#Uberbae: This Uber Driver Unknowingly Picked Up Her Man’s Side-Chick

So imagine you’re at work, lets just say you’re an Uber driver. You get a call to pick up a young lady at the airport, you pick her up and ya’ll start making small talk  (because being cordial is important when you want that good Uber rating). The young lady tells you she’s about to see her man and stuff. How cute?! That’s nice right?? WRONG! Not if you’re @Msixelaa  (Bre) who has (since telling of this viral story) been dubbed #Uberbae.

Also, in an effort to make this story as sequential as possible, we have moved some of the tweets around so you can follow along.

Get ready:

Screenshot 20170330 112018

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 at 4.53.09 PM

Screenshot 20170330 112901



Screenshot 20170330 112537 e1490901428121

Screenshot 20170330 152105


Screenshot 20170330 152043

Screenshot 20170330 153009

Screenshot 20170330 153021

Ohhhhh the suspense is killing me!

Screenshot 20170330 113456

Screenshot 20170330 153335

Well there it is. Bre puts two and two together and then all hell broke loose:

Screenshot 20170330 113554 e1490902617557

Screenshot 20170330 153945

Screenshot 20170330 113642

Screenshot 20170330 115331

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 at 5.02.13 PM

So she hops back in the car and gets out of there, but…

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 at 5.03.33 PMSo then her man starts texting her like crazy:

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 at 5.06.13 PM

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 at 5.07.40 PM


So Uberbae asked her “man,” “Why?” and this was his response:

Screen Shot 2017 03 30 at 5.09.37 PM

When Bre asked her man why, here’s what he had to say for himself:

Screenshot 20170330 120402

Screenshot 20170330 120716 e1490906813743

Screenshot 20170330 113757

This was literally the best Uber story ever, a close runner up is the story about the college student who tried to holler at her Uber driver. Read that story HERE.


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  1. He has the nerve to comment about pettiness after the shyt he’s been running? Let me end this here before I catch a charge.

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