Two White Teens Were Suspended After Their Racist Prop Proposal Photo Goes Viral

Two Teens from Monarch High School in Southern Florida were each suspended after they shared this prom proposal photo on Instagram last week:


The picture was originally shared on a private Instagram account, but was then tweeted publicly by a fellow student.


The students have  been suspended for a week, while the school district investigates.

The father of one of the girls alleges that the poster isn’t what it seems. Apparently the black teen is heir to a cotton farm, and the proposal was in reference to her inheritance.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the father was told:

Their African-American friend is home-schooled didn’t plan on attending the prom, he said. The friend is also a heir to her grandmother’s cotton farm in Alabama.

Actor and ctivist Jesse Williams even chimed in on the matter. Posting the following caption to his Instagram Account:

Trash and tragedy the likes of this requires a great many failures, lies and omissions, working in concert, publicly and privately, to achieve this level of destructive dumbf**kery. #GETOUT #StayWoke #TheSunkenPlace #AintNuthinChangedButTheDate.


Listen, I can’t even begin to gather the words that might explain the levels of rage I feel right now. I’ll get to Becky 1 and Becky 2 in a bit, but I’m most upset with the black teen who saw fit to stand next to these two girls and proceed to smile in a photo meant to take away her mothereffin humanity. How dare she? Where are her parents? Loved ones? Educators? I don’t care how many white friends you have and how nice they are to you, you better know your history. And in this day and age you better know what time it is. She couldn’t be my child. No ma’am. And it may seem that I am going harder on her than the other girls, so make no mistake: I am going harder on little sis. I expect this behavior from the young, white and privileged. Of course they see this girl’s color before they see her. It’s the norm. The fact that she can’t see it, however, is problematic, and could land her in some serious trouble down the line. Evidently, whoever is in charge of baby girl’s homeschooling is doing a shit job at educating her about who she is where she comes from. Slavery and any references to it will never ever ever ever be funny. Ain’t no inside jokes, bihhh.  As for the Beckies? F them and their apologist Daddy. No wonder his daughter turned out this way. Out here defending this crap and offering excuses for the inexcusable.

Okay, I’m done. Sound off below

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  1. OMGosh I am so glad you wrote about this. I was LIVID when I saw and yes I am harder on the black girl than the two white girls. I knew there would be some lame back story for it but that does not matter. They thought their arses were being cute and cheeky. Like I told my friends that are not that young or that dumb to not realize what the sign connotes. I still don’t half buy that explanation.

    This BS reminds me of that black girl dressed as a slave with a basket of cotton an a noose around her neck taking a picture with her white friends holding the end of the noose and laughing it up. I wanted to slap her black self back to slavery to see if she thought the ish was funny then.

    You know I am still mad as heck because this is a long comment. lol

  2. Yes, anyone who defends this has a little bit of privledge showing. It should NEVER be a topic for a joke. Its very offensive.

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