Photographer Captures Jawdropping Photos Of Pregnant Black Women

Sasha Matthews, owner of Green Tangerine Photography, is a Baton Rouge Louisiana based photographer who specializes in maternity, engagements, newborn, children’s milestones, and so much more. What she is best known for, however, is the stunning way in which she photographs pregnant black women.


In an interview with The Blonde Misfit, Matthews admits she didn’t take any maternity pictures while she was pregnant

I didn’t receive a lot of support during my pregnancy. I didn’t take any photos of myself and never even considered taking maternity portraits. I have always regretted it. I didn’t want any other woman to feel the same shame I felt, so I focused my photography on maternity portraits–this way I could help empower other women to embrace their pregnancy and capture such a pivotal and monumental moment. I am thrilled to be a part of the process.

Screenshot 20170620 091656



Screenshot 20170620 093349


black-women-maternity-shootScreenshot 20170620 170434

In my experience there’s a lot of shame and stigma surrounding women of color and pregnancy

I wanted to try and shift the narrative of what black motherhood looks like

The mothers-to-be are adorned with flower crowns, tummy hugging gowns, and long trains. The women wear beautiful bold colors that just makes their already glowing skin pop.

Screenshot 20170620 165428

Screenshot 20170620 093656

Screenshot 20170620 091239

Screenshot 20170620 091216

I am at my best when i’m empowering women. At the end of the day we deserve to feel valued and feel important

Its hard to feel beautiful when you are very pregnant and you’re not feeling your best. I can say for certain black motherhood is beautiful, bold, and a blessing. Thank you Sasha for capturing the essence of the expecting women of color. Bravo. And for more maternity fashion, click HERE and HERE, for Lisa’s preggo pics from a few years ago. They don’t quite compare to Sasha’s photography, but they are still fun to see! Follow Sasha’s facebook page HERE for more updates.

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  1. Omg i love this?? my wife be like “there you go with pregant women again” Lol i think pregant women especially BLA K women are the best.i love your site & your work.i would love to do what your doing.and advice & pointers u can give?

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