Black CEO Pulls All Of His Products From Asian Beauty Supply Store After Learning They Are Disrespectful To Black Women

It’s become almost commonplace for black men to publicly criticize and berate black women. Indeed between Tyrese (read HERE) and Rickey Smiley (Read HERE), we are tired of constantly being under attack. Likewise, the recent video of a black woman being beaten by Asian shopkeepers still has many a black woman feeling wary of entering asian-owned beauty supply stores (watch the video HERE).

Which is why KeraVada’s CEO, D. Ware’s, decision to remove his products from a beauty supply store was so needed.

keravada CEO

When he discovered that black women were being mistreated at KS Beauty Supply in Houston, Texas, Ware walked into the store, purchased  all of his products on the shelf, and told the shopkeeper that they were no longer permitted to carry his products.

Watch the the video Here:

Shop Keravada products HERE. Visit this post for a list of black-owned beauty supply store HERE, and Black-owned haircare products HERE.

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  1. If those are his products, why not just let the owner know who he is and take them off the shelf. Buy purchasing all of his own products gives the owner of the beauty supply some kind of profit doesn’t it? I understand where he is going with this but I think purchasing your own product to get it out of the store benefits the owner’s pockets.

    1. Honestly, I thought about it the same way. The only way that I could make this make sense is if he could not just take them back seeing that they already bought them. So he may have had to buy them back which returns their money back so it’s somewhat like they didn’t buy them. Unfortunately they do get some kind of a profit I assume. But from this point forward I think he can still stop them from ordering it…..?

      if any of this make sense lol

    2. Legally speaking, he can’t just go in and take them. They purchased them from his warehouse or distributor, so they technically “own” them. He has to buy them back to make the store remove them off the shelves. Otherwise they would just be allowed to sell their remaining stock however they choose.

    3. He purchased them cause the owners of the store has ordered the products and paid for them already, so he can’t just remove them without paying for it. When we order things online…we have to pay for it right then and there, so it apples the same way.

  2. Praise God. I would like to shake this man’s hand. I have decided not to patronize these stores. I will research and find black own beauty supply stores and support their businesses.

  3. I am torn. I applaude this gentlemen for standing up for us and sending a clear message to the owner that we will not tolerate disrespect. But I also know first hand some of our own community don’t respect ourselves. Is it okay that we steal from them and act as if this is not a disrespect to their business. What if they did that to the black owned business and they did the same? Would you stop patronizing their business too. I am just saying sometime we need to start with our own community self respect before we can make someone else’s community to reapect us..

    1. Okay. Thanks for using the argument white supremacists love. They must have a poster of you somewhere.

      Look, we do what we can when we can. To tell us he should do NOTHING until every problem in the black community is fixed is not just wrong, it’s sick. And I can bet every penny I will ever make that you have never once talked about white on white crime. Not once in your life have you SERIOUSLY gone to a site and talked about white on white crime.

      If you are black, you have been domesticated and you now say whatever makes “massah” happy. Although, I doubt you’re actually black.

  4. Thank you for having my back as a black woman with daughters granddaughters and daughters Inlaw i feel it’s important for us to see our brothers show up for us thank you , and many blessings to you brother.

  5. This is NOT just a Houston thing…..its an EVERYWHERE thing. I travel for my job, so often I would have to buy haircare products at these type of stores.They, STOP, LOOK, and WATCH your every move. For these reasons, I too NO LONGER shop at these retailers.

  6. Thank you, we black women have to support one another. We have the power in our purses. Our natural locks of hair is cutting into their profit. We have schools and private institutions threaten by our natural hair. WHY? Suddenly, our hair is in violation of these made-up dress codes? We are eventually going to have to take “OUR HAIR, OUR WAY to court.

  7. Love it! Now if we could just stop shopping at “their” stores and support our own. I commend him and will now look up his products. I’ve seen this product around but didn’t know it was Black owned. Knowledge is power. Thank you.

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