“Well if he is admiring me, he has to come to me. I’m certainly not chasing any man.” This Senior Couple Shares The Story Behind Their Viral Engagement Photo

Newly engaged Cleveland “Murphy” Wilson, 70, and Lucinda Myers, who is in her 60s, are taking the internet by storm and its all due to this picture:

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With three simple words and smiles on their faces I too must admit they touched my heart. The picture was taken by and shared on Gianna Snell Photography blog

Murphy was happily married to his love Antoinette Snodgrass for 41 years until she passed away in 2013. In terms of dating and getting remarried Murphy went by fait,. telling CBS News:

 “God picked her the first time I married, He’s going to have to do it again,”

Lucinda Myers, originally from Boston moved to Alabama in 2013 for a new beginning. She’d been divorced and single for 30 years.

They attended the same church and each Saturday they sat in the same seats. Lucinda sat in the balcony on the front row and Murphy sat one row behind. Not a word was exchanged for three years. But one day Lucinda caught his attention:

“It was her hair,” he said. “And then she turned around, and Man…she’s got this smile. She was very attractive…I just couldn’t stop looking at her.”

Murphy admired Lucinda from away for weeks until a church member told Lucinda she had a secret admire in Murphy

“Well if he is admiring me, he has to come to me. I’m certainly not chasing any man.”

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Lucinda started to notice her admirer too. When Saturdays came around she made sure she would look extra sharp

“I would make sure I was looking real cute,” said Lucinda, with a laugh. “I positioned myself to be where he was so that I made sure that he saw me.”

Murphy got his courage up one day during a welcome your neighbor song and told her she looked nice. She thanked him and wanted until they saw each next Saturday. However, Murphy did not show up next that Saturday or the following Saturday. For the next three weeks Murphy missed church. Lucinda sure did miss him.  When Murphy came back to church, she made her way to him during morning welcome and said

“Where have you been with that pretty smile?” and gave him a hug

“It was not the typical “welcome your neighbor hug,” said Murphy, smiling. “The next thing you know my hand was around her waist. I asked myself, ‘what did I just do?’ But I knew then that this lady liked me.”

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And the rest is history. Lucinda and Murphy have found love but for those who hasn’t just yet she does share this

“Make sure that you continue to do things that make you happy. I didn’t need a human being to make me happy…If God hadn’t sent Murphy, I’d still be happy doing what I loved to do, but now that he’s in my life, he is the icing on the cake!”

“I know this is from the Lord, because I prayed for him,” said Lucinda. “I had been asking God to send me someone and Murphy is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.”

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The wedding is set for July 29, 2017. Congrats to the love birds!

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