycle and very few of them are good.

    Now, his facts are bull. There is documented menstruation in ancient African cultures, the Mediterranean and the far east. Many have had techniques for early tampons since before the first century. This guy’s whole premise is based on faulty research, so why would anyone listen to him?

  21. Continued:
    That is also true with other medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and numerous other things that can go wrong.

    Menstruation is not polution from uterus, but like said before it’s a cleansing process that can be complicated under certain situations.

  22. I must add to the experience of being on testosterone and having phantom periods; I was still shedding but very lightly. So even athleticism does not stop it – I was even body building on a decent diet!
    The first period off of hormones triggered within a week – which was NOT it’s natural timing, and I bled more than I ever had – I lost sensation sitting on the toilet because it was pointless to use any devices. To make it worse I still had my regularly scheduled period two weeks later. Ouch?
    I have had to accept I can not do normal work because of this period. I can faint at any moment – and have fallen in public and left there unconscious or in pain.
    Men don’t even make time for women’s pregnancies in policies, imagine their attitude about the very entitlement which increases viability to procreate with a cleansed body. Who could have peace around you knowing that?
    I say this as someone who has dated transgender women, who noted they can tell my period has arrived by how they feel a need to better service me. Hmm sounds like a two part issue even still.

    Stop seeking domination over women and their bodies. Manipulating that child to prove your level of selfish magnification is too intense for me to speak.
    Instead ask she journal a week prior and a week after. Encourage she know herself and her worth. Your yelling about her body, Yada, she is aware of even when she is not in that home. Please do better.

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